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Why Does Diabetes Make You Thirsty

Diabetes And Weight Loss

Why Does Diabetes Make People Thirsty?

When glucose gets left in the blood, it doesn’t reach the cells and the cells therefore don’t get energy. They then send a signal to the brain that they need more fuel, which prompts the brain to trigger the hunger response. This is the reason that a person with untreated diabetes experiences excessive hunger: It’s the body’s way of saying the cells need more fuel.

This condition of the cells not getting enough fuel leads to weight loss. But, as explained by, eating more food can’t fix the problem, because more food just creates more glucose. Without proper insulin action, glucose can’t get into the cells to give them energy instead, it backs up into the bloodstream, resulting in high blood sugar levels.

In addition to triggering the hunger response, the body of someone with untreated diabetes will attempt to generate fuel by breaking down fat and muscle tissue, the Cleveland Clinic explains. This increases the unintended weight loss.

The longer that a person’s diabetes goes undiagnosed, the more weight they could lose unintentionally. Once a person begins treatment, however, they tend to gain weight, which is a good outcome, Elizabeth Halprin, MD, clinical director of adult diabetes at Boston’s Joslin Diabetes Center, tells

Other Potential Causes Of Frequent Urination

There is no normal amount of times to pee on a daily basis. Frequent urination is usually defined as having to go more frequently than you normally do. If thats the case, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Urinating more often than normal can result from a number of different factors. Diabetes is only one possible explanation. Some other conditions that can sometimes affect your bladder function include:

What Does Undiagnosed Diabetes Feel Like

I remember feeling really tired and sleepy, but I didnt think anything of it as I was trying to juggle work and caring for my three children. When i got diagnosed, it made me think about my mum and her health. I thought she might have had diabetes too. She always used to feel tired and she had a boil on her leg that never seemed to heal. Read Saritas story in full.

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Get A Free 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan

Get a free 7-Day Diabetes Meal Plan from Constance Brown-Riggs who is a Registered Dietitian-Certified Diabetes Educator and who is also a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Just enter in your email below to download your free Diabetes Meal Plan.

Symptoms Develop Gradually With Type 2 Diabetes

Why Does Diabetes Make You Thirsty?

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes develop graduallyso gradually, in fact, that its possible to miss them or to not connect them as related symptoms. Some people are actually surprised when they are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes because theyve gone to the doctor for something else .

If youre not insulin resistantand instead your body doesnt produce enough insulin to process glucose wellthe symptoms also develop gradually. Your body will be able to make do with lower insulin levels for awhile, but eventually, you will start to notice the following symptoms.

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When To Take A Diabetic Dog To The Vet

While there can be other explanations for these problems, diabetes should always be considered when these symptoms are observed. Most pet owners notice that their diabetic dog drinks excessively and has a need to go outside more often. Diabetic dogs, like people, need medical care.

The owner will sometimes notice certain symptoms that can be early signs of diabetes: Excessive thirst. Increased urination. Weight loss. Increased appetite.

How To Know If Its Diabetes

Peeing a lot is a hallmark sign of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as the elimination of bodily fluids is sometimes your bodys only way of flushing excess blood sugar.

But urinating more than usual is just one of many signs and can be caused by any number of health conditions. If youre worried about diabetes, its important to look out for some of these other common diabetes symptoms:

  • Fatigue. The cells inability to draw on glucose for energy can leave people with diabetes feeling depleted and exhausted much of the time. Dehydration only makes the fatigue worse.
  • Weight loss. A combination of low insulin levels and an inability to absorb sugar from the blood can lead to rapid weight loss in people with diabetes.
  • Blurred vision. A side effect of the dehydration caused by diabetes can be a severe drying of the eyes, which may affect vision.
  • Swollen gums. Those with diabetes are at higher risk for infections, swelling, or buildup of pus in the gums.
  • Tingling. A loss in sensation in the limbs, fingers, or toes is a common side effect of excess blood sugar.

If youre frequently urinating and worry it might be diabetes, keep an eye out for some of these other classic symptoms. If you notice several of them, or just want to be sure, consult a doctor.

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Whats The Difference Between Diabetes And Water Diabetes In Dogs

These two diseases are extremely different, despite the similarity in their name. Diabetes Insipidus, or water diabetes, impacts your dogs ability to hold in and manage water, while diabetes mellitus, or sugar diabetes, impacts your dogs ability to maintain proper blood sugar

High blood sugar, which is the result of diabetes, can impact the bodys ability to function normally, leading to an increased risk of problems such as heart disease and stroke in dogs. Heres what you need to know about the two types of canine diabetes, symptoms, possible causes, treatment options and what you can do to prevent this disease.

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Is It Polydipsia Or Something Else

Why High Blood Sugar Cause Frequent Urination and Thirst: Type 2 Diabetes #9

If you have thirst that wonât go away no matter how much you drink, or you pee an unusual amount every day, you could have polydipsia. But donât jump to conclusions about your diabetes status. Keep in mind that many medications can cause thirst and dry mouth, including:

  • Antipsychotics

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Modify Your Diet Before Calling Your Doctor

Bergamo says if youre having some of these subtle symptoms try a low-carb diet of protein and green leafy vegetables. Avoid sugary drinks and drink at least 2 liters of water for a few days to see if these symptoms get better.

Subtle symptoms could be just that youre eating too many carbs and your body cant handle it, Bergamo says. It doesnt necessarily mean you have diabetes, but its a wake-up call that maybe youre headed that way.

If you have any symptoms that are frightening such as sudden numbness, weakness or chest pains, call your doctor immediately.

Are you concerned about diabetes? Talk to your doctor about having your blood glucose levels tested. Need a doctor? Find one near you.

Why Does Diabetes Make You Thirsty

Two of the most common symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst and increased urine production. These symptoms are so prevalent in diabetics that they are often the reason why someone visits the doctor and is eventually diagnosed with the disease. But it is no coincidence that the two symptoms appear to be directly connected.

Why Diabetes Makes You Thirsty

Diabetes is a condition characterized by an excess buildup of sugar in the body. This buildup is due to the body’s inability to process sugar correctly instead of sugar being used for energy, it ends up in the bloodstream.

As with all other material in the bloodstream, sugar eventually makes its way to the kidneys. The kidneys’ function is to filter out impurities from the blood and expel them from the body by way of urine. But when sugar starts to collect in the kidneys, they sense a problem. In order to remove the excess sugar, they begin to work harder but are still not able to handle the increased load.

The kidneys need more fluid to handle the extra sugar volume. They find this fluid in the only resource that they have, by removing it from the body’s tissues, leaving the tissues lacking sufficient hydration. This action automatically notifies the brain that there is a deficit of liquid in the body, and the brain responds by putting out messages that the body requires more fluids to replenish what has been taken from the tissues, causing excessive thirst.

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How To Manage Diabetes Thirst In The Long Run

Until the underlying problem of elevated glucose levels is addressed, frequent urination will remain an unsolved issue. That is why treating the frequent urination and thirst problems stemming from diabetes is the best to approach treating the condition holistically.

People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes need to keep a close eye on their lifestyle and respect the routine of personalized doctor treatment and regime. Being optimistic and motivated can make a significant difference. Join our supportcommunity. Keep in mind to regularly:

Follow a healthy diet plan

Make sure to include non-starchy vegetables in your diets, such as broccoli, spinach, and green beans, and leafy greens. Include fewer added sugars and refined grains, such as white bread, rice, and pasta with less than 2 grams of fiber per serving. Don’t forget to balance out each meal with the proper amount of protein and dairy. An eating plan is usually prescribed by doctors, which is usually low in fat and calories and high in nutritive value.

Stay hydrated

The glucose in your bloodstream is getting more concentrated due to dehydration. Drinking enough water will impact so many aspects of your overall health.

Monitor your blood sugar and insulin injections

  • Kidney health
  • Heart health
  • Foot health
  • Eye health

Establish an exercise routine

Let us help you take care of your health and wellness.

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Increased Thirst And Diabetes

Why does diabetes make you thirsty  Health News

Increased thirst in people with diabetes can sometimes be, but certainly not always, an indication of higher than normal blood glucose levels

People with diabetes with access to blood glucose testing equipment may wish to test their blood sugar levels when they are thirsty to determine whether their blood sugar levels are going too high.

If you do not have blood glucose testing equipment and are experiencing regular thirst which you think may be connected with your diabetes, speak with your health team who should be able to advise you.

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When To Take Your Dog To The Vet For Diabetes

When in doubt, take your dog to her veterinarian for a full evaluation to rule out diabetes or other conditions. Here are the most common symptoms of diabetes in dogs. 1. Your Dog Is Peeing More Frequently You might start to see puddles on the floor or notice that your dog is nudging you to get out of the house more to pee.

Common Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

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Weight Loss As A Diabetes Symptom

One of the signs of high blood sugar is weight loss. That can be surprising, since weight loss is usually a good thing for general health and for preventing type 2 diabetes. If you are overweight, losing a few pounds can not only lower risk for heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimers. It can also lower your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes or prediabetes.

Still, weight loss is not always good. Unexplained weight loss, especially when combined with an unexplained increase in hunger, can be a sign of a problem. It could be a symptom of diabetes and uncontrolled high blood sugar. It shows that your fat cells are not storing as much fat as they normally would.

Thirst In Different Types Of Diabetes

Constantly thirsty and urinating frequently

Excessive thirst in diabetes is called polydipsia. Itâs common in both diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus.

Diabetes mellitus, which includes type 1 and type 2 diabetes, happens when your blood sugar is too high. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that causes your pancreas to stop making insulin, a hormone that helps blood sugar get into your cells. In type 2, your body doesnât make enough insulin or doesnât use insulin well.

Diabetes insipidus does not relate to your blood sugar levels. Itâs a rare disorder that affects your kidneys and the hormones that make them work properly. Diabetes insipidus causes your body to produce large amounts of urine, making you pee a lot, which dehydrates you.

Both high blood sugar and frequent urination can result in constant, severe thirst.

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Numbness And Tingling In Extremities

Pins-and-needles sensations in your feet, toes, hands, and fingers are common signs of diabetes. People who suffer from diabetes will often experience numbness and tingling in their extremities. This sensation can indicate diabetic neuropathy, which is a form of nerve damage caused by chronically high blood sugar levels. When left untreated, severe cases of diabetic neuropathy can lead to amputation. See a diabetes doctor immediately if youre experiencing numbness and tingling in your extremities.

How Your Body Flushes Out Excess Glucose

Excess blood sugar forces your kidneys to work harder than normal to keep your glucose levels normal. When your kidneys cant keep up, your body will try to flush the excess glucose out of the body through urine. Thats why diabetic patients pee so often. Frequent bathroom breaks lead to dehydration, leaving you with an undying thirst for water. Thats your bodys way of telling you to replace the fluids it just flushed. No matter how much you drink, the thirst remains. This creates a vicious cycle of drinking and urinating. Until the underlying problem of elevated glucose levels is addressed, diabetic frequent urination will remain an unsolved issue.

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Why Am I Always Thirsty Even Though I Drink A Lot Of Water

Abnormal urination and thirst, unexplained hunger, fatigue, unexplained irritability, including the presence of ketones in the urine, and sometimes even blurred vision can be an early sign of diabetes.

If youre constantly thirsty, the first step should be to go to a doctor to check if your thirst is a result of diabetes.

The most common symptoms of diabetes are often referred to as The Three P’s of diabetes. There are several ways to diagnose diabetes. One of those are:

  • Random blood sugar test.
  • Oral glucose tolerance test.
  • Calculate Your Risk Of Diabetes

    Why Does Diabetes Make You Thirsty?

    See your doctor if you have excessive hunger and thirst, any other symptoms of diabetes, or any changes in your body that you cannot explain. You might go to your doctor specifically to ask about diabetes, or you might be surprised to find out that your symptoms are a sign of diabetes. This is what you should know about excessive hunger and thirst due to diabetes.

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    Slow Healing Wounds And Increased Skin Infections

    Lingering sugar in the blood wreaks havoc on veins and arteries disrupting circulation. Without proper blood flow, it takes longer for cuts and bruises to heal, and you are more prone to skin infections.

    Red Flag: Paper cuts, bumps and bruises take more than a few days to go away, cuts scab over repeatedly or wounds that last weeks to months.

    Why Does Diabetes Cause Excessive Thirst

    Weve written before about the signs and symptoms of diabetes. While there are a lot of sources about what symptoms diabetes causes, and even some good information about why theyre bad for you, what you dont often get are the whys. And while the whys arent necessarily critical for your long-term health, they can help you to understand whats going on with your body and why it acts the way it does. That, in turn, can help with acceptance and understanding of how to better treat the symptoms, which in turn can help you stay on a good diabetes management regimen. In short, you dont NEED to know why diabetes causes excessive thirst, but knowing the mechanism behind it can make your blood glucose control regimen make more sense and help you stick to it.

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    Unhealthy And Healthy Weight Loss In Diabetes

    Now that you understand the link between uncontrolled high blood sugar and weight loss, the wheels in your mind may be spinning. Maybe I can stop taking my diabetes medication so my bodys cells cannot use sugar and I can lose weight!

    Dont do it!

    Yes, that can be a weight loss strategy. It can also quickly land you in the hospital with severe hyperglycemia. Skip doses for months or more, and your risk of blindness, amputations, kidney disease, and other irreversible diabetes complications skyrockets.

    If you want to lose weight, that is great. If you do it safely, you can lower your blood glucose levels and make diabetes management easier. Talk to your doctor about your weight loss plan and consider these moderate yet effective strategies.

    • Choose more vegetables and lean proteins to reduce hunger.
    • Try fruit, yogurt, or nuts instead of sugary or high-starch desserts such as cake, cookies, or ice cream.
    • Drink water or unsweetened tea or coffee instead of sugar-sweetened coffee and tea beverages, sodas, and sports and energy drinks.
    • Track your food intake to raise awareness of what you are eating.
    • Ask your friends and family members if they are willing to eat healthy when they are with you.


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