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Is Tomato Juice Good For Diabetics

How To Make Tomato

Is tomato juice good for diabetic patients – Diabetic care

To make this quick and easy juice, you need tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, curd, mint, rock salt and sweetener of your choice. You may either skip adding sweetener to the recipe or use diabetes-friendly alternatives to sweeteners.

All you need to do now is blend garlic, cucumber and tomatoes together, mix with curd and other ingredients and pour it in a glass. Add some mint leaves, ice cubes and take a drink up.

for the complete recipe with the quantity of the ingredients.

Prepare this juice today and make a healthy addition to your daily diet.

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Are Tomatoes Good For Diabetes

Tomatoes offer a bundle of health benefits. They are a good pick as there are many benefits of tomatoes for diabetes.

Tomatoes are extremely beneficial for a diabetic because the carbohydrate content in tomato is very low. As we already know people with diabetes are advised to keep a check on their carb intake.

Excess of carbohydrate consumption causes a spike in blood sugar levels. Besides having low carb content, tomatoes are non-starchy which makes them a superfood for diabetes.

Glycemic index is another threshold to decide which food items are good for diabetes and which are not. Foods having a glycemic index are considered ideal for diabetics. Tomatoes, here again, present themselves as a win-win situation for diabetics.

The glycemic index of around 140 grams of tomatoes is even less than 15, which means tomatoes can be categorized as low GI foods.

Water content in tomatoes is very high and it is less calorie food. It helps you to keep your weight under check as eating tomatoes makes you feel full for longer periods of time. You can maintain a healthy weight if you regularly eat a tomato in your diet.

Drink 100 Percent Fruit Juices Occasionally And In Moderation

You can have the occasional 4 to 6 oz glass of 100 percent fruit juice as a treat, Basbaum says. Remember to count the carbs as part of your overall meal, and plan for the blood sugar spike the juice might cause.

For example, if you like to have breakfast with fresh-squeezed orange juice, which has 26 g carbs per cup, per the USDA, calculate its nutrient makeup along with your eggs and whole-grain toast for a complete picture of the meal.

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Tomato Juice And Diabetics

Put simply, diabetics is the increase in blood sugar in the blood; however, here is a more complicated and detailed explanation. For a diabetic patient, there is a lot of pro-inflammatory markers that will contribute to an increase in platelet aggression, if the platelet aggression could be reversed, diabetics could be reduced. Read our article on Here is Why Tomato Juice Can Be A Good Option For Diabetic.

In a study conducted by a top university, 14 people were recruited with an age between 43 to 82, all of them a diabetic patient. Blood samples were collected before consuming tomato juice and after consuming tomato juice, the blood sample was collected . When they were compared, samples A and B, they found platelet aggression in the sample, B to be lower than in sample A.

Whats In Clamato Juice

Is tomato juice good for diabetics

If you’re watching your added sugar intake or you can’t tolerate monosodium glutamate , you may want to take a good look at the Clamato ingredients list before you whip up a batch of Bloody Caesar, the Clamato version of the Bloody Mary.

In the same order as it appears on the label, the original Clamato drink contains:

  • Water
  • Red 40
  • Red chili pepper

The Food and Drug Administration requires that ingredients on a food label be placed in order of predominance. That means that, after water and tomato juice, Clamato contains a significant amount of added sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which you may find a bit surprising, given the savory nature of the beverage.

According to a 2013 review published in Advances in Nutrition, sugar intake in the United States has increased 40 fold since the American Revolution, with a significant increase over the past 50 or so years due to the uptick in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

Many studies have found a correlation between the obesity epidemic and the increase in sugary drinks, and more specifically, drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. According to the authors of this review, high fructose corn syrup increases fat production in your body.

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Low On The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index assigns a number to foods that are rich in carbohydrates. This number dictates how quickly the food will cause a change in your blood sugar. Tomatoes have a glycemic index of 30, which gives them a low glycemic index. Foods with a glycemic index of 55 or lower are considered low, meaning that while they’ll raise your blood sugar, the increase you experience will be slow and steady. High-glycemic foods have an index of at least 70 and cause your blood sugar to spike rapidly.

What Diabetic Type Should Consume Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a superfood for diabetes irrespective of the type of diabetes. It should be consumed by every diabetic or even a non-diabetic as it helps to keep the blood glucose levels within a normal range. The low carb and low starch content of tomatoes do not raise the blood sugar levels.

But as we know that type 1 diabetes is identified as insulin-dependent diabetes and it cannot be managed only with food modification.

People who have type 2 diabetes can get more benefit from tomatoes because type 2 diabetes can be successfully coped up with food modification. Type 2 diabetes is also known as Non-insulin dependent diabetes which makes it clear that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adopting good eating habits can help to keep glucose levels under control.

Research has also shown that drinking tomato juice every day helps to reduce the blood clotting ability in type 2 diabetes.

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Diabetes Management: This Tangy Delight That Has Been A Part Of Your Curries Soups And Salads Is One Of The Most Nutritious Additions You Can Make To Your Diabetes Diet Here’s Why

According to the estimates by WHO, 422 million adults were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980. This means that the global prevalence of diabetes has almost doubled in the past two to three decades. Experts are predicting even worse outcomes. Diabetes is said to become world’s seventh largest killer by the year 2030. Diabetes is defined as a group of diseases that cause abnormal metabolising of sugar, which leads to a surge in your blood glucose levels.;Lack of awareness and late diagnoses makes it difficult for people to manage diabetes, and if diabetes is not managed well it could leads to a number of complications. While diabetes is tough to reverse, there are many ways to manage it. This lifestyle disease can cause a toll on your health in multiple ways. Disciplined lifestyle, regular check-ups and maintaining healthy weight are factors you must watch out for. A well-balanced diet, including whole grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables, and low fat dairy, is important to follow; moreover, avoiding saturated and trans-fats is also crucial for diabetes management. One must prioritise foods that are rich in fibre and low in glycaemic index . One fruit that is said to be an ideal pick for diabetics is tomato. This tangy delight that has been a part of your curries, soups and salads is one of the most nutritious additions you can make to your diabetes diet, here’s why.;;

Juices & Fruits That Diabetics Should Avoid

Top 5 Juice Recipes for Diabetic Patients

Since most fruit juices include high amounts of fruit , theyre not ideal for diabetics who needs to maintain steady blood glucose levels. As a result, diabetics should stay away from fruit juices with a high glycemic index or high sugar content.

Diabetics really need to avoid the highest sugar fruits, such as:

Fresh veggies, on the other hand, tend to have a low glycemic index. This means that fresh veggie juices are perfect for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Note: We always recommend consulting with your doctor and keeping a close eye on your blood sugar levels when changing your diet. If youre clear to start juicing, youre in for a bunch of amazing benefits. Juicing makes it easy to increase your daily vitamin intake and improve your overall health.

Try switching out your fruit juice for fresh vegetable juice, or fruit juice that has low sugar and contains nutrient-packed fruits and veggies.

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These fruits and veggies are low in sugar and perfect for a diabetics juicer:

  • Berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.
  • Leafy greens. Spinach, chard, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, romaine, and kale
  • Low sugar vegetables. Carrots, cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes and celery.
  • Low sugar fruit. Kiwi, avocado, and grapefruit.

Although these fruits and veggies have a low glycemic index, you should always keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels!

Lets get into the fun part: recipes!

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Store Bought Vs Homemade Juice Comparison

Thankfully, juicing has become so common that you can walk into almost any grocery store and find juice made of vegetables, fruits, or a mixture of both.

Health food stores and specialty stores may have fresh juice made in house, which is usually located in the refrigerator section. Or you can find a can or bottle of juice like V8 pretty much anywhere, even at convenience stores!

So, is store bought juice any less healthy for you than homemade juice?

The answer: not really.

In theory, fresh juice is better for you, but you can buy a premade juice that contains just as much nutrition if you choose wisely!

Lets look at some pros and cons of each juicing style.

Should You Drink Tomato Juice

Tomato juice can be a healthy drink choice for many people.

Nutrient-dense tomato juice makes an excellent choice for those with increased nutrient needs, such as older adults and those who smoke.

For example, people who smoke cigarettes need more vitamin C than the those who dont. Since tomato juice is particularly high in this nutrient, it may be a smart choice if you smoke .

Many older people have limited food access and tend to eat fewer nutritious foods. Tomato juice can be a convenient and tasty way to help you meet your requirements for many nutrients .

Whats more, replacing unhealthy drinks, such as fruit punch, soda, and other sweetened beverages, with tomato juice is a healthy way for anyone to improve their diet.

Drinking 100% tomato juice with no added salt or sugar is an excellent way to increase your nutrient intake.

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Clamato Juice Vs V8 Juice

If you’re looking for a healthy vegetable juice, V8 vegetable juice makes a better choice than Clamato juice. Unlike Clamato, V8 vegetable juice doesn’t contain any added sugar and its list of ingredients includes the reconstituted juice of tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley and other healthy vegetables.

The benefits of V8 juice also extend to its micronutrient content. One cup of original V8 meets 20 percent of the DV for vitamin A and 80 percent of the DV for vitamin C. However, V8 vegetable juice is a source of sodium, although with 640 milligrams per serving, not as bad as Clamato. But low-sodium V8 only has 140 milligrams of sodium per 8 ounces.

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Best Juices For Diabetics #1 Pomegranate Juice

Is tomato juice good for diabetics, ONETTECHNOLOGIESINDIA.COM

Even though pomegranates are quite sweet, the sugars in pomegranate juice do not raise blood sugar levels, which is great news for anyone suffering from diabetes. Pomegranate juice also contains antioxidants which have many health benefits.

Take fresh pomegranate seeds and add them to your blender with a little water. The resulting juice makes a lovely drink!

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What Are Your Favorite Low

Let us know in the comments below!

Having diabetes shouldnt stop you from experimenting with juicing! The key is staying away from juices that contain high levels of sugar thats why these great recipes are a wonderful place to start.

As always, we encourage everyone to take the time to experiment with juicing in their own homes. You never know you may stumble upon your new favorite recipe.

If you want to browse more chef-made juices you can make at home, check out our juicing recipes here!

Best Way To Consume Tomatoes

There are several benefits of tomatoes for diabetes regardless of the way they are consumed. They can be eaten in the form of purees, salads, smoothies, juices, or they can be eaten in the raw form.

Although tomato in all its forms is equally beneficial the best way to consume tomatoes is either in the juice form or to eat them uncooked. Double-check that you are drinking fresh tomato juice without any added sugars, salts, or flavors to get the maximum advantage.

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May Protect Against Certain Cancers

Due to its high levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants, tomato juice has been shown to have anticancer effects in several studies.

A review of 24 studies associated a high intake of tomatoes and tomato products with a significantly reduced risk of prostate cancer .

In a test-tube study, lycopene extract derived from tomato products inhibited the growth of prostate cancer cells and even induced apoptosis, or cell death .

Animal studies also observe that tomato products may have a protective effect against skin cancer.

Mice that were fed red tomato powder for 35 weeks had significantly less skin cancer development after being exposed to UV light than mice on a control diet .

Though these results are promising, more research is needed to understand how tomatoes and products like tomato juice may affect cancer development in humans.


Tomato juice and other tomato products may reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. However, more research in this area is needed.

Diabetes Type : Tomato Juice And Black Tea Help To Lower Blood Sugars

Best Juices for Diabetics. Enjoy Juice Even If You Have Diabetes

Type 2;diabetes;would seem benign were it not for the threat of rising blood sugar levels the main sugar found in blood. It is an important source of energy and provides nutrients to the body but having too much of it can inflict damage on the vessels that supply blood to vital organs, thereby increasing the risk of;heart disease;and;stroke. What beverages a person consumes can have a great impact on this process.

For people with type 2 diabetes, tomato juice may help stave off the heart troubles that often complicate the disease.;

Researchers have found that drinking tomato juice for three weeks had a blood-thinning effect in people with the disease, said Diabetes in Control.

The health site added: The juice reduced platelet aggregation the bloods ability to clot.

If corroborated by larger studies, the finding may one day also help individuals with increased clotting tendency such as smokers, long-distance deep vein thrombosis.

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Studies have found that black tea significantly reduces rises in blood glucose levels among both healthy and pre-diabetic adults, in this case after consuming a sugary drink.

Indeed, the major bioactive compounds in black tea are polyphenols, naturally occurring antioxidants abundant in plant foods that are said to promote health and protect against a range of diseases.

When it comes to drinks which play havoc on ones blood sugar, fruit juice is a main culprit.

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Research On Tomato Specific To T2 Diabetes

While it hasnt been shown to directly lower a1c, intake of tomatoes has been shown to improve associated outcomes through reducing associated complications of type 2 diabetes.

Several studies have shown heart health benefits through decreasing LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides as well as preventing platelet aggregation, which leads to clumping in the blood, increasing risk of heart attack.

A study measuring the addition of 200 grams tomato daily in diabetics showed reduction in blood pressure and improvement in lipid profile with a reduction in cardiovascular risk. Adding olive oil has been shown to enhance those benefits.

Tomatoes have also been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect, even reducing pain in those with diabetes and obesity. Finally there is evidence that tomato consumption has a positive effect on both weight and blood glucose.

And so it seems

Tomatoes are great for heart health, inflammation and blood glucose.

Dont Drink Energy Drinks Which Contain Sugar And Caffeine

Energy drinks give you a temporary boost of energy that comes from sugar, caffeine, and other additives, but all of that can also cause heart rhythm disturbances, increase heart rate and blood pressure, and disrupt sleep, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Just one 8.4 oz serving of Red Bull energy drink contains more than 26 g of sugar and 75 mg of caffeine, notes the USDA, and even the sugar-free version has 75 mg of caffeine. For comparison, 8 oz of brewed coffee contains roughly 92 mg of caffeine.

Instead of relying on liquid energy to keep you going, fight fatigue in other ways. Some of the best ways to stay healthy and alert are to focus on getting quality sleep and regular exercise . If you do need a quick energy boost, stick to healthier beverage options like unsweetened coffee and tea.

Additional reporting by Lauren Bedosky.

Learn more about the relationship between diet soda and diabetes in Diabetes Daily’s article “The Truth About Diet Soda“!

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