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Is Shredded Wheat Good For Diabetics

There Are Four Major Types Of Bread For Diabetics

Is Shredded Wheat Good For Diabetics?


Fiber which is also known as roughage is part of plant-based foods that the body cannot break down. It passes through the body undigested leaving the digestive system healthy and clean, it also eases bowel movements, flushes cholesterol and harmful carcinogens out of the body.

However, fiber-enriched whole-grain bread still has a high amount of carbohydrates, so its very important to eat in moderation, also adding soluble fiber to bread helps a person manage blood sugar and also lowers the glycemic index score of food.


This type of bread has a high carbohydrates and also tends to contain whole, unrefined grains that are high in naturally occurring fiber which reduces the impact of carbohydrates on blood sugar.

In choosing whole-grain bread, it is advisable to find one that includes ingredients such as oats, quinoa, buckwheat, whole-grain wheat, brown rice, barley, and bran. Other nutrients such as Zinc, Vitamin E and protein can be found in most grains also


Manufacturers nowadays are now increasing the provision of a wide range of low-carbohydrate tortillas to appeal to health-conscious consumers. Tortillas also provide a tasty, versatile and sometimes healthier choice for sandwiches.


Bread for Diabetics

Lower carbohydrate is associated intake is related to lower sugar levels in the blood, carbohydrates make up to 50% of the daily calories .

The Breakfast Of Champions

When it comes to breakfast time, cereal remains a popular, convenient, and speedy choice. With the choice on supermarket shelves growing over the years, it can be tricky to choose the healthiest option.

To make things easier, we have chosen 10 well-known cereals and looked closely at the nutritional value to see how they perform in terms of sugar, fat, and fibre.

But first, let’s find out a little more about what breakfast for diabetes we should be on the look out for…

What Cereals Can Diabetics Eat

Many cereals are high on carb content from refinedflours and added sugar. High carb content can quickly spike blood sugar levels.Diabetics shouldeat cereals with alow glycemic index being careful to serve in small portions. You might befamiliar with the glycemic index . It measures how fat carbs raise thelevel of blood sugar. When food is digested too fast, blood sugar levels in diabetics are bound to rise.

If you are in the prediabetes stage and continue to eat foods with a high GI, you are exposing yourself to insulin resistance which could then result in type 2 diabetes. When choosing your cereals, this is something to put into consideration. What are some of the best cereals for diabetics?

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Fulfillment Of All Those Minerals That Cannot Be Derived From A Gluten

Without a doubt, a gluten-free diet is being recommended in the 21st century since the day, credible research has proven that gluten does affect the human body with some of the gut related issues as it doesnt allow the body to absorb nutrients because of the glutens ability to affect the intestinal lining. And this can happen to all of us even if we dont have the celiac disease.

But unfortunately, there are certain nutrients that the body might lack because of the gluten-free diet. And a bowl of shredded wheat cereal can do the job but do not consume this if you have celiac disease because celiac affected people cannot even think of consuming any of the gluten based food.

The other alternative can be of taking nutritional supplements after consulting your nutritionist or a specific doctor who specializes in nutritional medicine.

Don’t Always Believe The Hype On Cereal Boxes We Set The Nutrition Facts Straight And Found The Healthiest Cereals At The Supermarket

Is Shredded Wheat Good For Diabetics

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In general, to choose a healthy cereal, youll to do a little investigating on the food label. Dont always believe the hype on cereal boxes. Get those nutrition facts. What should you look for? First, check out the fiber content. Your goal should be at least 4 grams of fiber in a serving. Second, the less added sugar, the better. So, aim for less than 8 total grams to keep added sugar at a minimum. Third, go for whole grain ingredients. Weve done a little investigating ourselves to find the most healthy cereals on the market.

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What Is The Most Sugary Cereal

Which Cereals Have the Most Sugar?Kelloggs Froot Loops Marshmallow Quaker Oats Capn Crunchs OOPS! Capn Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Count Chocula, Quaker Oats Oh! Apple Jacks, Smorz Capn Crunchs Crunch Berries Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Reeses Puffs Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Waffle Crisp Cocoa Krispies More items

Are Bananas Okay For People With Diabetes

Bananas are a nutritious and safe fruit for people ailing from diabetes. They can be eaten in moderation according to an individualized and balanced diet plan. A person with high blood sugar should include fresh veggies and fruits in their diet. Bananas can offer a lot of nutrition without including many calories.

Read more:

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How Many Eggs Can A Diabetic Have In A Day

When you eat egg daily, your blood sugar level is impacted positively but the number of eggs consumed per day should be noted.

How many eggs can a diabetic have in a day

Eggs have a lot of health benefits and also help to reduce heart diseases, it has also been found that eggs decrease inflammation, improve cholesterol levels and also improve insulin.

The Major source of the egg is potassium, which supports nerve and muscle health. Potassium also helps balance sodium levels in the body and improves your cardiovascular health.

Boiled egg also is a great breakfast on the run option. It saves you time in the morning, all you need do is to make a batch early in the week and eat one before leaving home to work every morning.

Boiled Eggs for Diabetes

Research has shown that eating six or fewer weeks a week doesnt increase the cholesterol even though people with diabetes are at a higher risk but that doesnt mean they cant eat eggs at all as far as it is not more than six in a week. The omega 3 rich eggs which are anti-inflammatory is even better if one can buy it.

What Is The Best Bread For Diabetics

How To Choose Best Cereal For Diabetes| Best Cereal For Diabetes Type 2

The American Diabetes Association recommends choosing whole grain bread or 100 percent whole wheat bread instead of white bread . White bread is made from highly processed white flour and added sugar. Here are some delicious and healthy breads to try: Josephs Flax, Oat Bran and Wheat Pita Bread .

Daniel Barlow

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Greek Yoghurt And Cottage Cheese

Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese make good breakfast choices.

Quick to put together and easy to tailor to your own desires by adding any of the following:

  • Nuts always a good source of energy and a low carb favourite
  • Oatmeal or wheat bran for fibre
  • Berries are a popular choice
  • Fruit cantaloupe is listed as a good accompaniment

How Much Is Too Much

Even though whole grains are healthy, you donĂ¢t want to eat unlimited amounts. How much of these grains you can eat depends on how well you’re managing your blood sugar.

A good guide is to eat about three servings of whole grains each day.

Examples of one whole-grain food serving:

  • 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice
  • 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal
  • 1 slice of whole-grain bread
  • 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta

Ask your doctor or a dietitian about how to fit whole grains into your diet. Together you can design a plan that fits your tastes, and helps you gain better control over your blood sugar.

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No Cost Health Kit To Lower Your Risk Of Diabetes

It is possible to get the benefits of cereal with liking breakfast, or really even liking cereal. Crushed cereal and oats make good alternatives to breadcrumbs when making dishes such as baked fried chicken, turkey meatloaf, veggie burgers, and parmesan crusted tilapia.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, learning about prediabetes can give you the power to take steps to lower blood sugar and prevent or delay a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. By taking charge early, most people with prediabetes can design an effective meal plan with carefully chosen cereals. Lark can help guide you in making smart, high-fiber choices throughout your day as you work to lower risk for diabetes.

Find your healthier self

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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Pin on That

Even if you dont have diabetes, eating low GI foods is a healthy choice. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a diet high in refined carbohydrates may increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, a diet rich in whole grains may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Thats because whole grains cause your blood sugar to rise more slowly, which puts less stress on your bodys ability to produce insulin.

If you choose wisely, hot or cold breakfast cereals can provide a quick and nutritious breakfast option. When youre making your cereal selection, choose products that are high in fiber and whole grains, but low in sugar, sodium, and calories.

Top off your cereal with a small quantity fruit, nuts, or other nutrient-rich toppings along with some milk or milk substitute to round out your meal.

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The Best Breakfast Cereals For Diabetics

Whoever first decided that breakfast ought to be an enormous bowl of highly-processed carbohydrates, additives, and sugar is in big trouble. While many people think that a proper breakfast is a milky bowl containing 60+ grams of nutrition-less carbs, those of us with diabetes know that bowl is nothing but trouble.

In this post, I will review the best breakfast cereal options for people with diabetes and share two recipes for making tasty low-carb cereal yourself.

The pursuit for a diabetic breakfast cereal isnt an easy one. Before we take a look at better options, lets talk about why traditional cereal causes so much trouble for your blood sugar.

What Cereals Are Recommended For People With Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association recommends that people with diabetes choose whole-grain, high-fiber and low-sugar cereals 1. Be careful, however, when choosing whole-grain cereals. Many manufacturers know that consumers are looking for whole-grain products and they may advertise products as containing whole grains when there’s very little whole grain in them. If the source of whole grain is not listed as the first ingredient, then it probably contains very little.

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Is Shredded Wheat Cereal Good For Diabetics

The simplest cereal is Shredded cereal. Its nothing but wheat and a little bit of BHT as a preservative. It has no sodium and no sugar and one cup of Shredded Wheat has 6 grams fiber and 6 grams protein, which makes it the top choice here and also good for diabetes patients.

Shredded cereal is considered a high carbohydrate food, the carbohydrates turn to sugar once its eaten, thats why it raises the blood sugars but it is considered low sugars and surprisingly a good cereal for diabetes because it contains fiber.

A large number of people have chosen to reduce the number of carbohydrates they eat as they have found this to be an effective way of improving their blood sugar levels


There are carbohydrates that tend to have the highest effect on blood sugar levels tend to be starchy carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread, potatoes and similar root vegetables, flour-based products and certain fruits.

A Healthy Cereal Begins With Whole Grains

Shredded Wheat: The Jackson Way

A healthy breakfast thats easy to prepare can be as simple as a bowl of cereal, provided you choose wisely.

The grocery store cereal aisle is stacked high with cereals that satisfy your sweet tooth but sabotage your glucose levels. Many of the most popular cereals have refined grains and sugars at the top of the ingredient lists. Those cereals have few nutrients and lots of empty calories. They can also cause a spike in your blood glucose levels.

Thats why its important to read labels carefully. Look for cereals that list a whole grain as the first ingredient. Refined grains are stripped of bran and germ during processing, which makes them less healthy.

Whole grains include the entire grain kernel, which is a source of healthy fiber. Fiber is an important element of your diet. It helps control your blood sugar levels and lowers your risk of heart disease. Whole grains also contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

Typically you can find the following whole grains in breakfast cereals:

  • oatmeal
  • wild rice
  • buckwheat

According to the American Diabetes Association, rolled oatmeal, steel-cut oatmeal, and oat bran are all low GI foods, with a GI value of 55 or less. Quick oats have a medium GI, with a value of 56-69. Corn flakes, puffed rice, bran flakes, and instant oatmeal are considered high GI foods, with a value of 70 or more.

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Can I Eat Cereal If I Have Prediabetes

Exercise, Fitness & Nutrition Expert | Lark Health

If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, it is time to take action. Most people with prediabetes develop type 2 diabetes within years, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that making lifestyle changes can lower risk for diabetes by up to 58%.

Eating healthily and losing a small amount of weight are among the most effective lifestyle changes you can make to reverse insulin resistance.

Breakfast cereal is convenient, quick, portable, and often a habit, and it is packed with carbohydrates. Does that mean it is off limits if you want to prevent diabetes?

Cereal can indeed fit into a healthy diet to prevent diabetes, and here are some tips for eating cereal with prediabetes!

Can A Diabetic Eat Special K Cereal

4.1/5cerealsSpecial KSpecial KSpecial K

Beside this, what kind of cereal can diabetics eat?

According to the American Diabetes Association, rolled oatmeal, steel-cut oatmeal, and oat bran are all low GI foods, with a GI value of 55 or less. Quick oats have a medium GI, with a value of 56-69. Corn flakes, puffed rice, bran flakes, and instant oatmeal are considered high GI foods, with a value of 70 or more.

Subsequently, question is, is Shredded Wheat OK for diabetics? Get your day off to a good start with a blood sugar friendly breakfast. The following simple ideas are all popular options amongst people with diabetes. However, Weetabix, Oatabix and Shredded Wheat have quite generous amounts of fibre and therefore are some of the more blood sugar friendly cereals available.

Secondly, what is the best breakfast cereal for diabetics to eat?

Many of my patients tell me that their blood sugars are best and they feel the most satisfied when they eat the following brands of cold cereal:

  • Cascadian Farm Organic Purely O’s.
  • Cheerios.

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What Is Shredded Wheat

Shredded wheat is a cereal product that consists of whole grains of wheat that have been folded into little square pillows and toasted under heat.

Shredded wheat cereal is produced by a variety of food manufacturers and can be typically found in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store.

Commonly eaten in a bowl with milk and a spoon, shredded wheat can also be used as a topping for yogurt parfaits, a topping for casseroles, dipped in peanut butter, or simply eaten by hand as a snack.

If you can endure the flavorless crunch, the health benefits of eating shredded wheat are abundant, including:

  • No added sugar
  • Packed with various vitamins and minerals

Is Quaker Oats Good For Diabetics

Is Shredded Wheat Good For You? Read to Know More About It!

Eating foods that are high in fiber and nutrients but low in unhealthy fat and sugar can help maintain a healthy blood sugar level, as well as improve your overall health. Oatmeal offers a host of health benefits and can be a great go-to food for those with diabetes, as long as the portion is controlled.

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Top Rated 17 Best Cereals For Diabetics

In case you watch your portions and choose wisely, there is no harm in enjoying cereal even when you are diabetic. The fact is that several kinds of cereal in the market are loaded with minerals and vitamins. These can help you to meet your nutritional requirements.

A person who is suffering from diabetes is recommended to eat cereals for his/her breakfast before they can exercise. It is because any kind of physical activity comes in handy to burn glucose or sugar. In case you are one out of those millions of diabetes patients who takes insulin or oral medication, your blood sugar will invariably go down. As such, you should consume carbs before your exercise session so that low blood sugars can be prevented during rigorous physical activity.

Let us now look at some of theTop Cereals For Diabetics:

Shredded Wheat Cereal Fiber

The fiber content in a serving of Post shredded wheat is another advantage of this cereal. A shredded wheat bowl contains 6.1 grams of fiber, which makes it a high-fiber food, as it contains more than 5 grams of fiber per serving. That translates to about 15 to 25 percent of the 25 to 38 grams of fiber, respectively, that women and men should aim to consume each day. A cup of frosted shredded wheat contains 5 grams of fiber per cup. Getting plenty of fiber each day is a healthy way to help protect yourself against certain health conditions, such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, as well as reduce your risk of constipation. Further, an article published in the journal “JAMA Internal Medicine” in 2011 reported that the fiber in cereal is the best type of fiber for cutting your risk of certain health conditions, although part of the benefit might come from the other nutrients in cereal.

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