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Who Buys Expired Diabetic Test Strips

How Often Are You Supposed To Change Your Lancet

Website that buys back diabetic testing supplies accused of stiffing sellers

Although most lancets tend to get dull or blunt after being used several times, the difference between the old and a new lancet is often not apparent to the patients as its use involves a quick finger prick with just a drop of blood being withdrawn.

Hence, though it is a good idea to change the lancet once every day, most diabetics do not experience any issue with changing it after 1 or 2 weeks, if they are using it daily, or after using it at least 10 to 12 times.

However, healthcare professionals insist that the lancets must be changed after each finger prick. The FDA has also recommended changing the lancets after each use, particularly if it involves more than one patient. This is especially important for avoiding the risk of infections involved in using the old and blunt ones.

Reusing dull lancets may also lead to callused fingers ad scars. These issues can also make it difficult to test your blood sugar levels at the same puncture site.

Moreover, as lancets get dull after each use, they can also hurt more when used to prick a finger and may also be ineffective for drawing blood. The pain caused due to the use of blunt lancets can prevent diabetes patients from checking their blood sugar levels frequently thus compromising their glycemic control.

The inefficient drawing of the blood, on the other hand, could lead to inaccurate results thus further contributing to improper diabetic control.

Could My Diabetic Testing Strips Be Expired

The short answer to this question is: Yesoften. You see, while the expiry date is concrete, it is not entirely precise. A strip that expires on Tuesday will certainly not be fine Monday and after that may be totally useless. Exactly when or for how long after an expiration date a diabetic testing strip is good for varies. Since each brand name uses different enzymes, it depends on what kind of diabetic testing strip youre using.

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More Cash For Test Strips

More cash for test strips is a great way to sell diabetic test strips. More cash for test strips website is staffed 24/7. As you enter the number of boxes you have underneath the picture of the box, it will give you a total payout. Then you fill out the form thats on the bottom of the price list page and you can receive your shipping label within 2 minutes, or you can request a shipping kit to be mailed to your address which you can use to send the boxes to More Cash for Test Strips. After they receive it and verify everything is in good condition with 10 months or more left on expiration date they will issue out a payment within one business day. More cash for Test Strips also has several retail locations on the West Coast that will buy test strips and will give you cash for diabetic test strips in person these are in Carson CA, Los Angeles CA, Long Beach CA.

More Cash for Test Strips245 West Carson Street

Why Test Strips Expire

EXPIRED 2 Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Diabetic Test ...

If youve been diagnosed with diabetes, you should be checking your blood sugar regularly. This is how to monitor your blood sugar levels and gain the information needed to assess your bodys reaction to certain variables and to self-regulate.

Glucose test strips are an essential part of at home testing. If youre worried about checking your blood sugar, know that there are supplies that aid in the process, and youll learn the best way to do it through practice and experience.

Lets go through how glucose test strips work to help frame the importance of not using expired test strips.

Glucose strips are inserted into glucose meters, and absorb the blood sample you apply after you lance your fingertip. Once the blood has been absorbed, it travels down the strip and combines with an enzyme. Then the glucose meter sends a current of electricity through the mixture of blood and enzyme and is able to gain a reading based on the electrical resistance. While the enzyme is very accurate most of the time, it can become less stable with age or with poor storage conditions like excessive heat or cold, or high humidity. This is one of the many reasons why you should only use test strips that havent expired, to make sure the enzyme is doing its job effectively.

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How Do I Donate Test Strips

To donate test strips or other diabetic supplies you can simply box them up and tape our shipping label on the box . Make sure you place a piece of paper in the box that says donation so we know it is a donation. Once your package arrives we will get it into the hands of someone that needs it.

Please Dont Send These Items for Donation

If you are sending meters we do ask that you dont send the instruction booklets unless the meter is in a sealed box, this adds a lot of weight to the package and we have online access to instruction booklets. We also ask that you never send in loose lancets or any type of needle that could become exposed during shipping. This could be a hazard to the mail carrier or our staff.

We greatly appreciate any supplies you are able to donate, it enables us to help more people. We currently have over 200 people just in our surrounding community, and over 800 nationwide, that depend on your generous donations each month. So please dont throw away those needed diabetic supplies.

  • Hello,I have alot of expired test strips and lancets. Who can i contact to sell them too?

  • Sell Your Strips For More

    Sell Your Strips for More will accept test strips that have a minimum of one month before they expire. They also will purchase damaged boxes. They offer an online form to fill out before you ship your test strips, or you can request they mail you a form. After you ship the test strips, Sell Your Strips for More will keep you informed of the progress of the shipment every step of the way. They pay within 24 hours of receipt of the test strips.

    Sell Your Strips for More645 Vermont St

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    Why Would You Buy Expired Test Strips In The First Place

    Why risk buying expired test strips? Cost. Test strips are expensive. According to a recent New York Times article, insurance coverage changes often, leaving a patient with little choice other than to purchase newer monitors and their associated and often more expensive testing strips. When patients have to switch, they are often left with unused strips.

    Seniors on fixed incomes may find selling their unused strips lucrative to making ends meet. Unfortunately, some people with diabetes reduce the number of times they test themselves to save money on strips. A diabetic selling his or her test strips for extra cash puts their own health at risk by not testing themselves as often as they should.

    Cash For Diabetic Test Strips

    How to Start a Medical Commodities Business Buying and Selling Diabetic Test Strips

    If you have extra test strips because of a new prescription, don’t use your normal amount, or have extra boxes from friends or family, we can help – we pay cash for diabetic test strips in San Diego, fast. Just call us at 619-552-3010 and if you contact us before 3pm, we can setup a free pickup the same day and get you cash for your test strips today.

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    How Does Squeezing A Finger Affect Blood Sugar

    Patients with diabetes are often advised to test their blood sugar level at home using a glucometer. The use of this device involves adding a drop of your blood to the specific part on a test strip inserted into it.

    While adding the drop of blood to the test strip, patients have to squeeze the finger slightly to allow the blood to ooze out from the capillaries. However, the pressure exerted on the finger while squeezing should neither be too hard nor too low.

    The researchers have found that squeezing the finger with too much pressure might interfere with the accuracy of the test results. One study has revealed that about 5 to 13% of patients are likely to have a significantly inaccurate blood sugar reading due to the variation in the pressure exerted on the finger for squeezing out a drop of blood.

    On average, it was found that the blood sugar readings showed a lower than the actual value when people put more pressure on the finger.

    This means diabetic patients should avoid squeezing the finger too tightly as this can dilute the sample of blood with the tissue fluid called plasma and thus, increase the chances of a wrong reading or even hemolysis. The squeezing should be mild enough to just let a drop of blood ooze out onto the test strip.

    However, once the blood collection step is complete, they can apply firm pressure to the puncture site to stop the oozing of bleeding.

    Selling Expired Blood Glucose Test Strips

    Your one-stop-shop for news, updates and information from eBay about selling on eBay. Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better! Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. anyone know if you can sell expired blood glucose test strips on ebay anymore………..i see listings all the time but was told cannot do………………….will they let you list if you say not for human use…….like the pet antibiotics? Expired is expired, even if it’s something you don’t “put in your mouth.” Re: selling expired blood glucose test strips in reply to posting*master Apr 3, 2016 11:49:04 AM but its not stated that way in the Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare policy………….that is why u see 1000’s of listings for this type of an item………………….so it seems ebay stretched out the policy from the “in your mouth” section and applied it my 3 items…………as there are still literally 1000’s of listings……Continue reading > >

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    Organize & Sort Your Test Strip Boxes

    Any diabetic supplies that you are planning on selling to us that is 9 months or less will need management approval.

  • Gather all your Diabetic Test Strips, Lancets, Lancing pens or other accepted Diabetic Supplies you want us to buy from you.

  • Organize and Separate by Manufacturer, Type and box size .

  • Carefully inspect your strips, lancet, and other diabetic blood glucose supply boxes to ensure they have not been Opened, Damaged or have ANY Discoloration whatsoever.

  • Our recommendation is to not tear off the labels off test strips, lancets, or other supply boxes as it may cause damage to the box. Well take care of that for you, keeping your information private. Or with a soft, felt-tip marker, cross out your name and any other personal information from the label. Please do not write on the boxes with a ballpoint pen.


    Why Would Somebody Have Unused Diabetic Supplies

    100 Contour Next Diabetic Test Strips EXPIRE 10/31/2021 ...

    People with diabetes have leftover supplies for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include:

    • Unused free samples

      Sometimes pharmacies and companies offer free samples of diabetic test strips.

    • Prescription changes

      If your prescription changes, you may or may not need to test as often. This could be due to lifestyle changes .

    • Switched meter brands

      Not all test strips are compatible with all meter brands.

    • Changed doctors/insurance companies

      Different doctors may prescribe different test strips, lancets, or CGMs.

    • Test themselves less frequently

      Learning about oneself may allow for less frequent testing. If you typically know your blood sugar levels, frequent testing may not be necessary.

    • Have a family member with diabetes who passed away

      If you know somebody who had diabetes and has passed away, you could sell their unused supplies.

    • A pharmacy closeout

      Sometimes, pharmacies need to get rid of stock. Companies like ours can then purchase those diabetic supplies and recirculate them.

    • Gestational Diabetes

      Gestational diabetes is common during pregnancy and can cause irregular blood sugar levels. Typically, blood sugar levels go back to normal after delivery, and the need for diabetic test strips is no longer needed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Diabetic Test Strips

    Is It Legal To Sell My Diabetic Testing Supplies?

    Yes. Diabetic Test Strips are classified as durable medical equipment or DME. They are an over the counter product that anyone can walk in the store and buy. A lot of diabetics get prescriptions written for diabetic supplies in order to get help with the cost through insurance. Even test strips that were paid for through insurance are legally sellable.

    How Does The Process Work?

    Our process for getting cash for diabetic testing strips is fast and easy. All you have to do is submit the online sales form. We will send you out a prepaid shipping kit or email you a prepaid shipping label . Either way you dont have to put any money out to get the supplies to us.

    What do you do with the test strips that you buy?

    We buy diabetic test strips with the purpose of reselling to uninsured and underinsured people with diabetes for less than retail price.

    How Do I get Paid When I Sell Diabetic Supplies To Strips USA?

    We make payouts either through paypal or business check. Whichever you prefer.

    How Do I Know I will Get Paid?

    Strips USA is a licensed and incorporated business. We are serious about what we do and we pride ourselves on treating people right and conducting our business properly. Try us out and you will see why we are the most trusted and reliable Diabetic Supply buyers on the web.

    When You Donate Test Strips We Can Help More People

    When you donate test strips we get them to people in need right away at no cost to them. Donated test strips may also be used at screening fairs to help determine if someone has diabetes. We do screening fairs once a year and also provide a service where people can come to our office for a free glucose test if they think they may have diabetes. You can also donate expired test strips. Dont worry, we put them to good use too. The expired test strips you donate will be given to the Pet Diabetes Program or the Diabetes Art Center. These are wonderful programs that help support both humans and animals with diabetes.

    Donate Test Strips to The Pet Diabetes Program if they have been expired less than 1 year

    It is not only people that are affected by diabetes, but animals can get diabetes too. Treating diabetes in an animal is just as costly as treating it in a human. Since most pets do not have health insurance their owners must pay out of pocket for their testing supplies and medication. Many owners do not test their pets regularly because of the costs associated with it. This leads to poor control and increases the risk of diabetic complications.

    The Diabetes Art Center gets expired test strips that have been expired for more than 1 year

    All proceeds from the auctions go to help the uninsured or underinsured diabetics pay for their medications and diabetes testing supplies. This is a great way to recycle those expired test strips and help out a diabetic in need.

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    Two Moms Buy Test Strips

    Two Moms Buy Test Strips . The Two Moms buys diabetic test strips that have < strong> at least 8 months until expiration< /strong> . Youll get more cast for test strips that have 12 months or more until expiration. They also purchase Dexcom, Humulin, Omnipods, and lancets. They do not take damaged boxes. You submit your order online and can request a prepaid shipping label be emailed to you, or, you can pay your own shipping and be reimbursed when you get paid for your strips, or, have a free shipping kit mailed to you. They send payment via check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Zelle after receipt and review of the package. The Two Moms have the distinction of being interviewed by National Public Radio and have a link to the interview on their website.

    Two Moms Buy Test Strips5660 Amaya Drive #175

    Is It Ok To Use Expired Lancets

    Is the reselling of diabetic test strips legal?

    Just like the expired test strips, even the use of expired lancets should be avoided to be able to manage your blood sugar levels in a safe and efficient manner. However, the reason may be different.

    The use of an expired lancet may not lead to an inaccurate reading as the lancet is needed only to prick your finger to get a drop of blood. However, using an expired lancet might cause an infection at the site of puncture as it might have lost its sterility.

    Hence, it is advisable to discard the lancets once their expiry date is over. This is specifically important for diabetic patients as the rise in blood sugar levels can make them vulnerable to develop infections easily. So, the use of expired unsterile lancets may facilitate the entry of infectious organisms into their body putting them at risk of infections. This marks the need to check the expiry date of the lancets before use.

    Healthcare professionals also caution against the tendency of diabetic patients to use expired lancets or test strips as a cost-saving measure. The FDA has warned that saving money by using expired or pre-owned lancets and strips may be a highly unsafe practice in the short run as well as the long run.

    Doing so can carry a potentially higher risk of serious infections . Relying on the accuracy of such tests to monitor the blood sugar levels and manage diabetes could also eventually lead them to develop serious complications due to the wrongly perceived higher or lower than the actual readings.

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