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Is Apple Juice Good For Diabetics

Benefits Of Juicing For Diabetics

Apple & Pomegranate Juice/Diabetic Friendly Juice

The biggest benefit of juicing as a large amount of nutrients juicing releases. It is also a very good way for diabetics to get their required amount of vegetables in for the day.

Certain juices are also known for helping to reduce insulin resistance and creating a natural production of insulin. Were going to cover some of those juices in a little bit.

Low Sugar Wines For Diabetes

Dry red and white wine will have lower carb counts and sugar content compared to sweet, dessert wines. These drier wines provide about 3-4g carbohydrate and 1g sugar per standard 5 oz glass.

  • Pinot Noir
  • Chardonnay
  • Brut Champagne
  • Pinot Noir: A dry red wine, like Pinot Noir, contains about 2.3 g of carbs. FitVine Wine tailors to the âlow sugarâ wine market and makes a Pinot Noir with 0.03 g of sugar per serving.

    Chardonnay: On average, chardonnay has roughly 2.16 g of carbs. FitVine Wine also makes a Chardonnay that has 0.04 g of sugar. Dry Farm Wines sources wine that contains less than 1 g of sugar per liter. They make their wine with lower sulfates and alcohol content compared to most store-bought wines.

    Dry brut: Brut is a dry champagne. Many brands have less than 2 g of carbs. Brut champagne may be your best option for a low sugar and low carb beverage.

    Keep Safe Blood Sugar Levels With These 6 Best Juices For Diabetics

    Do you suffer from diabetes or do you know someone who does? Its very common today, so here are some suggestions for the best juices for diabetics.

    Normal blood sugar levels rise and fall throughout the day due to hormones and what you eat, but they dont change massively.

    But if you suffer from diabetes, your blood sugar changes more dramatically because insulin doesnt work as it should to keep everything in balance. So as a diabetic, you need to be aware of your blood sugar levels and watch what you eat and drink

    As a general rule, you need to avoid fruit-only juices, as the natural sugars in the fruit can raise blood sugar levels. However, research shows that the juices listed below are safe and can help to keep blood sugar levels in check.

    Remember to always check with your health professional before making changes to your diet. This post is NOT medical advice!

    Read on for the best juices for diabetics.

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    Mangosteen / Xango / Zango Juice For Diabetes

    There have been no studies on the mangosteen for diabetes. There are several websites that claim this fruit can help diabetes, citing various nutrients that are found in the fruit as helpful to diabetics. The single study we found on the mangosteen focused on inflammation but was such a seriously flawed study that it has been dismissed by the scientific community. This is a fruit that if you choose to use, use with caution. It is a high sugar fruit and commercial juices tend to be blends, not pure juices.

    Guidelines To Eating Apples Safely For Diabetic

    Is Apple Juice Good For Diabetics

    Now that you know how apples can affect your blood glucose levels and other functions of the body, you might wonder how you can safely eat apples without having to worry about fluctuating blood glucose levels throughout the day. Rest assured, we have you covered. Here are some great tips for diabetics to safely eat apples.

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    How Much Water Should A Person With Diabetes Drink

    Staying properly hydrated is crucial for blood sugar regulation as your body eliminates excess glucose through urine. The Institute of Medicine recommends men drink 13 cups and women drink 9 cups of water per day.

    While weâve got some great options for you to check out, itâs important to remember than none of these should be replacing your water intake.

    But, with that said, we also know sometimes you just want something other than water!

    If You Do Drink Alcohol:

    Choose a low-carb option such as:

    • a glass of brut Champagne
    • a 5-ounce glass of dry red or white wine
    • a 12-ounce light beer
    • 1 1/2 ounces of liquor with water or sugar-free mixers, or simply on the rocks

    Youll also want to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. And keep a glass of water in your other hand to slow your roll and stay hydrated!

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    Juicing For Type 1 Diabetics

    Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that causes the person to lose their pancreas function because of the autoimmune system attacks and destroys the islet cells that produce insulin. Type 1 diabetes most often occurs between the ages of 4 and 10, but anyone can be affected by type 1 diabetes. This type of diabetes cannot be cured.

    What Is The Glycemic Index Of An Apple

    Fact!! Is Apple Juice Good for Diabetics?

    The glycemic index measures how quickly a food causes a rise in your blood glucose level after being eaten. Foods with higher numbers have been found to increase those levels more quickly than foods with lower numbers on the glycemic index scale.

    Apple has a low glycemic index ranging between 28 to 44 based on what apple it is. This means that, due to the high fiber content, your blood sugar levels will rise less quickly.

    Any food with a glycemic index below 55 is considered a food with a low glycemic index.

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    Is It A Good Idea To Juice If You Have Diabetes

    Drinking any liquid other than water can have its ups and downs. Most drinks today, besides water, contain a tremendous amount of sugar and carbohydrate in them. The two together can equally affect your blood sugar levels, increasing the risk of hyperglycemia. Depending on how your blood sugar levels are affected, it can either be good or bad. It is important, as a person with diabetes who is effectively managing their diabetes, to be careful of the amount of sugary drinks you consume.

    Depending on which fruit or vegetable you are juicing, you can experience spiked blood sugar. People with diabetes must focus on incorporating fruits that are low in sugar content and vegetables which are non-starchy and low in carbohydrates. While it is easy to consume the recommended servings of produce with juice, it is equally possible that you may consume more carbs because you are unable to determine the amount of carbs that the drink may contain. This can potentially put you at a higher carb count than your doctors recommendation and hinder your diabetes management.

    Juicing as part of a diabetes management plan can be successful. Some fruits have phytonutrients and antioxidants which can help in decreasing sugar levels. Experts recommend this bevearage for people with diabetes, but only as part of a healthy, steady and nutritious diet. If done in moderation, it is fine and should only be avoided to be done in excessive volumes.

    So Do I Need To Avoid Fruit Juices And Smoothies

    Although its better to eat whole fruit than drink fruit juice or smoothies, ifyou want to have some its better to limit the quantity to the recommended portion of 1 small glass a day and make sure your drink goes further by diluting it with water.

    Be aware of the carb, sugar and calorie content and how this may affect your blood sugar levels, and if you drink them with your meal think about how much carbohydrate you are having overall.

    For example, if you usually have a couple of slices of bread with your breakfast, on the day that you decide to have a small glass of juice, just have one slice of bread to make room for the extra carbs coming from the fruit juice. Its an option to ensure that you dont have to deal with high blood sugar levels as a result of having the juice.

    Smoothies are also better if you make them yourself because you can put in the whole fruits, which include the fibre . You can also be sure that no other sugar has been added, which can sometimes creep into shop-bought ones.

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    Apples Contain Carbs And Fiber

    If you have diabetes, keeping tabs on your carbohydrate intake is important.

    Thats because of the three macronutrients carbs, fat, and protein carbs affect your blood sugar levels the most.

    That being said, not all carbs are created equal. A medium apple contains 27 grams of carbs, but 4.8 of those are fiber .

    Fiber slows down the digestion and absorption of carbs, causing them to not spike your blood sugar levels nearly as quickly .

    Studies show that fiber may be protective against type 2 diabetes and that many types of fiber can improve blood sugar management .


    Apples contain carbs, which can raise blood sugar levels. However, the fiber in apples helps stabilize blood sugar levels, in addition to providing other health benefits.

    Have Designated Fruit Intake Times

    What Juices can Diabetics Drink?

    Depending on your diet and lifestyle, it would be wise to seek professional medical advice from your local doctor to know when and how many times you can eat apples in a day. Doing so helps you make sure you have your blood glucose levels under control and achieve a balanced diet.

    With their irresistible crunchiness, mouthwatering taste, and enriched antioxidants, it is no wonder why apples make a popular default snack for many people with or without diabetes. Apples are also great team players when it comes to promoting good health as they have been associated with helping mitigate or prevent diseases such as cancer, inflammations, and diabetes. Its low calories, high water content, and high fiber levels make it a great addition to a healthy and well-planned diet, especially when trying to get in shape.

    However, please be mindful that every persons condition is unique in their own way, which means we highly recommend consulting with your local doctor before you decide to add apples to your daily meal plan. This is especially crucial for those who are prediabetic or diabetic, who already have a set diet plan and intake limit. Otherwise, dont be shy to grab an apple or two during your next grocery store visit!

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    Juicing For People With Diabetes: Is It Safe

    I dont think juicing is the best idea for people with diabetes, says Chong, who has type 1 diabetes. She explains that people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes need to control their blood sugar not only throughout the day, but at any individual point in the day as well. While juicing can be safe if you focus on nonstarchy, or low-carbohydrate, vegetables and limit diabetes-friendly fruits, the overall carbs in juices can add up quickly, Chong says. Consuming too many carbs can be dangerous for people with diabetes, as theyre broken down into glucose in the blood, thereby spiking blood sugar. Blood sugar control is imperative for effective diabetes management.

    Juicing For Diabetes Prevention

    Being pre-diabetic can be one of the better places to be. It allows you to use some of the more high-sugar fruits to create better-tasting juices. As you introduce more nutrients, more fiber, and eliminate processed foods, your body can begin to reverse the effects of prediabetes.

    What were going to do is give you a template to use and then you could use the juices that taste best for you.

    • 1 part sweet juice
    • 1 part weak tasting vegetable
    • 1 part yellow or orange vegetable
    • ½ part leafy green
    • 1 part herbs and spice mix

    This provides you with a juice that is incredibly nutritious and still has a good taste. If you need to sweeten your juice up a little bit more until you get used to the more subtle flavors, increase the sweet juice. But, be sure to reduce the sugars in the rest of your diet to make up for it.

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    Fruit Juice And Fructose

    Fruit juice is high in a form of sugar called fructose. Fructose needs to be processed by the liver and research suggests that a diet that is high in fructose may cause the liver to be overwhelmed, leading to problems such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes.

    It is important to note that table sugar is made up of 50% fructose and 50% sucrose. There a diet high in sugar will also be high in fructose.

    These points are significant because it means that over-consumption of fruit juice or having fruit juice in addition to a high sugar diet may increase the risk of health problems.

    May Reduce Insulin Resistance

    Is Apple Juice Good For Diabetes ? | Health and Safety

    Type 1 and type 2 are the common types of diabetes. To recap, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder where the pancreas cannot make enough insulin to enable sugar transportation to cells. This means you must take insulin every day. Type 2, on the other hand, is when the body doesnt produce enough insulin to fulfil your daily glucose requirements.

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    List Of Drinks Without Sugar

  • Water
  • Unsweetened Tea
  • Water: Add lemon, lime, frozen berries, or fragrant herbs for extra flavor.

    Sparking Water: Try sparkling water to change things up a bit. Brands such as LaCroix, Waterloo, and Bubbly are readily available at your local grocery store.

    Unsweetened Tea: Brands such as Gold Peak Unsweetened Iced Tea, Lipton Unsweetened Ice Tea, and Bigelow Green Tea can be found at your local store.

    Is Juicing For Diabetes A Good Idea

    Is it possible that juicing, something that is oftentimes packed with sugar, could benefit someone with diabetes?

    Granted, fruit has a lot of natural sugar. If you have diabetes, changing your eating habits most likely means decreasing your sugar intake. In Medical News Today, scientists discuss how there is a potential link between too much sugar consumption and diabetes.

    The findings dont provide concrete evidence that sugar causes diabetes, but it does suggest that it can affect the liver and pancreas in ways that other foods do not, contributing to the disease.

    When done properly, juicing has many health benefits that healthcare providers approve of when discussing glucose levels.

    With the right fruits and vegetables, juicing can be part of a diabetics daily routine, and help increase energy levels and even minimize symptoms. Below are some helpful reasons why juicing helps overcome type 2 diabetes, tips and tricks, and the common mistakes that can happen when attempting the juicing lifestyle.

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    Best Vegetables/fruits To Juice With

    The best fruits to juice are those with low glycemic index such as :

    • Avocado
    • Consider making the amount you will be drinking
    • Select pasteurized products for fresh juice
    • Always be careful of the sugar present in fruits so you dont overdo it
    • Go for as many vegetables as possible
    • Use fruits which are low in glycemic index
    • If you are worried about fiber, blend your produce instead of making it in a juice
    • If making a huge batch, store remaining in airtight containers in the fridge
    • Avoid canned or dried fruits as they are processed with added sugar

    Dalia Maori, R.D. is lead dietitian for Cambridgeshires overweight and obesity lifestyle service run by Everyone Health and Cambridgeshire County Council. She also runs her own website, For her, juicing can be a helpful way to consume fruits and vegetables for people with diabetes if done the correct way. In diabetes, it is recommended to understand which carbohydrates raise the blood sugar too high.

    Keeping an eye of such foods can help in decreasing the chances of high sugar levels. She recommends non- starchy vegetables as a great choice for people with diabetes because they are low in carbohydrate and dont raise the blood sugar significantly. It is a different story with fruits. Once the fibre in the fruit is broken down, the sugary part of the fruit is absorbed much faster. Fiber is known to help slow down carbohydrate release in the digestive system.

    Further reading:

    So Are Apples Good For Diabetics

    Is Apple Juice Good For Diabetes

    We say: a low carbohydrate diet is the best way to go . Since apples are a high carb food, we generally dont recommend them.

    Some diabetics can manage half a green apple, which are lower in carbs . If you do eat those, be sure they are paired with nuts or peanut butter to blunt the blood sugar-raising effect.

    Still, to manage your blood sugar and a1c levels, you really will find it easier without the apples.

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    Effective Juicing Recipes For Diabetics That Give Actual Results

    We understand the struggles of diabetics in choosing the right type of food for themselves and their constant worry about sugar intake. This can become the reason for you to get apprehensive upon hearing that certain juicing recipes for diabetics can actually help you out in fighting the disease. Juices are generally associated with high sugar content and it is this myth only that we are here to break.

    Diabetes shouldnt make you give up on natural juicing. We are going to help you out with the basics of juicing for diabetes and some best juicing recipes for diabetics.


  • 4 Conclusion
  • Do Apples Cause Diabetes

    In short, apples only have moderate effects on blood sugar levels. Interestingly the carbs packed in your regular apples may affect your body differently than consumables with refined and processed sugars. Though apples have sugar, most of what comprises the sugar are fructose. Now, when you consume fructose in apples, they dont significantly impact your blood glucose levels.

    Like most fruits, apples are enriched with fiber. What does fiber do, you may ask? If you have diabetes, then consider fiber your best friend. In fact, fiber hampers the digestion process, which results in slower glucose absorption. Thus, this also means you wont have to worry about sudden blood glucose levels after eating an apple.

    According to the GI and GL , apples have pretty low scores on both scales. In other words, apples only cause a minimal increase in blood glucose levels.

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