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What Is The Best Pain Reliever For Diabetics

Dr Choice Neuropathy Soothing Socks With Aloe Vera

What pain relievers are best for people with diabetes?

This is a unique product I was quite skeptical about before I read numerous highly satisfied customers reviews!

First, Doctors choice soothing neuropathy socks have all the essential neuropathy-friendly features: a loose-fit, a non-binding top, a seamless and non-irritative interior, and a cushioned footbed.

Second, the yarn is quite interesting. These socks are crafted in Polyester , which isnt that seducing at first. But theyre treated with a combination of copper, silver, and zinc that provides potent anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. Plus, the breathable mesh and the ventilation channels boost airflow to wick moisture away and keep your feet dry.

Last but not least, these neuropathy socks are infused with Aloe Vera! It moisturizes the skin and helps soothe cracks, ulcers, and sores. Definitely worth the try!

What Does Diabetic Foot Pain Feel Like

Diabetic foot pain is very painful for people who suffer from diabetics. This is because as mentioned above, diabetes can damage the nerves of the foot and when this happens, there is always a possibility of having blood circulation around the foot impeded. It could lead to the feeling of numbness or burning pain in the foot. This is to say that a lot of people who have diabetic foot pain will likely have stiff joints and may likely bleed since the ability of the blood to clout is decreased.

Therefore, this kind of situation makes it difficult for wounds to heal or in some cases makes it much slower for wounds to heal. It is important to note that the decreasing nerve function on the foot makes the situation very tricky in the sense that there are some people who could have some foot wound without even knowing it. Diabetic foot pains feels like some other severe pains around the body but the difference in this case is that the stakes are higher here due to the complications of diabetes. People who suffer from diabetic foot pain tend to focus more on effectively managing the diabetes problem in general since it is a fall out on diabetics.

Avoid Smoking And Alcoholic Drinks

People with neuropathy must give up smoking. Smoking has a constricting effect on the blood vessels, which means that it becomes difficult for nutrients to reach the peripheral nerves.

Smokers usually have far worse symptoms associated with this condition than non-smokers. Furthermore, they are more likely to develop complications associated with neuropathy, particularly in the feet.

Drinking alcohol should also be avoided as much as possible. This is because alcohol can make the symptoms of nerve deterioration far worse. Studies show that alcohol abuse can be severely damaging to nerve health and make neuropathy conditions much worse.

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How Does Diabetes Affect The Health Of My Feet

Diabetes-related foot pain is mainly caused by high blood sugar levels. Over time, high levels of sugar in the blood damage both the nerve endings and blood vessels throughout the body. This combination causes nerve pain and poor circulation.

The feet are especially prone to poor circulation because theyre so far away from the heart. Diabetes-related nerve pain can appear in the hands, but most people who experience it feel it in their feet first.

Other factors that can increase your risk of developing diabetes-related foot pain include being overweight, kidney disease, and smoking.

Herbal And Vitamin Supplements

Zostrix Diabetic Foot Pain Relief Cream

Last but not least, you may want to consider adding herbal and vitamin neuropathy supplements your diet.

Many people with neuropathy, and particularly those who are alcoholics, may want to take vitamin B12 supplements because patients have often been found to have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Meanwhile, vitamin B supplements like Methyl B-12, benfotiamine, as well as alpha-lipoic acid, which is a type of antioxidant, may also help. Also, some people claim that herbal remedies are effective, although scientific evidence is still lacking.

You may want to consider supplementing with certain vitamins and herbal ingredients, or try nerve support formulas like Nerve Renew. This supplement has been shown to slow down the progression of neuropathic discomfort, dilate the blood vessels and help to boost the body’s blood supply so you can reduce the unwanted feelings without running the risk of having to cope with nasty side effects. Vitamins and minerals may not cure neuropathy, but they may provide significant pain relief from the symptoms.

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What Are Some Risks If I Dont Get Treatment

Diabetes-related foot pain is more than just pain its a warning sign from your body. This type of nerve pain can lead to complications if you dont see a doctor and get treated. Below are some of the problems that can come from untreated diabetes nerve pain:

  • Dry, cracked skin. This may not sound too bad, but when your skin is too dry, your risk of getting skin infections goes up. If this happens, plain petroleum jelly or unscented hand creams can help. Just avoid placing moisturizers between your toes.

  • . This is an area of thickened skin that has less feeling. People with diabetes get calluses faster and more often than those without diabetes. You can use a pumice stone daily to help keep them at a minimum. If they get really thick, a doctor can cut or shave them down. Never attempt to do this at home as it can lead to infections.

  • Ulcers. These are sores that happen to some people with diabetes due to poor blood circulation. All ulcers need to be seen by a doctor. The longer you go without seeing a doctor, the more likely it is that it will become infected. Infected ulcers can spread and cause you to lose your foot or leg.

  • Amputations. If the previously listed complications are not treated properly, they can all become infected. Skin infections can cause the skin and muscle tissues to die. Once this happens, it cant be fixed. The only way to stop the infection from continuing to spread is by amputating the infected limb.

Watch Your Diet And Exercise More

But what is perhaps most important of all, is that those who suffer from nerve damage should follow a healthy diet and exercise regime.

It is very important, if you have a neuropathy diagnosis, that you focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. You should make sure that your weight is within the healthy range, that you avoid various toxins, that you eat a nutritious, balanced diet, and that you exercise regularly. You should also avoid alcohol and smoking, as these constrict the blood vessels. Additionally, a good diet improves any issues with the gastrointestinal system.

Exercise, meanwhile, can stop muscles from wasting away. Instead, it will strengthen them, thereby also reducing the frequency of cramps. It is important, however, to perform exercises that are suitable to your physical ability. This study on exercise concluded “those benefits of exercise training include improvements in nerve function, reductions in neuropathic pain, reductions in other types of sensory dysfunction.”

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Should Diabetics Use Lotion On Their Feet

The best diabetic foot creams are meant to soothe the achy, itchy, and inflamed feet. Always pay attention to the below points before using any cream or lotion on your feet. If you are not sure you can always ask your doctor.

  • Don’t add product on your feet if you have blisters or any injury on your feet
  • Inflamed feet will be relieved from pain after a good gentle massage
  • Numbness and bad blood circulation are improved after applying the cream for some days
  • If you have dry and itchy feet, choose a cream that could cure these symptoms
  • Cream for neuropathy will have a different composition and heal that specifically

A great tip is to wear diabetic socks and diabetic shoes after a good massage. Your problems will be solved within no time. It’s all about skincare and proper use.

Frankincense & Myrrh Rubbing Oil For Nerve Pain

7 Simple Diabetes Foot Pain Relief Tips

If you prefer rubbing your feet in oil rather than applying foot cream, this rubbing oil has been specially formulated to relieve neuropathic pain caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, and other peripheral nerve conditions.

Its an all-natural foot care product made with homeopathic ingredients and essential oils selected for their high efficiency to relieve neuropathy symptoms such as shooting pain, burning, prickling, and numbness in feet and hands.

Frankincense essential oil has strong sedative and anti-inflammatory compounds. Its also believed to improve message transmission from the nerves to the brain which ultimately reduces nerve pain. Myrrh essential oil is a strong pain relief and anti-swelling ingredient. It interacts with our opioids receptors to decrease the brains perception of pain, and considerably reduces swelling.

Costumers report strong and long-lasting effects on diabetic nerve pain! You can use it up to 4 times a day by gently massaging your feet.

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What Is Diabetic Nerve Pain

Diabetic nerve pain is a complication that arises due to damage to the axons or myelin of peripheral nerves, which can lead to spontaneous or abnormal nerve activity.

This damage is primarily attributed to chronically high glucose levels, however more than just blood sugar have been implicated in disease progression. Other factors that can increase your chances of developing diabetic nerve pain, or neuropathy, are:

  • Smoking
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease

The longer that you have diabetes, the more likely you are to experience this type of pain. Preventative measures early on can help to reduce your chances of developing diabetic neuropathy, or help to slow the progression and reverse the symptoms that have already occured.

It is thanks to this slow progression that it is of particular importance to pay attention to any signs or symptoms that may be attributed to this condition, and to speak with your doctor if they occur.

Over The Counter Nerve Pain Medications

The first step should always be to try over-the-counter medication. These include OTC drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen, one of the best over the counter pain relievers for nerve pain. You should consult your doctor before taking these as some may have adverse affects on the colon or liver if taken in large dosages or longer than recommended. When this is no longer effective, or not effective enough, a number of other treatment options are available.

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Determine What Contributed To Your Condition

If you have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, or any other form of nerve damage, you must start by determining what has contributed to this condition. For instance, compression, autoimmune disorders, hormonal deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, medication-related toxicity, toxin exposure, and infections can all lead to this deterioration of the nerves.

Either way, when nerve damage occurs, the nerves axons can regenerate over time, so long as the cell of the nerve itself hasn’t died. Hence, it is possible to experience recovery if treated in the right way, at the right time. In other words, this is a symptom and not a disease itself, and it is vital that the disease is identified and treated to protect the nerves.

What Is The Best Over The Counter Medicine For Nerve Pain

Zostrix High Potency Foot Pain Relief Cream, 2 oz Reviews 2020

As a living individual, you should have gone through some sort of pain. Upon analysis, the pain is typically one of the two kinds, at times, both.

The two sorts of pain are Nociceptive Pain or Neuropathic Pain.

Damage to substantial tissues, similar to muscles, tendons, ligaments, or the cases around joints, causes nociceptive pain. Nerve receptors adjoining the hurt tissue, called nociceptors, send a pain sign to the frontal cortex. This kind of pain will overall feel sharp, pain-filled, dull, or throbbing.

Then again, Neuropathic pain is achieved by damage or injury to the nerves that move data between the frontal cortex and spinal line from the skin, muscles, and various pieces of the body.

The pain is regularly depicted as a duplicating sensation, and affected areas are much of the time delicate to the touch. Neuropathic pain appears to consolidate anguishing desolation, a shivering feeling, inconvenience precisely identifying temperatures, and deadness. A couple of people may believe that it is hard to wear thick articles of clothing as even a slight squeezing element can anger the desolation.

This article will reveal some insight into Neuropathic Pain or Nerve Pain and, all the more critically, the Best Over Counter medication that you can consume for help.

Since we realize what Nerve pain is, let us comprehend what causes this pain. Here are the most well-known reasons for nerve pain:





There are significantly four kinds of neuropathy.

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Pain Relief That’s Safe For Your Heart

Some common painkillers may boost the odds of a heart problem. Use them wisely to lessen your risk.

In 2004, the drug maker Merck pulled rofecoxib off the market, following revelations that the popular prescription painkiller increased the risk of heart attacks and strokes. That action triggered a closer look at drugs in the same class, known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs . These drugs, which are widely used to ease pain, quell inflammation, and cool fevers, include over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen , naproxen and the prescription drug celecoxib .

Soon, all NSAIDs except aspirin were suspected of increasing heart attack risk. That prompted the FDA to mandate a warning about this side effect on all NSAID labels. Earlier this year, the agency considered dialing back the caution on naproxen, based on an analysis that showed a lower risk from naproxen compared with other NSAIDs. But a panel of expert advisers voted against the label change, so the warning remains the same for all NSAIDs.

With the exception of aspirin, all NSAIDs may boost the risk of having a heart attack.

How Do Diabetics Moisturize Their Feet

Foot care is important but it’s also important to do it the right way. Gently use a lotion or petroleum-based cream on your feet. This will keep the feet smooth and healthy. It will also cure cracked skin and dryness. If you are wearing socks it can help to apply a non-medicated powder on your feet to keep them dry.

Be aware when using foot cream for diabetics to not apply the cream between your toes. Never use if you have an infection on your feet before healing first. Also, don’t use too much and read the package insert before using it.

If you are not sure how your skin will react to the product, take a coin-size bit and apply it to one area. Wait a few hours or even a day to see how you react. If no redness or itching occurs you can use the product safely.

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Natural Home Remedies For Neuropathy Pain Relief

Neuropathy, or nerve deterioration, is a complex condition and no two people experience it in exactly the same way. The degree of pain that people experience also gets to become progressively worse, with flareups and periods of relative calm in between. Generally speaking, this condition of the nerves requires some form of medical treatment, usually in the form of prescription medication.

It is vital, however, that the right pain medication is chosen. Not only does it have to address the symptoms of neuropathy, but it must also be appropriate for the body chemistry of the individual.

Furthermore, if patients already use other forms of treatment, either for the same condition or for a different one, the medication must compliment those.

Treatment Will Depend On Your Symptoms

7 Simple Diabetic Foot Pain Relief Tips

The type of treatment you need will depend largely on the extent of your symptoms. For the most part, if you are having recurring problems the focus of your treatment will be on reducing the current extent of your painful condition and working to prevent the condition from worsening.

Taking steps to keep your blood glucose levels within their ideal target range, if you have diabetes, is usually done with nerve pain medicine, insulin therapy, exercise, and a well-laid out diet plan.

The best treatment will depend entirely on the type of neuropathy and its causes. Often, treatment is hit and miss, which means patients have to try numerous forms of treatment before one is found that works for them.

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How To Diagnose Peripheral Neuropathy

There is a range of physical examination procedures commonly adopted today to detect peripheral neuropathy. Apart from that, the doctor will note your previous detailed medical history including disease, drugs used , accidents , diet, and lifestyle among others.

Neurological examination to note posture, muscle strength, tone, sensations, are also held. The following tests may be required for a detailed study of the condition in different patients:

For Those With Peripheral Neuropathy

Most who suffer from peripheral neuropathy experience painful symptoms that can range anywhere from mild to severe. In cases where the condition is mild to moderate over the counter medications have been very effective in keeping the painful sensations at bay.

However, for more severe cases, prescription medications in the form of tricyclic antidepressants, and the antidepressant duloxetine hydrochloride, pregabalin, and gabapentin may be used. While these drugs were specifically designed to control seizures in epileptics or to treat cases of depression, they have been found to be extremely effective in bringing relief from the unwelcome feelings caused by this condition.

For those who wish to try a more natural approach to their nerve pain, using time tested therapies like acupuncture and biofeedback have been very successful. These therapies work by either redirecting the flow of energy through certain pressure points or helping the patient to get a better understanding of their body’s responses and strategies to help you manage them. Others have tried treatments like physical therapy and massage to get some nerve pain relief.

Let’s take a look at various steps you can take:

  • Consult with your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe some medications like duloxetine, pregabilin, amitryptyline, and a number of combination therapies.
  • Make sure to follow the prescription properly, especially if opiates have been prescribed.
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