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What To Eat For Breakfast With Diabetes

Breakfast Smoothie With Berries And Greek Yogurt

What can I eat for breakfast in type 2 diabetes | Diabetes Diet Guy

Jill Weisenberger

You dont have to say So long to smoothies for breakfast, even if you have type 2 diabetes. The key is to make sure its a balanced smoothie, with protein and fiber, and that it’s relatively low in sugar. Moderation is key, so stick to a small glass.

Take this Very Berry Smoothie recipe from Jill Weisenberger, RDN, CDCES, of Yorktown, Virginia, the author of Diabetes Weight Loss Week by Week. What I love about this smoothie besides that its delicious is that its packed with protein just from the Greek yogurt no protein powders needed, she says. Each 1½ cup serving of this smoothie offers a whopping 22 grams of protein, with 30 g of carbs and 5 g of fiber.

Plus, because the recipe has just four ingredients yogurt, frozen berries , sweetener of your choice , and milk makes it a perfect breakfast when youre in a rush. Its fast and even portable, and all the ingredients are something youd have at home or that are easy to substitute, adds Weisenberger.

Low Glycemic Index Score

The glycemic index rates how quickly carbohydrate-containing foods raise sugar levels in your body after you eat them.

The glycemic index of oatmeal is usually somewhere under 55, which is considered to be a low glycemic index. Other breakfast cereals, such as corn flakes, have a GI of more than 70. This makes oats ideal for diabetics or anyone who wants their blood sugar level more stabilized throughout the day!

Oats are also one of the top recommended whole grain products by dietitians because they provide numerous health benefits without any added sugars or sodium that commonly come from less healthy alternatives such as instant oatmeals made from refined flour.

Can A Diabetic Eat Oatmeal

There is no such thing as a single “perfect” diabetic diet, and neither is there a ONE food that works for everyone. Oatmeal is a good source of nutrition for diabetics but also needs to be eaten with care as oatmeal is still mainly a source of carbohydrates.

It’s worth knowing that around 8 of these carbohydrates grams are in the form of dietary fiber, which may help to prevent blood glucose levels from spiking. With that in mind, eating oats in moderation and adhering to a meal plan that is appropriate for diabetes is still crucial.

If you have diabetes, eating a bowl of oatmeal with hot water some type of healthy low-fat milk or greek yogurt every morning before you eat any other snacks will be beneficial in treating your condition because it is packed with nutrients that will protect against inflammation and help regulate your insulin response when paired with a nutritious diet plan.

As long as you eat steel-cut oats that are not prepackaged or instant oatmeal with added sweeteners, oatmeal is generally safe to include in your diet plan if you have diabetes, just make sure it doesn’t contain any added sugars and salt. Don’t add sweeteners that contain many calories like honey, syrup, or brown sugar.

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Breakfast Ideas For Eggs

There are many different ways of eating eggs. People can try:

  • boiling an egg and seasoning it with black or cayenne pepper
  • making a spinach or kale omelet
  • layering poached eggs on wholemeal or Ezekiel bread or sweet potato toast
  • using cayenne pepper or diced jalapenos for flavoring instead of salt

The fiber in cereals may help a person control their blood sugar levels, but many popular brands of cereal are high in sugar and low in fiber, including those that manufacturers advertise as being healthful.

Unsweetened muesli with unsweetened almond milk offers a fiber-rich, low-sugar alternative.

People can use the 5-5 rule when navigating the cereal aisle, which means aiming for a product that contains at least 5 g of fiber and less than 5 g of sugar per serving.

When checking the label on any packaging, a person should also be wary of added salt and sugar.

Sweetened and flavored yogurts can be high in fat and sugar, which means that they are often not a good choice for people with diabetes, but unsweetened yogurt is a perfectly healthful breakfast option.

A 100-g serving of unsweetened, nonfat Greek yogurt

  • cholesterol: 5 mg

It also contains A and B vitamins, including 7 mcg of folate.

To add flavor, texture, or sweetness, a person can sprinkle the yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, or other berries as well as pumpkin seeds or nuts.

Adding these accompaniments will make a protein-rich breakfast that also offers some fiber and some good fats.

People with diabetes can try:

Prediabetes Breakfast Ideas: The 95

What Should You Eat for Breakfast If You Have Diabetes ...

Once you download the 95-5 Wellness Solution you’ll see there are tons of things you can eat for Breakfast!

You’ll see you can eat lots of yummy things like whole grains, eggs, fruit, veggies, nuts and even green smoothies!

Theres lots of variety in the 95-5 Wellness Solution. You definitely dont have to eat the same thing everyday!

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Oatmeal With Nut Butter And Berries

Oatmeal can be made quickly in the morning by simply adding ½ cup of old-fashioned oats and one cup of water to a bowl and microwaving for about two minutes . Then add a scoop of nut butter or nuts and fruit such as apple, banana, or berries. If that’s too time consuming for your busy mornings, prep overnight oats the night before. “This easy on-the-go breakfast is perfect for busy mornings,” says Palinski-Wade. “Oats provide a good source of fiber, including soluble fiber which may improve cholesterol levels. Mix in almond butter for a boost of protein and fat for longer last fullness without adding to the carbohydrate load.”

We love this Creamy Cherry Walnut Oatmeal . Or try our Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats.

Aftercare: What Should You Do Post

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases recommend the following :

  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding provides your baby the nutrients required for proper development and preventing metabolic disorders later in life. It also helps the mother shed weight.
  • Change Lifestyle: Eating healthy and staying active has to become your new lifestyle. Eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Work out at least 3-4 hours per week. Make diet and exercise an enjoyable family activity.
  • Monitor Glucose: Monitor your and your kids blood glucose levels intermittently to keep a check and prevent developing diabetes.
  • Medication: Talk to your doctor to treat PCOS and diabetes with medication.

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Breakfasts For Diabetes When You’re On The Go

If you read our rundown of breakfast cereal bars and biscuits, you’ll see cereal bars aren’t always as healthy as they appear. For a better breakfast snack on the go, grab some fresh fruit and a handful of nuts instead. Combine it with a glass of semi or skimmed milk to keep hydrated and get essential calcium for your bones and teeth.

Follow The Plate Method For Easy Portion Control

What Can Diabetics Eat For Breakfast [2019]

The plate method lets you eyeball appropriate portions without having to actually pull out a measuring cup or count calories, which makes plating out a balanced, healthy meal simple and easy. Aim to make half your plate nonstarchy vegetables, a quarter of your plate lean protein, and a quarter of your plate whole grains at each meal. Its important to eat a consistent amount of carbohydrates at each meal.

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Does Drinking Water Help Gestational Diabetes

As water contains no carbohydrate or calories, it is the perfect drink for pregnant women. Studies have also shown that drinking water could help control glucose levels. Drink a large glass of water with every meal and another glass in between meals. Water was key to keeping my glucose levels stable.

Have Nonfat Milk Or Yogurt

When researchers studied almost 170,000 adults ages 40-69, they found that the more milk participants consumed, the less likely they were to have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that increases your risk for diabetes and heart disease .

Vitamin D, which is used to fortify milk, also helps the body use insulin, suggests a study published in 2018 in Clinical Diabetes. If you prefer to get your dairy from a yogurt container, skip the flavored variety and choose plain, instead. Youll save around 11 grams of carbohydrate this way.

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Eat Your Breakfast At This Hour To Maintain Type 2 Diabetes

If you have diabetes, its important to know that your diet is the most critical. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that is spreading across the globe like wildfire. For the uninitiated, it is a metabolic disorder in which your body is unable to utilise or produce the hormone insulin that is critical to regularise blood sugar levels. Needless to say, it is extremely important for diabetics to control or maintain their diet.

We are already aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For diabetics, it is even more imperative to never skip breakfast and eat it at the right time. Eating unhealthy foods can spike sugar levels, and skipping breakfast altogether can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels, which isn’t healthy either. Hence, when it comes to breakfast, diabetics need to strike the right balance.

In fact, a study suggests that skipping breakfast occasionally can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Nutrition

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, eating in the early morning hours is associated with lower insulin resistance and lower risk of type 2 diabetes than people who ate their first meal later in the day.

So let’s learn about some healthy foods that you add to your diabetic friendly breakfast:
1. Oats
2. Spinach juice

Plain Greek Yogurt Fresh Blueberries And Walnuts

what to eat for breakfast if you are diabetic

There has been a bumper crop of fresh blueberries this year, and we have been purchasing them in our grocery stores at $1.55 for 18 ounces. Usually, they are much more expensive. Thus, we have been feasting upon them!

We often start our days with some Greek yogurt and fresh or frozen berries. At a 3/4 cup measurement, Greek yogurt has 8 grams of carbohydrates and a whopping 17% of protein. An entire cup of fresh blueberries has 20 carbs , and seven walnut halves have less than two carbs per serving and slightly more protein. It only takes a few minutes to assemble, and this breakfast is delicious, healthy, and under 300 calories.

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Regulates And Lowers Blood Glucose

Eating oatmeal helps in regulating and lowering blood glucose levels.

There are some studies that show oatmeal helps in lowering blood sugar levels. In a study, participants who ate oats for breakfast reduced post-meal glucose by eight percent compared to those who had ready-to-eat cereal or corn flakes which means a lower risk of getting type II diabetes!

Oats also slow the absorption rate of dietary carbohydrates and glucose from other foods eaten at mealtime, thus smoothing out any sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Quick Facts About Blood Sugar Control

I assume you want to know HOW to regain your health.

I also assume you want to know HOW to prevent yourself from getting Type 2 Diabetes complications.


Well, then you need to know these 5 quick facts about blood sugar control.

FACT #1: You dont have to have blood sugar problems! Its really your bodys way of saying, Hey! Whatever youre doing, stop it. I cant handle it.

FACT #2:Refined carbohydrates quickly spike your blood sugar…so don’t eat them… especially for breakfast!

FACT #3:Weight problems and constant blood sugar problems usually go hand in hand because excess sugar in the blood usually gets stored as fat.As if Facts #1, 2 and 3 weren’t important enough, this is the part you really need to pay attention to…

FACT #4: If you eat so that you never have high blood sugar, you likely wont store excess fat.

FACT #5: Your goal MUST BE to eat so your blood sugar is always stable…which means you have to eat a high fiber whole foods diet!

Luckily theres an easy way of doing this. Honest!

And here it is…

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Best Breakfast Foods For Diabetes

Why you should eat in the morning when you have diabetes and the best breakfast foods to keep blood sugar stable.

Breakfast is one of the most neglected meals of the day, and it’s no surprise since most of us are rushing to get ourselves – and possibly others – out the door on time. But skipping breakfast isn’t a good idea, especially if you have diabetes. “Research shows eating a balanced meal in the morning may help to promote more stable blood glucose levels the rest of the day. For individuals with diabetes, skipping the morning meal may lead to reduced energy levels, a higher risk of hypoglycemia, and an increase in food cravings/portions the remainder of the day,” says Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of 2 Day Diabetes Diet.

Pictured recipe:Avocado-Egg Toast

The key is to combine high-fiber carbohydrates with healthy fat and protein. This combo keeps your blood sugar from spiking and keeps energy sustained throughout the morning instead of that spike and crash effect you’ve probably experienced.

High-fiber carbohydrates include foods like oatmeal, whole-wheat toast, muesli, or a high-fiber cereal. Basically, skip simple carbohydrates – think the “white stuff” or foods high in sugar and low in fiber like pastries, muffins, white toast and bagels .

Fat and protein are digested slowly, so they keep you full longer. Not to mention, the body actually burns calories digesting protein so remind yourself of that next time you’re tempted to skip brekkie.

Complex Carbohydrates And Fibre

What Should I Eat For Breakfast With Type 2 Diabetes | Best Breakfast for Diabetes

Carbohydrates are known to provide instant energy to our body. Nevertheless it is the best way to kick start your day as it not just gives your body an energy to function but also the necessary fuel to your brain.

Image Credits- Downshiftology

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These complex carbohydrates are said to be the main source of energy that not just fuels our brain but other vital organs as well such as lungs, kidneys, central nervous system and the heart. Where fiber is an essential form of carbohydrate that keeps the bodys cholesterol levels in check, improves the process of digestion and also makes you feel full for long. Where consumption of carbs has so many benefits for your health, it is important to know that an inadequate intake of this nutrient can lead to various complications and conditions such as constipation, headaches, weakness, nausea, fatigue, etc.

Some of the rich sources of carbohydrates and fiber that you can easily include as part of your healthy breakfast are-

  • Oats
  • Paranthas

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Do I Need To Count Calories When Managing Type 2 Diabetes

While it can be helpful, its not absolutely necessary to track how many calories youre taking in daily. Although tracking calories can be beneficial when it comes to weight reduction, you can lose weight and still have a poor nutritional quality to your diet, Palinski-Wade points out.

Therefore, if you do count calories, make sure youre also focused on healthy food choices. You can track your food intake, she says, which will let you monitor portions as well as how certain foods and mealtimes impact blood glucose levels, she says.

  • About 1,200 to 1,600 calories a day for small women who are physically active, small or medium-size women interested in weight loss, or medium-size women who are not physically active
  • About 1,600 to 2,000 calories a day for large women interested in weight loss, small men at a healthy weight, medium-size men who aren’t physically active, or medium-size or large men interested in weight loss
  • About 2,000 to 2,400 calories a day for medium-size or large men who are physically active, large men at a healthy weight, or medium-size or large women who are very physically active

Life After The Meal Plan

Find more recipes on our site

Your journey doesnt end after 7 days of Mediterranean recipes for gestational diabetes. Its about finding recipes that can become staples in your household and creating eating habits that actually last.

Weve got plenty of recipes online already. Just use the search function on our home page if youre looking for a specific ingredient or check out our recipe page.


We would like to take a moment to note that this post is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.

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Greek Yoghurt And Cottage Cheese

Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese make good breakfast choices.

Quick to put together and easy to tailor to your own desires by adding any of the following:

  • Nuts always a good source of energy and a low carb favourite
  • Oatmeal or wheat bran for fibre
  • Berries are a popular choice
  • Fruit cantaloupe is listed as a good accompaniment

Best Breakfast Foods For People With Diabetes

Diabetic Breakfast Ideas

Coming up with nutritious, tasty, and satiating breakfast options can be a struggle if you have diabetes, given how many popular breakfast options are high in carbs.

With diabetes, its typically necessary to manage your blood sugar levels. And this includes managing how many carbs you consume.

When considering breakfast options, opt for those that are rich in protein and fiber, contain healthy fats, and provide low to moderate amounts of carbs.

Here are 10 great breakfast ideas for people with diabetes.

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