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What Is The Best Carb Counting App For Diabetics

Choose The Diabetes Tracking App Thats Right For You

DiaLog App – Diabetes Log and Carb Counter

Diabetes tracking apps range from simple apps that can track your blood sugar levels to advanced apps that provide personalized coaching and educational tools. If this is your first time using a diabetes tracking app, then you may want to start by focusing on the simplest tools and integrating more advanced options over time.

Food Database Easy Food Tracking

To keep tabs on your diabetes and blood glucose, you need to track your carbs and other nutrients. Logging foods is the real challenge in diabetes tracking, as you measure blood glucose only a few times a day, but you need to enter many more foods each day.

Tracking foods is much more labor intensive and thus it’s critical to make it super easy in a diabetes app!

MyNetDiary provides the best food database in the world, saving your time entering foods. Currently, MyNetDiary has over 1,117,000 verified foods.

The quality of the database is ensured by MyNetDiary’s PhotoFood Service. If some food is not in the database or out-of-date, you can send us its photos directly from the app, and we will enter or update all of its nutrients, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

MyNetDiary is so fast that it searches as your type, you don’t need to type whole words and you can see results faster.

What Makes Mynetdiary The Best Diabetes & Diet Tracker For Android

First of all – comprehensiveness. MyNetDiary has everything you may need to stay on top of your diabetes or pre-diabetes – food and carb tracking, medications, exercise, test results, body measurements and much more.

Secondly, MyNetDiary is easy. The most frequent words in thousands of MyNetDiary reviews by its users are easy and very user-friendly. Taking only a few minutes per day, MyNetDiary can be with you for a long time. It’s both comprehensive and friendly – the features are there when you need them, making tracking easy and you – successful.

Finally, MyNetDiary is the most advanced, modern diabetes app for the Android. It is optimized for all phone and tablet sizes.

You can link MyNetDiary can with Fitbit, and Withings, automatically syncing your fitness data .

MyNetDiary is more than just the app – you can use our online service, log foods and exercises and participate in our Online Community supported by Registered Dietitians for more help and motivation.

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How To Read A Nutrition Label For Carb Counting

If we look at our nutrition label, there are two things we want to look at, and only two. First is serving size, and the second is total carbohydrate.

For example, if a food label says a serving size is 1/2 cup, and total carbohydrates equal 13 grams, there are 13 grams for each 1/2 cup eaten. If you eat a cup, youll have consumed 26 grams of carbs.

A few ways people may make errors when reading nutrition labels is to equate the sugar with carbohydrates. Especially when a person with Type 1 diabetes is newly diagnosed, sugar can seem like the scary thing you need to stay away from. However, lets say there are 3 grams of sugar in the food example we just explored. If you eat 1/2 cup and dose for 3 grams of sugar instead of the 13 grams of carbohydrates, youll miss out a large dose of insulin.

Another issue for nutrition label reading for people with Type 1 diabetes is the concept of net carbohydrates. This concept is spread widely through health blogs as well as in the Type 2 diabetes community. Its the idea of subtracting the total amount of dietary fiber from the total grams of carbohydrates. While this is a good technique for people living with Type 2 diabetes, it can cause children with Type 1 to get less insulin than they need for the amount of carbs theyve eaten.

How Do You Count Carbs


Carb counting at its most basic level involves counting the number of grams of carbohydrate in a meal and matching that to your dose of insulin.

If you take mealtime insulin, that means first accounting for each carbohydrate gram you eat and dosing mealtime insulin based on that count. You will use what’s known as an insulin-to-carb ratio to calculate how much insulin you should take in order to manage your blood sugars after eating. This advanced form of carb counting is recommended for people on intensive insulin therapy by shots or pump, such as those with type 1 and some people with type 2.

While people with type 2 diabetes who don’t take mealtime insulin may not need detailed carb counting to keep their blood sugars in line, some prefer to do it. While some choose to stick with traditional carb counting, there are others who do a more basic version of carb counting based on “carbohydrate choices,” where one choice contains about 15 grams of carb. Still others use the Diabetes Plate Method to eat a reasonable portion of carb-containing foods at each meal by limiting whole grains, starchy vegetables, fruits or dairy to a quarter of the plate.

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Carb Manager Low Carb And Keto Diet Tracker

Are you on the keto or low-carb diet? Then you should check out Carb Manager, a free app. For those who want keto made easy, you have access to over a million foods to track. Along with these foods are over 1,000 low-carb, high-fat recipes, 10,000 user-submitted recipes, and 350,000 web recipes. The app also allows you to create your own shopping list, devise your own meal plan, and connect to other apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health. You can also learn about the keto diet and popular keto foods. Their advanced features include tracking ketones, blood sugar, insulin usage and much more.

Keto Diet & Ketogenic Recipes

This app puts Keto recipes at your fingertips. Its a helpful app when you get stuck about what to eat and you need some inspiration.

The app also provides some essential info about the Keto diet like what is ketosis, how to reach ketosis and track it, the benefits of Keto based on science.

It includes food lists to help you prepare to get into ketosis. Its great for keto beginners who need a little more explanation about the process.

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Count The Carbs That Matter To You

In this article, we have covered tips on counting all carbs, but, you do not need to know the carb counts for every piece of food on the entire planet, just the foods YOU like. If you think about it, we often stick to the same 20 foods or less, which makes carb counting much more feasible.

An easy way to learn the carb counts of your usual foods is to use google docs or word to create the following chart.

  • Column 1 = Food
  • Column 2 = Content and Amounts
  • Column 3 = Carbohydrate Count

Here is an example of what an entry for a turkey sandwich could look like.

Total = ~38 grams

You can add multiple meals and snacks so that you have a detailed reference sheet in place for all your go-to meals. After referring to your chart for a week or so, youll quickly become a master of the carbohydrate counts that are most important to you.

BONUS TIP: To be extra helpful with your carb counting experience, take notes on how certain foods affect your blood sugar 2 hours after eating. This can be especially helpful if you eat a lower carb diet with higher amounts of protein and fat.

Our Diabetes Tracking App Reviews

Using Carb Counting Apps and Websites

Android | iOS

One Drop can help you track and address several health conditions, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and high blood pressure. Although it costs more than some of the other options on our list , it is our top pick because of its wide range of features. One Drop integrates with dozens of other apps and devices, including your Fitbit fitness tracker or Apple Watch, and you can order test strips and a Bluetooth glucose meter directly from the app.

Notable features:

  • Support available: Email, Phone, FAQs
One Drop for Diabetes Health Pros & Cons
What we like

Android | iOS

MyFitnessPal is the best food tracker on our list, with a massive database that includes items from popular restaurants and stores. You can scan items directly into the app and even take pictures of home-cooked meals to track what you eat. MyFitnessPal syncs with a wide range of other apps, including Fitbit and Garmin activity trackers to help you monitor your calorie intake and your energy expenditure. This app isnt specifically for diabetes patients, so it wont sync to your glucose monitor, but you can use it along with other apps to meet your overall healthcare needs.

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

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What Are The Different Types Of Carbs

There are 3 types of carbs:

  • Sugars, such as the natural sugar in fruit and milk or the added sugar in soda and many other packaged foods.
  • Starches, including wheat, oats, and other grains starchy vegetables such as corn and potatoes and dried beans, lentils, and peas.
  • Fiber, the part of plant foods that isnt digested but helps you stay healthy.
  • Sugars and starches raise your blood sugar, but fiber doesnt.

    Fit Workouts & Meal Planner

    For those who are chasing the goal of losing weight and working out this app will be a nice choice. It combines the nutrition tracker along with the workout collection so you could achieve the best result in building a new version of yourself. Of course, nutrition is the main part of it.

    Just put in the data about the meals you had on a certain day and the app will show how many carbs it contains. If you are not satisfied with your current diet, the app can compile one for you, and this can be both low-carb and high-carb diet .

    Aware of your health? So go and check these apps.

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    Who Is It For

    If you are prediabetic or experience Type 2 Diabetes, and also you notice that you do not get enough quality rest during the night, Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy program is most probably the program for you. Kill 2 birds with one stone: boost your sleep and energy levels and reverse your diabetes mellitus with this program. best carb counter app for diabetics

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    Top 12 Free Diabetic Apps

    5 Best Free Carb Tracker Apps of 2021

    By Elizabeth: Dietitian

    Gone are the days of having to thumb through pages and pages of Bowes and Churchs Food Values to look up the nutrition facts of every single food consumed. Such a labor intensive process requiring about an hour to calculate a days worth of intake by hand yes, thats what Dietitians used to spend many a waking hour engrossed in!

    While technology certainly comes with its challenges and limitations, the opportunities for people to take a more active role in their health has been a great blessing. Whether youre an apple or android fan, there are many apps available to help you better manage your blood glucose and make healthier lifestyle choices.

    Here are some of the top free diabetes and healthy lifestyle apps available:

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    So Which App Should You Choose

    No matter which free carb counter apps you use you have to choose one that works best for you your lifestyle.

    All of these apps have great features, its just up to you to choose which one will work best for you.

    Just keep in mind, that you can always change until you find something that works for you.

    Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

    Of the 46 participants who were enrolled and randomly allocated into the 2 arms of the pilot study, 43 participants completed the study . All participants reported being comfortable using computers and smart devices, and there were no significant differences between the 2 groups for any of the baseline characteristics .

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    Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy

    When Scott Hansen was faced with the plain opportunity of losing his other half to Type 2 Diabetes, he was desperate to locate a remedy for her. He located a possible remedy when he met up with an old buddy Tom, that had actually apparently reversed his Type 2 Diabetes, lost 40lbs as well as currently appeared like he was 10 years more youthful, and also much healthier. best carb counter app for diabetics

    Tom pointed Scott in the direction of a local medical professional he had actually satisfied in Thailand. It was also this doctor who patiently discussed to Scott about the real origin of type 2 diabetes and also just how to address it making use of an unique tea formula.

    After validating the information versus offered study, Scott quickly got down to offering his better half this precise tea formula. To his joy, he saw her condition improve. It was additionally then, that they concurred more individuals needed this service. They dealt with a medical study and nutrition expert as well as fine-tuned the solution right into a program: The Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy. best carb counter app for diabetics

    This value-packed program incorporates these sections and also much more:

  • The Diabetes-Reversing Blueprint
  • Connecting Your Devices & Services

    Cool Carb Counting Apps

    At mySugr, were of the humble opinion that paper is for origami, not for logbooks. Thats why when you connect your diabetes device with mySugr, your connected meter will automatically log your blood sugar readings into the app. No need to bother flicking through pages anymore! Everythings available in a few taps in the app.

    Connection Brings Freedom!

    Set-up is customized with your unique therapy factors Say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to insulin calculations Improved insulin dosing with accurate calculations every time Adjust the mySugr Bolus Calculator and therapy settings any time within the app under Profile & Settings and Insulin Therapy

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    Carb Manager: Keto Diet App

    This app has readings that are easy to display and keeps things easy to read at a glance.

    This app is the worlds most comprehensive and easy to use net and total carb counter according to the developers.

    One benefit of this app is that it counts net carboydrates, so you dont have to do the calculation on your own.

    They have compiled over 1 millions foods with verified carb counts to help you keep track with your low carb lifestyle.

    One thing I didnt like about this app is how tracking net carbs can be a little confusing. The app is also very much geared toward the Keto Diet, but can be useful to others.

    Best Diabetes Carb Counter App

    • CaloreKing: As the name implies, CalorieKing was designed to be a weight loss focused app and website that helps people count calories. However, they offer the most robust database of nutrition info in app form that I have found. This information is necessary for accurately counting carbohydrates and dosing medication when you have diabetes. I also really like their recipe builder. It allows you to create your own recipes and foods, and calculate your own nutrition information.
    • My Fitness Pal: My Fitness Pal offers a robust database of foods to help with carbohydrate counting. But, just like Calorie King, they tend to focus more on weight loss than I would like.

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    Good But Some Functions Dont Work And Lots Of Foods Are Missing

    This is fairly simple and intuitive to use and there are some very helpful instruction videos. However, I have just added a days worth of food and drink and found most werent in the database, meaning I had to add them myself. Two functions dont work: adding a photo of the food and the delete from dashboard option I have checked my phone settings to make sure the camera is enabled for the app, but still no joy.Update – Ive been using the app for 3 days and am frustrated at the lack of branded or supermarkets own foods, e.g. Tesco 3 cheese bloomer loaf, After eight mint. I couldnt find any generic equivalents in the database either. Almost everything I havent been able to find on this app has been available in My Fitness Pal. I feel like Ive wasted £4.99 because I can do more in a different app for free.

    Carb Tracking For Diabetes

    Top 13 Best Carb Counter App of 2020 to Take Care Diabetes

    MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker goes beyond providing the best food database and food entry.

    Timing is very important in diabetes and MyNetDiary allows recording time of everything – foods, exercises, insulin, medications, and other trackers.

    Also, if you eat more than three meals a day and record their time, MyNetDiary shows additional meals as several snacks, keeping track their time and carb count.

    MyNetDiary food database keeps track of over 45 nutrients, including fiber and sugar alcohols. MyNetDiary can calculate net carbs and diabetes carb count, and lets you select them as your main carb type.

    Carb counts are displayed on the Home screen, Meals, and for individual foods.

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