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Are Brussel Sprouts Good For Diabetics

May Help Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Are Brussel Sprouts Good for Diabetics

In addition to their impressive nutrient profile and long list of health benefits, Brussels sprouts may also help keep blood sugar levels steady.

Multiple studies have linked an increased intake of cruciferous vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, to a decreased risk of diabetes .

This is likely because Brussels sprouts are high in fiber, which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Fiber moves slowly through the body undigested and slows the absorption of sugar into the blood .

Brussels sprouts also contain alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant thats been researched extensively for its potential effects on blood sugar and insulin .

Insulin is a hormone thats responsible for transporting sugar from your blood to your cells to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

In one study, 12 patients with diabetes who were given alpha-lipoic acid supplements experienced increased insulin sensitivity.

The researchers proposed this was because the alpha-lipoic acid allowed insulin to work more efficiently to lower blood sugar .

Increasing your intake of Brussels sprouts alongside an otherwise healthy diet may help you keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Summary: The fiber and antioxidants in Brussels sprouts may help keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Protect Eye And Skin Health

Brussels sprouts nutrition contains the important antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C helps fight UV light damage that can lead to skin cancer or aged skin, while vitamin A offers protection against damage to the skin as well as the eyes. Consuming both vitamins serves to naturally slow aging, increase eye health, boost skins immunity and foster new cell growth.

Studies indicate that those who eat high amounts of antioxidant-containing fruits and vegetables lower their risk for age-related macular degeneration. Brussels sprouts nutrition includes the antioxidant zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin works to filter out harmful light rays from entering the cornea. This helps protect the eyes from damage and disorders like macular degeneration. Meanwhile, Brussels sprouts sulforophane compounds also help to reduce oxidative stress damage to the eyes protecting against blindness, cataracts and other complications and skin, warding off cancer and inflammation.

Ways Brussels Sprouts Benefit Your Health

Brussels sprouts are a member of the Brassicaceae family of vegetables and closely related to kale, cauliflower and mustard greens.

These cruciferous vegetables resemble mini cabbages and are typically cut, cleaned and cooked to make a nutritious side dish or main course.

Brussels sprouts boast high levels of many nutrients and have been linked to several health benefits. This article examines 10 ways Brussels sprouts may benefit your health.

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What Is A Starch

You may think of rice or potatoes as starches . Starches are actually a type of carbohydrate that is made up of many sugar molecules. Certain starches, when digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, eventually turn into glucose and can cause blood sugar to rise.

Refined starches can be found in white rice, flour, and pasta, and can cause blood sugar levels to rise faster than those in other non-processed starchy foods, like brown rice. Fiber is also a type of starch, but it isnt digested and wont increase your blood sugar. We will be referring to digestible starches when it comes to which vegetables are healthier for people with diabetes.

Why Sprouts Are Good For Diabetics

Is Brussel Sprouts Good For Diabetics

Healthy Recipes > Sprouts > Sprout for Diabetics > Diabetes is known as a silent killer and recently many young adults are also diagnosed with diabetes, the number increasing year by year. For a diabetic, along with medication the diet plays a key role in avoiding its progression. Small and frequent healthy meals which do not raise blood glucose levels rapidly is the main dietary focus. One worthwhile ingredient which is a must addition to a Diabetic meal is SPROUTS. Made by sprouting pulses, they do have some amount of carbohydrate in them. But the process of sprouting them decreases the starch present in them by 10%, thus they contain Low Carbohydrates . Additionally, they are a good source of Fibre which doesnt allow a spike in Blood Sugar Levels . These are the twin reasons for making sprouts a part of diabetic meal plan. However sprouts are often considered boring as they are quote bland. If you are confused about how to cook delicious meals with sprouts to keep a check on your blood sugar levels turn to our well researched recipes like Sprouts Dhokla , Cucumber Bean Sprouts and Apple Salad , Mixed Sprouts and Palak Subzi and many more. To learn how to sprout moong perfectly watch our video. Sprouted and Boiled MoongContinue reading > >

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Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon 2 slices bacon, crisp-cooked, drained, and crumbled 2 teaspoons finely shredded lemon peel Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Cut large Brussels sprouts into lengthwise quarters or cut small sprouts in half. In a large bowl toss together sprouts, 1 tablespoon of the vinegar, and the oil until sprouts are lightly coated. Sprinkle with pepper and salt toss to coat. Place Brussels sprouts in a single layer on a baking sheet. Roast for 20 to 30 minutes or until sprouts become brown and tender, turning sprouts every 10 minutes. Transfer Brussels sprouts to a large bowl. Drizzle with the remaining 1 tablespoon vinegar and sprinkle with bacon. If desired, garnish with lemon peel. Tip: To bake pork bacon, place slices side by side on a rack in a foil-lined shallow baking pan with sides. Bake for 18 to 21 minutes or until bacon is crisp-cooked Drain well on paper towels. PER SERVING: 108 cal., 5 g total fat , 4 mg chol., 195 mg sodium, 12 g carb. , 5 g pro.Continue reading > >

Dont Avoid Veggies Due To Gastrointestinal Issues Talk To Your Doctor

If you find that eating vegetables is hard on your stomach, dont give up, says Rubenstein. Some people struggle with digesting raw vegetables, like salads. Others report excessive gas with cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Some medical conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns disease, and colitis, can make it hard to digest vegetables as well.” If you fall into any of these categories, work with your healthcare team to figure out which vegetables you are able to tolerate. Get creative and find new ways to prepare these vegetables so you feel like you have variety with the few vegetables you are able to tolerate.

If youre unsure which ones cause you digestive difficulties, work with a registered dietitian to help you meal-plan and better understand your food intolerances, she adds.

Also, dont discount the importance of increasing intake of fiber gradually and drinking plenty of water along the way. The Mayo Clinic points out that not taking these steps can similarly lead to digestive problems.

Cunningham elaborates on the importance of getting creative. Experiment with preparing your vegetables in all different ways. Do you prefer raw vegetables in a salad? Do you like them stir-fried? Do you want them with a yogurt dip or a little cheese sauce? If you’re not used to eating vegetables on a regular basis, it can take some time to expand your palate, but the benefits to your health are well worth it.

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The Worst Vegetables For People With Diabetes

Across the board, starchy vegetables are higher in carbohydrates than their less starchy counterparts, and they often don’t balance the starch with other nutrients, like fiber and vitamins. So while it’s OK to eat carbs and starchy vegetables from time to time, you want to be aware of how often they’re on your plate for a better balance.

“That starch is what places them on the ‘worst list,'” Adkins says. “It’s not as though you can’t enjoy these vegetables, but when you do, it’s best to keep their quantity in check and pair them with higher protein and higher fat foods to offset the spike in blood sugars,” Adkins says.

For instance, says Adkins, if you love potatoes, have a small roasted potato with grilled salmon and steamed broccoli, instead of a heaping mounds of mashed potatoes.

Brussels Sprouts And Diabetes Conclusion

Recipe for Healthy and Low Carb Charred Brussel Sprouts. Great Dish for Diabetics!

Brussels Sprouts are a welcome addition to a healthy type 2 diabetes diet. B

Be encouraged to include them liberally in your meal rotation as one of the vegetables to eat in abundance, unless you are unaccustomed to high fiber foods or have thyroid issues, in which case it is advised to proceed cautiously and slowly at first.

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Risks And Side Effects

There is some concern over preliminary observations that cruciferous vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, can have a negative effect on thyroid function.

Cruciferous vegetables are the major source of glucosinolates in the human diet, and certain glucosinolates are converted into goitrogenic species, which may have an impact on thyroid function. However, studies now show that the benefits of cruciferous veggies outweigh the bad.

According to one study, when 10 volunteer subjects included Brussels sprouts in their normal diet every day for a period of time, the sprouts had no effect on thyroid function. Researchers believe that even though the sprouts contain high concentrations of glucosinolates, these molecules become inactive when cooked and dont affect the thyroid negatively.

For this reason, experts still strongly recommend consuming cruciferous veggies and Brussel sprouts to the general public for their many proven health benefits.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

The Diabetes Cookbook

Add this simple, low carb side dish to your favorite protein entree. Roasting enhances the flavor of Brussels sprouts, and turkey bacon adds a delicious salt, savoriness. You could use fresh or frozen Brussels sprouts here.

  • Prep time
  • 6 Brussels sprouts
  • Amount per serving
  • turkey bacon
    3 slice
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray.


  • Place Brussels sprouts in a bowl and add oil toss to coat.

  • Add remaining ingredients and mix well.

  • Place Brussels sprouts on a baking sheet and bake for 35-40 minutes or crisp on the outside.

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    The 5 Best Vegetables For Diabetics

    It’s easy to assume all vegetables are created equal, but for people with diabetes it can be confusing.Our dietitian breaks down the best and worst vegetables for people living with diabetes.If you or someone you love is living with diabetes, understanding carbohydrates and blood sugars is important.If youre looking for the best vegetables for a person living with diabetes, then youll want to consider three key things:.Although cucumbers and iceberg lettuce taste delicious, they dont rank high in nutrient density.Here are some examples of vegetables to include when building a diabetic or prediabetic diet.Broccoli is a member of the cruciferous family and is packed with fiber and nutrientswhether raw or cooked.You can enjoy it as a main dish, too, like in this Saucy Beef with Broccoli recipe.Braised, fermented or made into slaw, cabbage is a fantastic vegetable to add to your plate.Cauliflower has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason.Potatoes are Americas favorite vegetable unfortunately, they also are a high glycemic food best left off the plate for people with diabetes.Whether its on the cob or from a can, just ½-cup of corn kernels has a whopping 21-gram carb count and only 2 grams of fiber.If you love corn, be sure to keep the portion small and pair it with protein and high-fiber foods.This beverage lacks one key component in helping to regulate blood sugar: fiber! .

    What Are Brussels Sprouts

    Candied Brussel Sprouts does not mean Loaded with Sugar

    Brussels sprouts dont just look like mini-cabbages theyre actually members of the Gemmifera group of cabbages. These cabbages are grown for their edible buds and may have gotten their name from Brussels, Belgium, where they are believed to have originated and are highly popular. Ancestors of the modern Brussels sprout were most likely cultivated in ancient Rome, but the sprouts we know and love today were likely grown as early as the 13th century in Belgium. A small, leafy vegetable, Brussels sprouts are packed with protein, vitamins, fiber and many more nutrients.

    A staple of Belgium for many years, Brussels sprouts have found popularity due to their high nutritional value and versatility in the kitchen.

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    Boost The Immune System With Vitamin C

    Brussels sprouts nutrition supplies a large amount of immune-boosting vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as a protective antioxidant in the body, reducing inflammation and cell damage. Essential for a strong immune system, vitamin Cs antioxidants keep your immunity strong against bacteria, viruses, toxins and other harmful invaders that can cause disease and illness.

    Because of the protective effects of vitamin C, Brussels sprouts help maintain the health of your digestive tract, skin, eyes, teeth and gums. Vitamin C foods also protect your cells from free radical damage and thereby reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, autoimmune responses and more. The protective properties of Brussels sprouts may help stop the immune system from operating on overdrive in which autoimmune reactions lead to further damage.

    Help Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy With Folate

    Brussels sprouts nutrition contains a high supply of folate, which is often called folic acid. Folate is a naturally occurring B vitamin thats critical for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Helping the body to effectively produce new cells, folate plays a role in copying and synthesizing DNA and helps protect against birth defects.

    Folate also helps the body utilize other B vitamins in addition to protein, protects against anemia, boosts immune function and can assist poor digestion. Present in large doses in many leafy green vegetables, folate is important for the healthy formation of the fetuss neural tube. Acquiring enough folate can help prevent such birth defects as spina bifida.

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    Tips For Including More Non

    Here are a few ideas to increase non-starchy vegetables in the diet:

    • Make vegetables the focal point of the meal. Keep this simple formula in mind at mealtimes: ½ of the plate is non-starchy vegetables, ¼ of the plate protein, and ¼ of the plate starchy carbohydrate.

    • Make simple swaps. Try cauliflower rice instead of white rice. Experiment with mashed rutabaga instead of mashed potatoes. Substitute pasta for zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash.

    • Snack on more veggies. Keep washed and sliced peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and cauliflower in the fridge for a grab-and-go snack. Dip in a tzatziki greek yogurt dip or guacamole.

    • Add more where you can. Start lunch and dinner with a leafy green salad. Add a handful of greens to a smoothie. Stir in cooked onions, peppers, and mushrooms to an egg scramble. Add steamed broccoli and arugula to a no-sugar-added pasta sauce.

    • Try different cooking strategies, herbs, and spices. Adding more veggies to your diet is easier when they taste good! Try experimenting with different cooking methods such as grilling, roasting, and sauteeing with your favorite herbs and spices. For example, garlic and brussels sprouts make a dream team, as does celery and almond butter.

    Make sure to choose fresh or frozen vegetableswithout added sugars, fats, or salts.

    How To Eat Your Diabetic Friendly Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Recipe for Healthy and Low Carb Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Great Dish for Diabetics!

    Roasted Brussels sprouts are divine right from the oven! I dare you to eat just one!

    You can also let your Roasted Brussels sprouts cool and refrigerate them for up to 4 days.

    I like my Diabetic Friendly Roasted Brussels sprouts in a Bean Bowl, as a pasta topper or on top of a green salad.

    You can also reheat your Roasted Brussels sprouts for a later meal .

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    Ways To Eat Brussel Sprouts

    You can include brussels sprouts in your diet several ways. Cook a dish from the sprouts itself or add it to several recipes it not only makes food tastier but also adds lots of nutrients to your dish.

    You can eat it raw, blanch it, shallow fry or roast it.

    Herb roasted brussels sprouts tossed with olive oil is a popular dish.

    You can add roasted or shaloow fried sprouts to rice bowl, salad and other recipes.

    To know about health benefits of other veggie, fruits, seeds, nuts and more and to find some healthy recipes,.

    Mung Bean Soaked Water For Diabetes Type Ii

    Posted by Stacy on 12/19/2016 Dear P. Raghaven, I am writing to thank you so much on behalf of my sister and myself. Diabetes 2 has ravaged our family, and shortened too many beautiful lives. My sister was told 2 years ago she was pre-diabetic, and struggled with diet restrictions in attempts to lose weight. Despite her efforts, she was unfortunately recently diagnosed with Diabetes 2, I knew we had to get better before it was too late. Seeing your post, I started with the fermented mung beans every morning, although I am not diabetic, I only did this to satisfy my kin that it was safe, and doable. However, I do think this is a very good way to introduce the necessary gut flora which I believe I too am lacking. Then, my sister started it and after one month was dropping weight and clothing sizes as well as drastically reducing her overall body inflammation with only adding this fermented drink each morning, and still eating her usual foods. This is a godsend, thank you thank you, thank you. She has not been back to the doctor and still is taking victoza but what a transformation. She is determined to continue for the full 12 weeks and tells everyone she knows about this remedy. I only hope we can convince other family members to try it too. Again many blessings to you and other posters here on earth clinic.Continue reading > >

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