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What Are The Early Signs Of Diabetes

Tingling In Hands And Feet

Early signs of diabetes

High blood sugar levels affect your nerves and blood vessels, causing tingling in the feet or hands. The condition is known as Diabetic neuropathy. Uncontrolled blood sugar places you in danger of every diabetes difficulty, including nerve damage.

The nerves in the limbs get damaged due to high blood sugar levels causing a strange sensation in the limbs.

If you notice any numbness, tingling in your feet, you should get your blood sugar level tested. If This condition persists for a longer time, it may lead to amputation.

Signs Of Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes type 1 is quite different to its counterpart, the type 2 diabetes. The major symptoms of both are same but there are certain signs which differs the type 1 from type 2.

The major symptoms of type 1 diabetes are:

  • High levels of urine
  • Unusual fatigue throughout the day
  • Unusual and unexplained loss of weight
  • Loss of muscle fat
  • Confusion or coma
  • Lack of interest in day to day activities for young children

Ketoacidosis affects 1 out of 4 patients suffering from diabetes type 1. One should monitor the 4Ts regularly to prevent the onset of Ketoacidosis. Type 1 diabetes generally sets in quickly within a span of few days.

It can affect kids also and one should monitor the signs regularly in small kids especially if diabetes runs in the families and seek professional help before its too late and ketoacidosis or other life threatening complications set in.

If Type 1 Diabetes is left untreated in adults, it could lead to a condition called the LADA Latent Autoimmune diabetes of adulthood. LADA develops slowly and sometimes this condition is often misdiagnosed as type 2 Diabetes.

As the sugar in the blood fluctuates in diabetes, low blood sugar also occurs. People take medications to increase the levels of insulin in the body. Too many medications, eating less or skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar.

Listed below are signs of low blood sugar:

  • Weakness

What Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes Are The Same In Men And Women

There are diabetes warning signs and symptoms that both women and men have in common, for example:

Men who have type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to have low testosterone than men who do not have diabetes. Because of the low levels of the hormone testosterone, men with diabetes can have unhealthy symptoms that are not seen in women with diabetes.

Low testosterone can cause , depression, lack of energy, and reduced muscle mass. It can also cause male-specific sexual problems and urological problems.

Erectile dysfunction , or inability to get or maintain an erection, is a common symptom of diabetes in men. Diabetic men experience erectile dysfunction at earlier ages than men who do not have diabetes.

Another diabetes-related sexual dysfunction symptom in men is reduced amounts of ejaculation, or retrograde ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which the semen goes into the bladder, rather than out of the body through the urethra. Diabetes and damage to the blood vessels causes nerve damage to the muscles that control the bladder and urethra, which results in this problem.

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Extreme Thirst Or Hunger

Feeling hungrier and/or thirstier than usual, despite eating and drinking more, can be a sign of diabetes. When the cells in your body cannot remove the glucose from your blood and use it properly, it lacks the energy it needs to function properly. It then sends signals for more energyleading to increased hunger.

At the same time, when blood glucose levels are too high, the body draws water from tissues, such as muscles, and puts it into the bloodstream to try to dilute the excess glucose. This leaves your tissues dehydrated, causing a thirst response.

If your sudden increased thirst or hunger cannot be explained by other means, visit your healthcare provider to check for diabetes or another medical condition.

Being Thirstier And Peeing Often

What are the Early Symptoms of Diabetes?

Usually, a healthy human should pee between 4 and 7 times within 24 hours. A diabetic patient will likely go a lot more. The reason for this is that as glucose passes through the kidneys, your body should reabsorb it. However, when diabetes spikes glucose levels in the blood, the kidney is not able to absorb it all.

Because of this, the diabetic patient gets to urinate a lot more than usual. With lots of peeing will come getting thirsty very often.

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Tests For Confirmation Of Diabetes


Diagnosis of diabetes can be done with the help of several tests such as fasting, random, and postprandial glucose test.

In the present time, the diagnosis of diabetes is easy with the help of any of the following tests:

  • Fasting plasma glucose test: This test measures your blood glucose levels when you are on an empty stomach. The person undergoing for fasting plasma glucose test needs to fast for around 8 to 10 hours. Therefore, people prefer to get this test done in the morning.
  • Random plasma glucose test: It measures your blood glucose levels at any point of the day regardless of what meals you have had or when. A random plasma glucose test is not suitable for the diagnosis of pre-diabetes.
  • Oral Glucose tolerance testPostprandial glucose test /: This test is best suitable for diagnosing gestational diabetes in pregnant women. In this type of test, the pregnant woman has to drink around 750 grams of sugary solutions at least two hours before giving the sample. It requires fasting of at least eight hours then consumption of sugary solutions.
  • Haemoglobin A1C test: This test calculates the average blood sugar levels over the past 2 to 3 months. Hemoglobin A1C or HbA1c test does not require fasting. It can confirm your diabetes as well as pre-diabetes.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors

    You may be at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes if you:

    • Are overweight or obese
    • Were previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes, depression, or polycystic ovary syndrome
    • You gave birth to a baby that weighed nine or more pounds.

    If you are Black, Hispanic, Native American, Latino, or Asian, you are at a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. The risk factors for prediabetes are the same as the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes.

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    Signs Of Diabetes In Young Men

    Young men are often unaware of this condition and often let it go unattended till severe complications arise. They often believe that diabetes occurs only at a later age. But diabetes can occur at any age of a mans life. People with type 2 diabetes do produce sugar but in comparatively lower levels.

    Sometimes, the insulin that is secreted by their pancreas is insufficient and the body does not recognize it and is unable to use it. This leads to the sugar not being able to reach the cells as fuel. The sugar builds up in the blood stream instead of getting used up by the cells.

    This leads to mild early complications like:

  • Dehydration: The increased level of sugar in the blood leads to frequent urination as the body tries to clear the excess sugar from the blood. Frequent urination also leads to a large amount of water loss from the body causing dehydration.
  • Hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetic coma: When a person dehydrated due to type 2 diabetes, he may develop this life-threatening problem as the body is not able to make up for the fluid loss. Though this is rare condition and may happen in an advanced stage, some young men take their dehydration lightly and if infected with diabetes, the dehydration could lead to this condition.
  • Urologic issues: Young men may start facing several urologic issues like erectile dysfunction, retrograde dysfunction, overactive bladder, UTIs and incontinence too due to diabetes.
  • Some Early Signs Of Blood Sugar In Men Include:

    Early Warning Signs of Diabetes
    • Erectile dysfunction: It is a common symptom of diabetes in men. They experience erectile dysfunction because of the low blood circulation in the pelvis area. There must be a significant flow of blood in the penis of a man to achieve an erection.
    • Low Testosterone levels: Some medications for diabetes patients like metformin lower testosterone levels in men. Men with low testosterone levels have high insulin resistance. Testosterone helps the tissues of the body to take up more sugar and respond to insulin. Thus, it increases the risk of diabetes.
    • Retrograde ejaculation: It is a kind of ejaculation problem that occurs when semen enters the bladder instead of coming out. Diabetes can cause retrograde ejaculation. People suffering from diabetic autonomy neuropathy due to poor control of their blood sugar levels can have retrograde ejaculation.
    • Men with diabetes experience low libido. Diabetes also reduces their sex drive. It is due to low levels of testosterone. It is a common symptom of diabetes in men. Therefore, men with such problems should check their blood glucose levels to know if they are developing diabetes.

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    Your Arms Or Legs Feel Numb

    Tingly arms and legs are also early signs of diabetes in women. This condition is medically known as diabetic neuropathy.

    Long-term high sugar in the bloodstream can damage the nerve function and disturb the signals sent from your brain to hands or feet. This may lead to a tingly feeling in these regions.

    Another reason for numbness in arms or legs could be poor blood circulation.

    Over time, untreated symptoms of diabetes can destroy vessels that carry blood to the organs. It often develops plaque, leading to inadequate circulation and numb limbs.

    Frequent numbness in limbs is one of the first warning signs of diabetes in women. Visit a doctor immediately to get assessed.

    Youve Started Losing Hair

    Diabetic hairfall is a commonly ignored symptom of high blood sugar levels. We lose a lot of hair daily. But diabetes in women may cause significant hair loss Im talking bunches on the pillow and brushes filled with hair!

    In case of rapid hair loss, get your blood sugar levels checked immediately as it could be among the early signs of diabetes.

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    How Can You Tell If You Have Diabetes

    The early signs of diabetes depend on if one has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in children, whereas type 2 diabetes is prevalent in adults. Usually, in type 2 diabetes, the signs may be unnoticeable unless some complications occur. With type 1 diabetes, the symptoms are severe and appear quickly. Routine blood sugar level check-up is an ideal way to detect diabetes at an early stage.

    Exposing Diabetes Island A Massive Scam

    15 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

    Plenty of rest room breaks and frequent urination is without doubt one of the early indicators of diabetes. Do you might have the sensation that its essential go to the lavatory all day lengthy? Is it embarrassing how a lot you must go to the restroom? When youve got an excessive amount of glucose in your blood you may expertise signs of frequent urination. The primary typical signs of diabetes are sometimes considered being drained or imaginative and prescient adjustments. Nevertheless, frequent urination can interrupt your every day life simply as a lot as the opposite signs.


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    When Should I Go To The Doctor

    Its important to note that any of the above mentioned symptoms can be early signs of diabetes, regardless of whether its type 1 or type 2 its just that some symptoms might be more common with a certain type.

    So, any of these symptoms might suggest diabetes. Its better to be safe than sorry, and visit a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms and especially if you have more than one of the symptoms.

    Many healthcare services recommend this, such as the NHS, which recommends visiting a doctor as soon as possible if you have any of the main symptoms of diabetes.

    Some Early Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar In Women Include:

    • Female Sexual Dysfunction: Women feel sexual dysfunction and reduced sexual desires when they have diabetes. Nerve damage due to diabetes is one of the causes of female sexual dysfunction. Nerve damage affects the different areas of their body. Therefore, they may lose sensation in the vaginal area, hands, and legs and leading to female sexual dysfunction.
    • Urinary Infections: Urinary tract infection or UTI is a common problem that women face at the onset of diabetes. They suffer from painful urination followed by a burning sensation. Since diabetes restricts the proper blood circulation in the pelvis area of women thus, it causes UTIs. Women with diabetes need to consult the doctor immediately because infections do not heal early in people with diabetes and can be dangerous.
    • Need to see your doctor at the right time: If you are experiencing the early signs and symptoms of diabetes, you should immediately make an appointment with your doctor. You can ask your doctor if you need to visit the clinic with a blood sugar test report. You can also ask what kind of diabetes test you should get to monitor your blood sugar levels. Discuss all the recent life changes that you are undergoing in the past few days or months. Also, discuss the symptoms that you are experiencing.

    If you experience any of the above symptoms, feel free to consult us. Our experts will help you understand the process of Diabetes Reversal and how you can get rid of these issues naturally, without medication.

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    Youve Had Many Infections In A Short Period

    You might also become increasingly prone to infections as high blood sugar weakens the immune system. Spikes in sugar lead to hyperglycemia which makes your organs susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.

    If youve noticed frequent infections within a short time, this may be a symptom of diabetes.

    /10visiting The Washroom Often

    8 early signs of diabetes that you shouldn’t ignore

    Frequently urinating, more than usual, can be a sign that your blood sugar levels are flaring without notice. While we all take bathroom breaks to be a sign of a healthy bladder, having to visit the bathroom often, frequently urinating can be experienced when the kidneys find it hard to regulate the levels of blood glucose levels, which then pass out in the form of urine. A particular sign to note is, if you feel the urge to urinate more frequently at nighttime.

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    Blood Sugar Target Numbers

    The following are blood glucose target numbers, based on test type, and levels that are indicators of prediabetes or diabetes:

    A1C test:

    • Normal: less than 100 mg/dl
    • Prediabetes: 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl
    • Diabetes: 126 mg/dl or higher

    Oral glucose tolerance test :

    • Normal: less than 140 mg/dl
    • Prediabetes: 140 mg/dl to 199 mg/dl
    • Diabetes: 200 mg/dl or higher

    Random glucose test:

    • Diabetes: 200 mg/dl or higher

    First Symptoms And Early Signs Of Diabetes

    Developing diabetes will likely be a surprise: nobody plans to have diabetes. As such, it can be easy to dismiss the early signs of diabetes as something else.

    A person might go through life with no prior warning signs for diabetes especially for type 1 diabetes, which can come seemingly out of nowhere. Meanwhile, type 2 diabetes can develop slowly and subtly, so that the symptoms are not immediately apparent.

    If a person does develop diabetes, its always better to treat it as soon as possible. To spread awareness, lets keep an eye out for these following early signs of diabetes.

    In this article :

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    What Are The 3 Most Common Symptoms Of Undiagnosed Diabetes

    Three of the earliest signs of diabetes you may notice include frequent urination, increased thirst, and unexplained hunger. As your body tries to deal with increasing blood glucose levels, your kidneys need to work harder to filter out the glucose, meaning you will need to pee more often. This, in turn, leads to dehydration, which explains why you feel thirsty.

    Since your body is not processing the food you eat into energy, you will still feel hungry. This can start a vicious cycle as you eat more food, which leads to more excess sugar being added to your bloodstream.

    If You’re Planning To Get Pregnant

    Many women now have type 2 diabetes during their childbearing years. A healthy pregnancy is certainly possible with diabetes, but it takes extra care.

    If you plan to get pregnant with type 2 diabetes, see your doctor first. You need a plan to keep your blood sugar level under control — and during pregnancy the goals for blood sugars are very different.

    Your doctor should check on your diabetes drugs, because some shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy. As a result, you may need to take insulin.

    When youâre pregnant, you may also need to check your blood sugar more frequently — up to eight times daily — to flag any blood sugar level spikes. And, of course, a healthy diet and exercise are a must to help control blood sugar.

    Once you have your baby, you can breastfeed, if you choose to. Nursing helps your baby get to a healthy weight, and it also helps get your blood sugar and insulin levels under control.

    After your pregnancy, your blood sugar control will change. You may need less insulin or a change in your diabetes drugs or doses. Talk about it with your OB/GYN, as well as the doctor you see for diabetes care.

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