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Who Pays The Most For Diabetic Test Strips

How Does The Ministry Know How Many Test Strips I Am Eligible For

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Through your pharmacy, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Cares Health Network System will track and automatically determine the number of blood glucose test strips that you are eligible to receive in a 365-day period. This is based on how you manage your diabetes, which is determined based on your prescription records for the past six months. It is important to note that this 365-day period is not based on the calendar year or benefit year . The 365-day period is a rolling period based on when you first filled your prescription for test strips.

For example:

If your first ODB claim for test strips was filled on December 1, 2014 , your 365-day period would end on November 30, 2015 . After this end date , your next test strip claim will establish the new start date for the subsequent 365-day period. Note: your test strip allotment may change during this period based on changes to your anti-diabetic medication.

Please speak to your doctor or pharmacist about the number of test strips that you are eligible to receive in a 365-day period. If you use more test strips than the expected reimbursement limit in a 365-day period, you should speak to your diabetes health care provider to ensure you are testing appropriately.

A Safe Reliable Way To Sell Test Strips

Cash Now for Diabetic Test Strips has been servicing the Tampa, Florida region for many years. You can trust that we are reliable, consistent, and value integrity. Because its our mission to help diabetics, our focus is on meeting our clients needs. That means we provide efficient customer service and put our customers first in everything we do.

We buy most major name brand diabetic test strips and also some insulin supplies.

This includes, but isnt limited to:

Can You Buy Glucose Test Strips Over The Counter

In the United States, glucose test strips are available over the counter at big box stores, independent retail pharmacies, and a lot of websites, including Amazon, eBay, discount pharmaceutical sites like GoodRx, and manufacturers online sites. You can also find them in the so-called gray market .

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How To Avoid Counterfeit Blood Glucose Test Strips

Until recently, counterfeit blood glucose test strips is a rare occurrence in the United States. However, the brand LifeScan has known to have the most frequent counterfeit issues. In the past, they have announced that the counterfeit test strips has shown unreliable performance that includes highly inaccurate test resultsand it is unknown how counterfeit test strips that may be in the marketplace will perform. As of 2016, there has not been any counterfeit issues reported by LifeScan or the United States government. However, just to be safe, always check your test strips for signs of counterfeits.

  • Tamper MRP Label

All genuine test strip packaging have a Tamper Evident MRP Label. Once peeled off, it would reveal the words OPEN. If the label does not say OPEN, the pack is counterfeit.

  • Scratch Label

All genuine test strips packaging have a scratch label. When you scratch off the layer, it would reveal a unique number which can be verified by calling the manufacturer customer service.

If you suspect that you have a counterfeit test strips or have any concern with the test strip, dont hesitate to call the manufacturer customer service for assistance.

Several other companies are also developing technologies that can automatically send blood glucose readings from a meter to insurers. In doing so, companies can truly see if the patient is getting the strips for personal use or whether they are committing fraudulent claims.

What Can I Do If I Have Not Received My Test Strips Allotment But The Pharmacist Says My Claim Has Been Rejected

Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Your pharmacist can determine the overall annual allotment for test strips by assessing your diabetes therapy in the past six months and the number of strips already reimbursed under the ODB program in your current 365-day period. It is important that you fill your prescriptions at a single pharmacy to facilitate proper tracking of your allotment. Please inform your pharmacist if you have filled test strip prescriptions at more than one pharmacy.

If there is a discrepancy, the pharmacist can contact the ministrys ODB Helpdesk on your behalf for support.

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Sell Your Strips For More

Sell Your Strips for More will accept test strips that have a minimum of one month before they expire. They also will purchase damaged boxes. They offer an online form to fill out before you ship your test strips, or you can request they mail you a form. After you ship the test strips, Sell Your Strips for More will keep you informed of the progress of the shipment every step of the way. They pay within 24 hours of receipt of the test strips.

Sell Your Strips for More645 Vermont St

More Cash For Test Strips : Sell Dexcom G6 Receivermore Cash For Test Strips

Dexcom G6 Receiver is a display device the shows glucose readings and trending information and will alert the user if high or low glucose thresholds are reached. Compatible smart devices can be used to display results collected by the Dexcom G6 Sensor. Glucose readings collected by Dexcom G6 sensor are sent via Dexcom G6 transmitter to the G6 receiver for display, analyze and share.

Dexcom G6 Receiver is black interchangeable pink, blue, and black covers included


The Dexcom G6 receiver has the following features:

Lightweight: The Dexcom G6 receiver is lightweight and compact. Carry the receiver anywhere you go.Touchscreen: No more pushing buttons. Use the touchscreen to view, analyze and share your readings.Memory: the Dexcom G6 receiver stores 30 days of glucose dataShare: Share your data with family and healthcare professionals using the Dexcom G6 App.Intuitive Data: Get meaningful information, analyze, and share it with your healthcare professionals. The more you know the better you manage your diabetes.


NOTE To receive full price for your diabetic test strips Boxesmust have 10 months or more on expiration datean boxes in mint condition.

Boxes with 7 to 9 months left on expiration date will be 1/2 price

Boxes would dings and small paper missing will be 1/2 price

We do not buy damaged or boxes with less than 7 months on expiration date

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How To Dispose Used Test Strips Lancets And Needles

As of now, each state and region has its own rules for disposing of syringes, pen needles, lancets and blood strips. To learn more about the regulations, you can check with your refuse company or the local waste authority. For additional information about how to safely dispose of your medical waste in your neighborhood, visit the Center of Disease Control and Prevention official website. But in general, never dispose medical waste directly in usual trash bins or public trash areas. Even when you are traveling, please use proper containers to collect your medical waste.

When it comes to dealing with test strips, patients typically dispose them in the same bio-waste container along with their other medical waste items. Some like to keep the blood glucose test strips in a sealed bag and then place them in the sharps container. Sometimes, your community may have dedicated collection sites for filled sharp containers. Some of these locations that may collect them include police stations, fire departments, doctors offices, health clinics, health departments, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Can You Make Your Own Test Strip

Resale of Diabetic Test Strips costing taxpayers millions

Yet another out of the box question. Currently, many people have tried to make their own test strip and glucometer and have shared their failure online. Although it is currently not an option, it seems like it is possible to print your own low-cost glucose test strips at home in the near future. A startup company named Accessible Diagnostics has developed a new type of test strip that can be made out of commonly available materials and will cost only pennies compared to the current test strips. Instead of buying test strips, you will only need to buy their ink cartridges which consists of two enzyme ink cartridges and one print dye cartridge. These cartridges can be used on any inkjet printers. During the printing process, the cartridges will spray out enzymes that coat the piece of paper to create glucose strips. The cost will come down to approximately five cents per strip. to read more on this. You can also watch this video to learn more.

Recently Google has teamed up with a European drug company called Novartis to develop contact lens that can measure your glucose levels. The latest update is that Google has already secured a patent on the technology as of March 2015. So we will be expecting to see the product for sale on market in the near future. If you would like to read more information on the project, you can click on this link.

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Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips?


But There Are Potential Pitfalls For Sellers

The signs refer to diabetic test strips used to measure blood sugar levels. But why would anyone be trying to buy them on the street — or want to sell them, for that matter?

It turns out that many people with diabetes and good health insurance get their testing supplies free, or at very little cost. But just as many people with diabetes — perhaps more — dont have good insurance and have to pay for their supplies out of pocket.

The situation has created a black market of sorts, managed by entrepreneurial middle-men who buy unused test strips from the first group of diabetes patients and sell them to the second group.

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Other Products We Considered

Were impressed with the GE100 Blood Glucose Test Strips, which are larger and easier to handle than strips for other meters. These are ideal if you have dexterity issues or neuropathy in your hands. The strips are engineered with cutting-edge gold electrode technology, so theyre also top rated when it comes to accuracy. If you do need to take another reading with a new strip, these strips are affordable, so you wont need to worry about expensive refills ahead of schedule. If youre new to blood glucose testing, we like the user-friendly, no coding Easy Touch Eas-150 Glucose Test Trips. The large-print directions on the box are easy to read, and the strips are slightly wider than others, so theyre easy to handle as you get used to your testing. If your fingertips arent your preferred testing site, these strips offer alternate sites on your palm or forearm.

Are Blood Glucose Test Strips Covered By Insurance

$100, Buying Diabetic Test Strips

Test strips are covered by most commercial insurers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. According to survey data provided to DiabetesMine by the diabetes research firm dQ& A, most PWDs do get their test strips through health insurance 82 percent of people with type 1 diabetes, and 76 percent of those with type 2 to be exact.

But even with this coverage, test strips can often be very pricey.

For one thing, if you have a high deductible health plan, you still might need to pay over-the-counter prices for supplies until you meet the deductible. However, you could catch a break if you have a health savings account , as the Treasury Department recently said that diabetes supplies and insulin would be covered in high deductible plans for people who have HSAs.

Also, your insurance might not cover the brand of test strips that you want. Many insurance plans put specific preferred brands of meters and test strips in their top formulary tiers. That means brands not in those tiered lists will cost much more.

This can be a problem for PWDs who need specific meters that transmit readings to their insulin pumps, or who switch insurance plans and dont like the meters and strips covered by their new plans.

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Best Websites To Sell Diabetic Test Strips That Buy Unused Test Strips

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Want sell test strips? Or are you searching for a website where you can sell your unused diabetic test strips, or companies that will your buy unused test strips and diabetic supplies?

Do you have extra boxes of diabetic test strips?

Have you wondered what you could do with them?

Every day, hundreds of people search to sell test strips near me.

There are many places you can take your unopened boxes of diabetic test strips to and receive cash for them.

Some companies even make it easy by letting you ship them with a prepaid label and then sending you money once they receive them.

People can then buy them at discounted prices who might not otherwise be able to afford them. It is a great thing to do!

Every company has different standards and policies when it comes to what test strips they will take, so please check each companies site carefully.

Here are the top ten websites where you can sell your test strips with confidence:

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Get Cash for your Diabetic Test Strips and Lancets!We make it easy to sell Test Strips and other Diabetic Supplies. Click below to see all the Diabetic Test Strip Brands and Products accepted to get an instant quote and get Cash for Diabetic Test Strips and Supplies. You can search by Brand, Category, or Diabetic Supply tool type. Select items, dates, condition, quantities, and add to your cart for an instant quote to sell you Diabetic Test Strips. When you sell Diabetic Test Strips to us, be confident in knowing you will receive a competitive price for your Unused Diabetic Supplies, Friendly Service, and Fast Payment!

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Is It Legal To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Yes, it is legal to sell your diabetic test strips. There isnt anything illegal about them. The reason why it is legal is that the majority of test strips are actually sold over the counter without you having to need a prescription. However, you should know that if your test strips were paid for by Medicare or Medicaid.

How To Properly Perform A Blood Test

How to get paid CASH for diabetic test strips

Due to the differences in design for all the blood glucose testing product brands, it is best to follow the specific instructions provided for your blood glucometer and test strips. However, for the new diabetes patients, we have provided a list of general guidelines for proper testing blood sugar procedure and practice.

  • NEVER share blood glucose monitoring equipment or finger lancing devices as it may result in transmission diseases such as Hepatitis B.
  • Always wash your hands with soapy, warm water and dry your hands thoroughly before performing a test.
  • Try to use a lancet every time as used lancets are not as sharp as a new lancet and can cause more pain and injury to the skin. If you do reuse lancets, remember to disinfect the instrument thoroughly before every use.
  • Always prepare the blood glucose meter and test strip and make sure the meter battery is fully functioning before a test.
  • If you have difficulty getting sufficient drop of blood from your fingertip, try massaging your finger to increase blood circulation, shaking the hand below the waist, or squeezing the fingertip. If all method fails and your meter allows blood samples from an alternative site, try collecting a blood sample from your forearm.
  • Remember to dispose of your used lancet in a puncture-resistant sharps container instead of your regular trash.
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    How Accurate Are Glucose Test Strips

    This has been a controversial issue over the years because some brands of meters and strips have been shown to be more accurate than others. Theres also concern about the accuracy of models that have been out on the market for many years, so have not been tested for accuracy since their original approval by the FDA.

    The California-based nonprofit Diabetes Technology Society recently tested 18 popular blood glucose meters and compared their results to those of outside laboratories that tested the same blood specimens.

    The DTS gold standard is that a meter and its test strips should yield BG readings within 15 percent or 15 mg/dL of the laboratory values at least 95 percent of the time. In several studies, only six brands passed that test for accuracy:

    • Contour Next from Bayer 100 percent
    • Accu-Chek Aviva Plus from Roche 98 percent
    • Walmart ReliOn Confirm from Arkray 97 percent
    • CVS/pharmacy Advanced from Agamatrix 97 percent
    • FreeStyle Lite from Abbott 96 percent
    • Accu-Chek SmartView from Roche 95 percent

    So, theres a whole bunch of test strips and meters out there that are less accurate than they should be. The least accurate were:

    • Solus V2 from BioSense Medical 76 percent
    • Advocate Redi-Code+ from Diabetic Supply of Suncoast 76 percent
    • Gmate Smart from Philosys 71 percent

    Still, the accuracy of results, along with ease of use and price of both the meter and strips, should factor into your decision when choosing a glucose meter, according to experts in the DTS


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