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Is Sourdough Bread Ok For Diabetics

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be A ‘devastating Diagnosis’ Says Expert

Doctor, Is Sourdough Bread Good for People with Diabetes? Three Questions You should also ask

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Poor insulin production is the precursor to type 2 diabetes – a chronic condition characterised by rising blood sugar levels. Insulin – a hormone secreted by the pancreas – is usually responsible for regulating blood sugar. Stripped of this mechanism, blood sugar levels must be tamed through diet and exercise.

Keeping Sourdough In Your Cupboard

If finding a great loaf proves difficult, making sourdough at home is a great alternative that way, you know what is going into your bread, and you can tweak flour ratios to suit your needs and tastes. Sourdough starters can be purchased, or you can make your own using a 7-day fermentation process, water, and wheat.

While sourdough is a great bread choice, exercising caution is still advisable when consuming carbohydrates. A single slice of toast with your morning eggs is a healthy choice, while binging on four slices of bread with a massive slab of meat is not. With responsible consumption, sourdough can keep carbs in your life without harming your blood sugar levels.

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How Do You Make Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread-making generally starts with a starter. That is a mix of flour, water, wild yeast, and lactic acid bacteria. Wild yeast is more tolerant of acidic environments than bakers yeast.

This starter is mixed with the dough. The yeast and lactic acid help the bread to rise while giving it the characteristic sour taste. However, sourdough bread needs much more time to ferment, so it requires much more time to rise.

This gives sourdough bread its unusual texture. Some commercial sourdough bread makers use shortcuts to speed things up know that this reduces the sourdough breads health benefits.

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Why Not Have A Go At Making Your Own Bread

Most of the carbohydrate in bread comes from wheat flour. To make low-carb bread, make your own, and try out some low-carb flours, such as:

  • Almond flour: a high-protein, low-carb alternative to wheat flour.
  • Coconut flour.

At first, the texture of your bread might taste a bit funny once youve changed the flour. Tinker with the ingredients until you get it right. The trial and error is worth it. Once youve worked it out, youll have delicious low-carb bread and youll learn a lot about baking along the way!

The Final Word On Sourdough And Diabetes

Is Sourdough Bread Ok For A Diabetic?

I know that diabetic diets can seem bland, dry, and tasteless. That is the whole reason I embarked on a mission to find better food options. We all eat several times throughout the day so we may as well enjoy it. There is no need to compromise on flavor when making healthy choices.

Sourdough provides many benefits to the diabetic individual. For those who have trouble cutting out carbohydrates, this alternative can be a good substitute to other bread. The higher fiber count is also good for your long intestine too.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how this unique staple can be a positive food choice for you. Be sure to check the labels of anything you buy at a grocery store to make sure that you know what you are getting.

And remember, having diabetes does not mean an end to enjoying food. You just need to be smart about it. Do your research, find out what is right, and go from there.

*This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.

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What Bread Is Good For Diabetes

Bread is one of the most commonly misunderstood foods for people with diabetes. Most people with diabetes assume they should not eat bread. This is not true!

As I discuss often, you can absolutely enjoy bread. When you eat bread, choose a type higher in:

  • Plant based fat
  • Fiber
  • Protein

Then, you should also combine it with other foods that offer fat, fiber, and protein: nut butter, avocado, eggs, etc.

What Are The Potential Health Benefits Of Eating Rye Bread

Introducing rye bread to your diet can help with a variety of health conditions. Everyone, especially people with type 2 diabetes, where the body can not respond well to insulin, needs to keep their blood sugar under control. For people with diabetes, not getting correct treatment for low or high blood sugar levels can be dangerous and lead to health complications.

Rye bread includes a number of properties that can help with blood sugar regulation. For starters, it’s strong in soluble fiber, which helps reduce carbohydrate digestion and absorption through the digestive tract, resulting in a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. Rye bread also includes phenolic chemicals including ferulic acid and caffeic acid, which may help manage blood sugar by slowing the release of glucose and insulin into the bloodstream.

When it comes to making a health-conscious choice for people with diabetes, choosing food with a lower impact on your blood sugar levels will ensure you have more energy and could help your efforts to lose weight. When compared to other grain products, the glycemic index of rye bread is generally moderate. The Glycemic index of rye brad can vary between 56 and 69.

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How many slices of bread can a diabetic eat per day?

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What Is The Glycemic Index Of Sourdough Bread

Home » Sourdough » What is the Glycemic Index of Sourdough Bread?

Many people prefer sourdough bread over regular white bread because they believe that its healthier. This belief, along with its gorgeous flavour has led to sourdough bread becoming increasingly popular. But, does the long fermentation process of making sourdough actually lower its Glycemic Index? Lets find out!

Sourdough bread has a Glycemic Index of 54 which is much lower than regular white bread, at around 72-90. The reason sourdough bread is low GI is its long fermentation process which lowers its starch content. Sourdough can be considered in a low GI diet and is great at controlling blood sugar levels.

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Eat Sourdough Bread In Moderation To Replace Other Bread Products

5 Worst And Best Breads For Diabetes

So if youre continuing to include bread in your diet, it seems that sourdough bread is the best way to go. Try buying a whole grain sourdough bread or make your own at home.

Eat in moderation, however. Remember that while it may be better than other types of bread, sourdough is still carbohydrate-heavy and does raise your glucose levels.


Does sourdough bread slow down the rate at which glucose releases into our bloodstream? That belief makes it a healthier choice than, say, white bread. Or at least thats what some experts have purported. But is it actually the case?

In 2017, a team of Israeli researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science conducted studies that produced a different conclusion: that sourdough bread doesnt necessarily have a lower glycemic index for everyone. The effect may be true with some people, but turns out to be opposite for others. In other words, the glycemic response to the two types of bread varies greatly across people, per the small crossover trial.

The researchers summary:

The gut microbiota composition remained person specific throughout this trial and was generally resilient to the intervention. We demonstrate statistically significant interpersonal variability in the glycemic response to different bread types, suggesting that the lack of phenotypic difference between the bread types stems from a person-specific effect.


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Sourdough Bread And Diabetes

Sourdough bread is made by traditional methods, where the starter dough is fermented to provide the rise in the bread instead of yeast and sugar. Surprisingly, this bread making method is much better for us.

Making sourdough produces beneficial gut bacteria that help with digestion, and this has a strong impact on how it then influences the blood sugar response.

As a consequence, sourdough breads are lower in GI:

  • sourdough rye bread 48
  • 80% barley bread made via sourdough 53-66
  • sourdough wheat bread 54

So having a slice of sourdough is going to be a better choice than most other breads.

But there is a bit more to the story.

Low Carb Bread Options From Netrition

Netrition is another great online store to purchase low carb goods from. If you live in the US, they have a flat rate shipping cost of $5.99, which is much cheaper than Amazon. They also ship worldwide, just make sure to check the shipping guide.

Another great thing is their prices for items are much cheaper too. For example, remember the Mama Lupes Low Carb Tortillas from Amazon were $11.98?

Well, you can get them from Netrition for just $3.89 per pack!

The MiRico Low Carb Bread is $6.39 per loaf, with 3 g net carbs per serve, so if you buy a few loaves at a time it wont cost anymore in shipping so it makes the cost fairly reasonable. MiRico also have low carb bagels, and low carb tortillas too.

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What Are The Advantages Of Eating Sourdough Bread Over Other Diabetic

Sprouted grain bread has an even lower glycemic index and carb count than sourdough bread. However, there are several strikes against it. One is the heavy texture. Another is the taste it is unfamiliar to many people. Yet another consideration is the price.

Sprouting grain is an additional processing step that most grain producers wont take. You can find Ezekiel bread and other sprouted grain breads in the organic or health foods section, but depending on where you live, it may only be available at the health food store.

The same is true of spelled bread, an old wheat species that have a low glycemic index.In comparison, real sourdough bread is found in almost every bread aisle. Its widespread consumption means it is cheaper than sprouted grain bread. Youll also be able to order a variety of classic sandwiches made with sourdough bread.

Which Is The Best Bread For People With Diabetes

What kind of bread is best for diabetics?

When it comes to a healthy, balanced diet, both Elisabeth and Alex agree that making a careful choice about which bread to include, from the ingredients included to how its produced, could mean that people with diabetes can enjoy their piece of toast at breakfast time without concerns over its effect on their condition. Elisabeth also suggests that what you eat with the fibre-rich, fermented bread may also help to balance your insulin response and blood sugar further, for example including foods rich in protein, such as eggs, with your breakfast toast.

Much of the research has focused on type 2 diabetes, which can largely be controlled by dietary choices. Wholegrain or sprouted grain sourdough breads have been shown to moderate the blood sugar response after eating. The long, slow fermentation associated with sourdough bread has numerous benefits for digestibility. In addition, the fibre provided by these breads also has a positive effect on both digestion and the immune system.

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How Can Meal Plans Help

Creating a meal plan can help control your blood sugar and provide satisfying nutrition. There isnt a one-size-fits-all plan. It may help to try different ones to see which works best. Your doctor or dietitian can also help guide your choices and make recommendations.

Here are some meal plans to consider. Each plan emphasizes slow-digesting, high-fiber choices to minimize sudden blood sugar changes.

Acute Postprandial Effect Of Ingestion Of Breads Matched For Mass

3.2.1. Subjects

Eleven subjects completed part 2 of the study.

3.2.2. Blood Glucose

Although there were no significant overall treatment effects in glucose responses to the breads, glucose incremental AUC for sourdough bread was significantly greater than 11-grain , sprouted-grain , 12-grain , and white breads .

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Breads For Type 2 Diabetes: What Is The Best And Worst Type Of Bread For Type 2 Diabetes

Jolie Wiener

Diabetes is a difficult condition to live with, especially when it comes to eating your favorite bread. Most people who are diagnosed with the cond…

Diabetes is a difficult condition to live with, especially when it comes to eating your favorite bread. Most people who are diagnosed with the condition need to make a few major adjustments to their lifestyle to stay healthy and maintain stable blood glucose levels daily.

Altering your diet is often one of the main changes recommended by healthcare professionals. Dietary changes tend to include reducing unhealthy fats and increasing protein. Many diabetics assume they are meant to give up all carbs but this is not always necessary.

While you should always consult with your doctor about diet plans, there may be some types of carbs that are actually good for you as a diabetic. If you love bread as we do, then you will want to know what kind of bread is the best for your diabetes. We will cover everything from whether diabetics should eat bread at all, to the best breads for people withtype 2 diabetes.

Gi Of South African Breads

Is Sourdough Bread Low Glycemic? | #AskWardee 035

The South African Glycaemic Index and Load Guide by Gabi Steenkamp and Liesbet Delport has a comprehensive table on nearly all of the breads available and their nutritional composition. This book can be ordered directly from GIFSA or from a dietician. The table below indicates the GI and nutritional composition of some of the most common breads in South African stores.

The foods in the table are listed from lowest GI to highest GI. The Artisan Bakers sourdough bread has the lowest GI in the table above, but its highest in carbohydrates and fairly low in fibre. Albany low GI Ultima kJ controlled brown bread has a slightly higher GI, less kJ and more fibre. Blue Ribbon low GI Brown Plus high fibre bread is still low GI but has more fibre than most other breads. Interestingly, some rye breads are low GI and others are intermediate GI. One would think that nutty wheat, whole wheat and brown bread would be low GI but according to the South African Glycaemic Index and Load Guide, they fall into the high GI category.

It is important to note that the GI classification is not to label the food as good or bad. By knowing the GI of different foods, you can put together a lower GI meal by balancing lower and higher GI foods, with lean protein and healthy fats in the right portion sizes. Heres more information on low GI food.

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Which Bread Is Best For Your Blood Sugar Levels

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Bread is always tricky: its always a quick reach, and lets face it, a tasty, and filling option that can come in many varieties.

However, as you know, bread is a carbohydrate food that will affect blood sugar levels.

We speak with our diabetes expert, Susan Watkins, RD, CDE, to find out which breads will raise your blood sugar levels the least, and what to look for next time you are in the bakery section of your supermarket.

The good news is that bread can fit into a diabetic meal plan by using it in your total carbohydrate limit for that particular meal or snack.

How many carbohydrates you eat in one sitting has the biggest effect on blood glucose, not how much is consumed per day, Watkins points out, so the key, she says is to spread it out.

Also, it can be hard to control the portion size of bread for some people, especially if you buy it unsliced. So, be sure buy sliced bread or ask your bakery to slice up your loaf before you take it home.

Why Choose Rye Bread

There are a number of good reasons why people should choose rye bread, even those who may not suffer from type 2 diabetes. Overall, it is a much better bread for the body and provides plenty of carbohydrates that are necessary for the energy we need, but it does not spike the blood sugar like wheat bread which is very important.

For those with type 2 diabetes, this is a very good bread that is a marvelous alternative to wheat and can provide many good nutrients as well. For those who are looking for a substitute to wheat products, rye bread is one of the best.

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Rye Bread Is Excellent For Diabetics

Compared to regular white bread, rye bread is usually denser and darker and has a stronger, sour but earthy flavour. Rye flour contains less gluten than wheat flour, so the bread is denser and does not rise as high as regular wheat-based bread. However, given that it still contains gluten, it is not suitable for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. In addition, it has been linked to several potential health benefits, including better blood sugar control and improved heart and digestive health.

Nutrition Facts

Rye bread is high in fibre and has many nutritional benefits. The exact composition depends on the amount of rye flour used. On average, 1 slice of rye bread provides:

  • Calories: 83
  • Folic acid: 8.8 per cent


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