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What To Do If A Diabetic Feels Dizzy

You Know That Low Blood Sugar Can Make Your Head Spin But Can High Blood Sugar Too Make You Feel Dizzy Or Lightheaded

The answer is yes, but the way this happens is not what you’d expect.

Connection Between High Blood Sugar and Feelings of Dizziness

“High blood sugar can make you dizzy because of the physiologic response to high glucose levels,” says Stacy Mitchell Doyle, MD, resident physician of FoodTherapyMD and long-time advocate of plant-based nutritional protocols.

“In order to clear the sugar from the blood, your body will try to eliminate the sugar by urinating it out,” explains Dr. Doyle. “So the result is dehydration, which makes you feel dizzy.”

The feeling won’t be like the dizziness you’d experience if you were to sit strapped to a rotating stool and rapidly swung around.

It also won’t be the same sensation you’d get if you were to suffer an attack of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. high blood sugar, dizzy

But the sensation could still be described as having a dizzy-like or lightheadedness feeling.

How Is It Beneficial For Me As A Person With Diabetes To Reduce/prevent Fatigue

It is beneficial for someone with diabetes to reduce and prevent fatigue because it can lead to a happier and healthier life and less diabetes complications in the future. Fatigue can cause lack of motivation which can lead to a person not taking care of themselves. For an individual with diabetes, not taking care of their body can lead to complications that aren’t reversible. These include:

  • Kidney damage
  • Infections
  • Poor circulation

These complications are big problems and can lead to a very difficult life. It is much easier to keep fatigue to a minimum or eliminate it all together.

Diabetes Dizziness: Have You Experienced Dizziness Related To Your Diabetes

Dizziness is not a pleasant feeling. It can strike unexpectedly anytime, anywhere, leaving you unable to carry on with everyday tasks.

This lightheaded sensation is typically accompanied by a sudden flush of heat and often seems to occur at the most inconvenient time possible, which can be embarrassing.

As awkward as sudden dizziness can be, you should always alert someone nearby to the fact that you have diabetes. Feeling lightheaded can be the first warning that your blood glucose levels are awry, and you want someone close knowing how to help you.

What To Do When Feeling Light Headed And Dizzy: Causes And Symptoms

Light Headed SymptomsWhat Causes Feeling Of LightheadednessWhat To Do When Feeling Light Headed And Dizzy

Light headedness is linked with a host of condition. The symptom of light headedness is associated with a host of condition and is characterized by dizziness and tendency to faint or pass out. While in most cases light headed feeling usually passes off within a few seconds and is not life threatening.

However in some cases light headedness may lead to a spell of fainting or syncope, which increases the risk of injury due to fall. Treatment of light headedness and dizziness depends upon the underlying cause of the condition; however there are some simple tips that can help manage the condition promptly.

How Can I Beat/reduce Fatigue With Diabetes And Regain My Energy

Can Diabetes Cause Dizziness?

There are many ways to reduce fatigue with diabetes and regain energy. The most important thing that you can do is to control your blood sugar. This limits complications and also provides your body with the fuel that it needs to operate. You can also eat smart and exercise. Exercise actually decreases fatigue up to 65%. By taking care of yourself, you can decrease fatigue and increase quality of life.

You shouldn’t make any changes to your diet, insulin, or exercise regimen without talking to your doctor. First off, your doctor needs to be consulted and you need to talk with him about the following things:

  • Can my fatigue be caused by another disease? This rules out all other reasons for your fatigue so you can focus on the main cause.
  • Are any of the side effects from my medications causing the fatigue?
  • Is it a good idea for me to start taking supplements such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Calcium, Chromium, Ginseng, Coenzymes, or Magnesium?
  • Is my thyroid okay?
  • What kind of exercises would be best for me?
  • How can I better control my blood sugar to decrease fatigue?
  • What is a healthy weight for me to be?

Eating too many carbohydrates can cause you to feel drowsy. You should also schedule an appointment to talk with your dietitian or nutritionist to discuss the following things:

  • Would juicing be okay for me?
  • Am I eating too many carbs?
  • How can I improve my diet to decrease my fatigue?

Other things that you can do to decrease fatigue include:

This Morning: Type 2 Diabetes Can Be ‘devastating’ Says Expert

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Signs of type 2 diabetes appear gradually, so it’s vital to be aware of the early symptoms of the condition. Better yet, there are ways to minimise your risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the first place.

The Global Diabetes Community confirmed dizzy spells are a common warning sign of type 2 diabetes.

Feeling unsteady and unbalanced could be due to low blood pressure, as the heart struggles to sufficiently pump blood to the brain.

This tends to occur when you suddenly stand up from a sitting or lying position.

Finally There Was A Solid Solution For Vertigo And Dizziness

Like I said, this was a long, exhausting and expensive battle.

I personally paid over half a million dollars to finance the research.

At the end, our savings account was empty and the house was fully mortgaged.

Again, when I get obsessed about something, there is nothing stopping me.

But it was worth it. Because…

What Are The Symptoms Experienced When A Person Feels Dizzy

  • Lightheadedness is the feeling of weakness and faintness as if you are about to pass out. The symptoms tend to be short-lived, depending on the cause. There may be associated nausea, sweating, and blurred vision.
  • If the cause is dehydration or bleeding, the symptoms may worsen by standing quickly and may resolve somewhat by lying down
  • Heart rhythm disturbances may occur without warning and may be associated with palpitations. This may come and go or it may persist. The heartbeat may be felt as too fast , too slow, and/or irregular.
  • Vertigo is the sensation of spinning and may present without warning and be associated with nausea and vomiting. People with inner ear problems may be debilitated and unable to move without generating symptoms.
  • People with a cerebellar cause of vertigo such as a stroke or tumor may have associated coordination problems or difficulty walking, and other signs of stroke.

Could My Fatigue Be Linked To My Depression About Diabetes

Diabetes is a very stressful disease. It takes a lot of time and energy to plan meals and insulin dosages. Having all of the stress can lead to depression. People with diabetes are twice as likely to have depression as those without diabetes.

Depression is a major cause of fatigue, and can make it even harder to manage diabetes because of lack of motivation. It is important that individuals with depression seek help from their doctor/therapist to make sure that they are able to care for themselves. Learning coping mechanisms to deal with your depression which is linked to your diabetes will be effective in the long term.

Pre Diabetes Symptoms Trio Tingling Nausea And Dizziness

Pre diabetes is not necessarily a condition on its own. It is more a signal of a problem that demands immediate attention. It is a precursor in many cases to a diagnosis of diabetes. However, unlike most medical conditions, pre diabetes serves as an early warning system to a potential medical condition. It is a sign that some changes need to be made in order to prevent a future diagnosis of diabetes. It really can be considered a blessing because it provides people an opportunity to change their lifestyle quickly and severely and potentially delay or even stop the development of full blown diabetes. Few diseases provide this early window, and unfortunately some people miss it entirely and receive a diagnosis of diabetes before realizing that while their blood sugar was above 100 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL, they may have had an opportunity to stop the disease’s progression. This is often because pre diabetes symptoms can be rationalized, dismissed or missed entirely.


Do Blood Sugar Levels Make A Person With Diabetes Tired

Blood sugar levels can definitely make someone tired. If blood sugar levels are too high or too low, the body is not able to operate 100% like it should and it can wear the body down. Also, having to chase blood sugar with insulin and battle to keep it under control is very tiring. One study found that 29% of people with diabetes said fatigue was caused by adjusting insulin dosages and 23% percent said that it was caused by stress from managing their disease.

Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, can cause fatigue because it deprives the brain and other organs of fuel and oxygen to work properly. If blood sugar gets too low, then it can cause major problems such as confusion or even seizures.

Hyperglycemia, which is blood sugar that is too high, can cause fatigue because the blood carrying the fuel to the organs is like maple syrup instead of water. When it takes longer for the cells to reach their destination, the body is tired and worn out.

Think of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She didn’t like the porridge too cold or too hot, it had to be just right in the middle. Blood sugar is the same way. The body operates best when it stays in the target range.

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How In The World Could Snoring Exercises Treat Vertigo

Why does diabetes make you thirsty – Health News

It is actually quite simple.

You see, traditionally, vertigo is caused by three major factors:

  • Pressure on the inner ear .
  • Lack of blood flow to the brain. Low blood pressure is often blamed for this. But bad blood circulation is a more common cause. This is what often leads to stroke.
  • Miscommunication between the balance system in the ears and eyes. The ears tell you to move in a certain way, and the eyes in another way. That’s why people sometimes fall down when they close their eyes
  • The snoring exercises loosen up and strengthen the muscles around the head.

    This does three things:

  • It increases blood flow to the head. Most people think the heart is the only source of blood circulation. But all muscles act as mini-pumps that help the heart. The muscles in the neck are especially important to get blood flowing up to the brain.
  • It triggers the lymph system to remove toxins and extra fluids from the head area. It also fights infection in this area. Almost everyone, for example, has stiff jaws. When you begin to loosen up your jaw, it triggers the lymph system around the inner ear .

    This is the only reliable way to remove fluid and fight inflammation in the inner ear.

  • …and when that happens, you won’t experience the vertigo and dizziness symptoms anymore!

    How To Treat Someone Who’s Unconscious Or Very Sleepy

    Follow these steps:

  • Put the person in the recovery position and do not put anything in their mouth – so they do not choke.
  • If an injection of glucagon is available and you know how to use it, give it to them immediately.
  • If they wake up within 10 minutes of getting the injection and feel better, move on to step 5. If they do not improve within 10 minutes, call 999 for an ambulance.
  • If they’re fully awake and able to eat and drink safely, give them a carbohydrate snack.
  • They may need to go to hospital if they’re being sick , or their blood sugar level drops again.

    Tell your diabetes care team if you ever have a severe hypo that caused you to lose consciousness.

    This Was Easier To Implement In Theory Than Practice

    My initial idea that the snoring exercises alone would be enough was quickly busted.

    It took me over a year of obsessive, around-the-clock work to test out a set of exercises that helped all 20 volunteers.

    But once we had a working program, things moved fast.

    I recruited 137 more volunteers to test the final version. Within a week, almost everyone reported positive results.

    Most said the healing was immediate.

    A month later, only eight still had vertigo. When I pressed them, all eight admitted they simply stopped doing the exercises.

    Can Undiagnosed/uncontrolled Diabetes Cause Fatigue

    Undiagnosed and uncontrolled diabetes can cause fatigue. Earlier in this article, reactive hypoglycemia was mentioned, which is when your body tries to make too much insulin to keep up with the sugar intake and causes a sugar crash. There are approximately 7 million people with undiagnosed diabetes in the world. Fatigue is the most common symptom of diabetes and hopefully leads to people seeing their doctors and being diagnosed to get control of their blood sugar.

    Uncontrolled diabetes causes fatigue for many reasons that were also mentioned previously in this article. First of all, blood sugars that are either too high or too low do not deliver fuel to the cells for the body to operate. Secondly, complications that are caused by uncontrolled diabetes such as kidney disease and nerve damage also cause fatigue. The most important thing to do is to control blood sugar.

    Prevent Millions Of Injuries Falls And Broken Bones

    We’re talking about helping billions of people.

    So within a few days, I had 20 vertigo patients signed up to work with me.

    Unfortunately, I quickly found that the snoring exercises needed quite a bit of tweaking before they would help most people’s vertigo.

    However, the first question I needed to answer was…

    How To Treat Someone Who’s Having A Seizure Or Fit

    Follow these steps if someone has a seizure or fit caused by a low blood sugar level:

  • Stay with them and stop them hurting themselves – lie them down on something soft and move them away from anything dangerous .
  • After the seizure or fit stops, give them a sugary snack.
  • Tell your diabetes care team if you ever have a severe hypo that caused you to have a seizure or fit.

    Diabetes And Fatigue: Everything You Need To Know

    What exactly is fatigue? Is it just being tired after working a long week or not getting enough sleep?

    The answer is no.

    Fatigue is excessive tiredness that makes carrying out simple tasks difficult and interferes with one or more life functions. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Well imagine having a chronic illness along with the fatigue. Diabetes and fatigue have a strong relationship, and it can make a person’s life very difficult. The following article will discuss the relationship, along with ways to beat and reduce the risk of living with diabetes and fatigue.

    How Can I Prevent From Feeling Tired All The Time

    Preventing fatigue with diabetes is a pretty challenging thing to do. The first thing that needs to be done is a visit to see your physician to make sure that the causes of fatigue is not due to another issue. Other things that can be done are:

    • Keep blood sugar levels in a normal range
    • Make sure that you are getting enough sleep
    • Take a power nap during the day if you are able
    • Try to limit the stressors in your life
    • Ask for help from others when it’s possible

    Later in this article there is more information about how to reduce fatigue and regain energy. The main goal is to try to minimize complications from diabetes such as kidney disease and nerve damage because of the increase in the risk of fatigue that they bring.

    The main goal is to regain a level of energy that allows you to function and manage your disease and your life. All people want a quality of life, and fatigue doesn’t allow that to happen.

    Can Diabetic Ketoacidosis Be Prevented Or Avoided

    Pin on Vegetarian Diabetic Diet

    If you have diabetes, there are some things you can do to watch for diabetic ketoacidosis. When you’re sick, watch your blood sugar level very closely so it doesn’t get too high or too low. Ask your doctor what your critical blood sugar level is. Most patients should watch their glucose levels closely when they are more than 250 mg per dL.

    When you’re sick or stressed, you should check your blood sugar level more often than normal . If your blood sugar reaches a critical level, check it every 1 to 2 hours. Ask your doctor if you should test your blood sugar level during the night.

    You should also test your urine for ketones every few hours if you’re sick, stressed, or if your blood sugar level is more than 250 mg per dL.

    You should talk to your doctor to develop a plan if your blood sugar level gets too high. Make sure that you know how to reach your doctor in an emergency.

    Whats The Link Between Diabetes And Hypoglycemia

    Hypoglycemia is most common, by far, in people with diabetes. Treatment for the diseaseoften involves taking medication to increase insulin. Hypoglycemia can develop if things like food, exercise and diabetes medications are out of balance.

    Common pitfalls for people with diabetes include:

    • Being more active than usual.
    • Drinking alcohol without eating.
    • Eating late or skipping meals.
    • Not balancing meals by including fat, protein and fiber.
    • Not eating enough carbohydrates.
    • Not timing insulin and carb intake correctly .

    Also, if someone with diabetes uses the wrong insulin, takes too much or injects it incorrectly, that can cause hypoglycemia.

    What Is The Outlook For People With Hypoglycemia

    Hypoglycemia can be managed when you and your healthcare provider understand what causes your blood sugar to go down. Give your healthcare provider as much information as possible about any hypoglycemic episodes. Fixing the problem may be as simple as changing the times you take medication, eat and exercise. Minor changes to the types of food you eat may also help.

    And They Wont Have To Constantly Worry About You

    Nobody wants to be a burden. That is one of the biggest complaints vertigo sufferers share with me.

    So that brings us to the issue of chipping in.

    What do you think is a fair price for a solution like this?

    And remember, I’m only asking IF and only IF it works for you.

    Remember, I invested over $500,000 developing this program.

    That does not include endless hours of work and hundreds of volunteers that exhausted themselves to test out different exercises.

    And despite that fact.

    What Do Other Treatment Options For Vertigo Cost

    Medications range from $500 – $2,000 per year. And I don’t think I need to discuss the issue of side effects any further.

    A surgery could easily rack up $10,000. And again, these are typically useless.

    Even a set of walking-canes, walkers and other support devices will cost hundreds of dollars.

    Even if your health insurance pays for all this, it won’t cover costly taxi fares when you can’t drive yourself and other hidden cost of vertigo.

    More importantly, no insurance will cover your pain, suffering and lost quality of life.

    Nutritional Solutions To Avoid High Blood Sugar

    Dr. Doyle says, “The solution is to drink plenty of fluids and to keep your blood sugar down in the first place!

    “And the absolute most effective way to do that is to adopt a whole food plant based diet.

    This is a diet based on vegetables, fruits, whole unprocessed grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, with minimal animal products and processed foods or sugars.”

    Diabetes Related Vertigo: Causes And Treatment


    Vertigo is an abnormal sensation of motion that can happen when a person is sitting still or when their movement through space is inaccurately sensed. Knowing where we are in space and how we are moving requires reliable information from five senses:

  • Our vision orients movement by taking cues from vertical objects and the horizon.
  • Our inner ear orients us to angular movements as we turn our head and to our acceleration as we move forward.
  • Touch orients us as our weight presses us against things .
  • Proprioception detects the position of our neck and limbs as we move.
  • Our hearing orients us to objects reflecting sound and to sound-emitting objects.
  • Any impairment of these senses can lead to an experience of vertigo, disequilibrium or dizziness. Medical issues, including diabetes and heart disease, can potentially disrupt the functioning of these senses through nerve damage or circulation impairment.

    Vertigo and Disequilibrium

    Spinning vertigo is when either the environment appears to be spinning or a person feels that they are spinning within the environment. Positional vertigo is a spinning sensation occurring after a person repositions their head. A spinning sensation is often caused by inner ear problems.

    Diabetes and Dizziness

    Dizziness describes feelings of being lightheaded or sensing that one will faint. Individuals with diabetes may experience dizziness for several reasons:

    Multi-sensory Vertigo or Dizziness

    Can Having Gestational Diabetes Make You Tired

    Gestational diabetes is a condition that approximately 4% of women experience during pregnancy. Due to the hormones, insulin resistance occurs, and causes higher blood sugar levels. This can be a problem because it causes babies to be born larger and have difficult births. It can also cause birth defects and it makes the first few days difficult for the newborn to maintain their blood sugar. It usually can be controlled with a change in diet, but sometimes insulin may be required.

    Some women show no signs of gestational diabetes, while other have extreme fatigue, elevated thirst, and an increase in urinating. The problem is that most pregnant women experience all of these symptoms anyway. For this reason, all women are tested for gestational around 24 weeks of pregnancy. Women at a higher risk may be tested earlier.

    If fatigue does become worse during pregnancy, the expectant mother should seek help from their physician to rule out gestational diabetes or other complications such as low blood pressure or anemia .

    Further reading:

    What To Do When Feeling Light Headed And Dizzy

    Diabetic Vomiting Dizziness Melbourne Test Hearing ...

    While lightheaded feeling can occur suddenly and you may not get enough time to respond to the situation, there are certain things that you can do to prevent injury or a fall,

    • Sit down or lie down the movement you feel uneasy or giddy. Usually episode of light headedness may be accompanied with syncope or fainting. This will help prevent you from getting injured or hurt.
    • Always carry a snack with you if you are diabetic or prone to frequent episodes of light headedness. The snack helps improve the blood sugar level and alleviate the symptoms associated with the condition.
    • Ensure that you consume a healthy diet. Faulty diet and nutritional deficiencies can contribute significantly to the feeling of ill health.
    • Keep yourself well hydrated, especially in summers or when you plan to spend the day outdoors.

    The Solution Is A Set Of Simple Head Exercises

    • They’re completely natural – require no medications or surgery.
    • They’re easy – almost anyone can benefit from them, no matter what kind of shape you’re in.
    • They only take 3-15 minutes per day – and once you’re satisfied with the results, you can stop doing them.
    • They work fast – many people experience immediate relief. Others need a few days or weeks at the most.
    • And they work for almost everyone – no matter what your doctor says caused your vertigo and dizziness, these easy exercises will help.

    I’m about to explain these simple vertigo and dizziness exercises in detail.

    But first, I want to tell you…


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