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Is It Legal To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Can Expired Test Strips Give A False Reading Do They All Go Bad

Is Selling Diabetic Test Strips Legal?! The Truth.

The most important factor when buying test strips is having accurate results. Diathrive provides you with control solution at no cost so you can always verify the accuracy of your test strips. Learn more about test strip accuracy here.;

Blood glucose test strips have an expiration date because the enzyme on the strip can be affected by heat, cold, moisture, age and other factors. Damaged or expired strips can give false readings that are very far from your true blood sugar. We always send strips that are at least a year from their expiration date. Usually, you have about 15-18 months to use your strips before they expire.;

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How Do I Store Diabetes Medications And Supplies

If you take insulin, your doctor or diabetes educator will give you full instructions for storing it and using it effectively. Some diabetes drug manufacturers suggest storing the insulin in the refrigerator. Yet, as anyone with diabetes will tell you, injecting cold insulin into the body can be painful.

To avoid a painful, cold injection, many diabetes educators suggest keeping insulin at room temperature while itâs being used. Insulin should last about one month at room temperature. Many people prefer to keep the diabetes supplies in a kitchen or bedroom drawer. That way, the glucose monitor, syringes, insulin, lancets, alcohol swabs, and other necessary supplies are always together and available for use.

Always think ahead. You never want to risk being without the supplies and medicine you need. Keep extra supplies on hand to reduce the risk of a diabetic emergency. If you use insulin, you can store extra bottles in the refrigerator and take a bottle out so it has time to warm to room temperature before giving yourself an injection.

Never freeze insulin or store it in a hot location. If you purchase insulin from a pharmacy, be sure to take it home soon after buying it to avoid extreme temperatures. Also, keep test strips dry, and donât expose them to moisture or extreme heat or cold or you may damage the integrity of the strip.

When Can I Expect Payment For My Diabetic Test Strips How Fast Can I Get Paid

We ALWAYS issue payment within 24 hours of receiving your test strips,; We receive shipments and check in boxes of diabetic test strips six days a week. You have a number of payment options available once we receive your test strips and the payment option you choose will determine how fast you receive payment.


ACH Deposit

Check or Money Order

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Do You Guarantee The Quoted Price For My Diabetic Test Strips

Our highest priority is to have an honest, hassle-free transaction when buying diabetic test strips.; We work very hard to provide you with an accurate quote for your testing strips. In exchange, we ask that you provide a complete description of the test strips you would like to sell.; Please make sure your boxes of test strips match your description. We are unable to purchase opened or extremely damaged boxes of diabetic test strips. Price adjustments are available for slightly damaged boxes please call the office at 877 344 3170 if you have questions about the condition of your box of test strips.; We can no longer return items sent that are not as expected.

More Cash For Test Strips

Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Do you want to sell your diabetic supplies? You can sell them to a company by the name of More Cash For Test Strips. The selling and buying process is easy. Request your free shipping Kit, send in your package, get paid cash for your test strips. You dont have to let your old test strips go to waste, you can get money for them today.

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Is A Prescription Required For Diabetic Test Strips

Heres the short answer:

If you want your insurance company to reimburse you for the costs of your;diabetic test strips, then yes, you;will need a prescription.;However, that doesnt mean you can just get any brand of;diabetic test strips you like.;Instead, youll have to make sure youve chosen diabetic test strips that your insurance company will cover. If you choose another brand, your co-pay will likely by much higher.

Also, if you want your insurance company to cover your strips, youll have to get an;exact;prescription for the number of strips you will use each day for the length of your prescription.;The number of refills youre allowed to have covered will also depend on your insurance company.;If you;dont want your insurance plan to cover your;diabetic test strips, then you do not have to have a prescription.;The reality is that, whether or not youre insured, youll likely incur a high cost of diabetes supplies and medications that will come out of your own pocket.

How Do Glucose Test Strips Work

If you have diabetes, its probably a very familiar drill: You stick the test strip into the meters slot, prick a finger with the lancet, draw out a drop of blood, and transfer the blood to the edge of the test strip.

What happens next is pretty ingenious, even though at first glance the technology might seem old-fashioned when compared to insulin pumps, CGMs, or other new technologies for diabetes care.

The chemicals in the strip react with glucose to create an electric current, and electrons travel to the meter. The meter then determines how much glucose was required to generate that much electricity and bingo, your blood glucose number flashes on the screen.

Actually, the science behind test strips is quite complicated. They are made up of at least five different layers, including a super-thin layer of gold that helps conduct the current. Click here to see an illustration.

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Why Do People Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic test strips are a critical part of monitoring, managing, and controlling diabetes. As anyone with diabetes can attest, the strips can be extremely expensive. There are multiple reasons why individuals may not need the strips that they have. The following are the top reasons why people sell their diabetic test strips.

  • Have more than they need
  • Changed brands of glucose meters
  • Bought strips that cant be used with their meter
  • Family member passed away and theyre no longer needed
  • Reduce waste in landfills
  • To help others

Its important for people to understand that its completely legal to sell test strips, provided the devices werent paid for by Medicare or Medicaid. An increasing number of people are purchasing their essential test strips from companies that buy them from individuals that cant use them or dont need them.

All the medications and equipment required to address diabetes are expensive. A study conducted by the National Institutes for Health in 2012 showed that diabetic test strips accounted for approximately ¼ of the total yearly pharmacy costs for people with diabetes. Depending on the brand, diabetic test strips can cost $1 or more per strip.

Another problem that many individuals encounter is that their test strips wont be compatible if they change the brand of meter theyre using. Theres no single standard for test strips and each manufacturer designs their strips to only work with their specific brand of products.

Is It Legal To Sell My Test Strips

Easy Make Money Buying and Selling Diabetic Test Strips

Here at;, this is one of our most asked questions.; The answer is that YES, you can sell your diabetic test strips as long as you are the LEGAL OWNER of them.

Anyone can purchase test strips with or without a prescription; if you buy them yourself, you are free to sell them to us, should you choose to do so.

Over the Counter Test Strips

You can buy test strips over the counter at most major drug stores, pharmacies, and markets, and it is absolutely 100% legal to resell any over-the-counter products that you have purchased but no longer require.

Even if your boxes are marked mail order only or not for retail you can still sell them to us.; Bear in mind though, that if your boxes were received from Medicare or Medicaid and have a red band at the bottom with For the Use of Medicare/Medicaid Beneficiaries Only these boxes CANNOT be resold.

Which Diabetic Test Strips Can I Legally Sell to You?

Here at;, we have some rules and regulations that apply to the purchase of diabetic test strips.; These are in place to protect sellers, as well as buyers, and to ensure that everyone stays on the right side of the law.

Here is some basic info on what we will buy from you; more details can be found elsewhere on our website.

We will offer you a great price for sealed 50 count or 100 count size boxes of the diabetic test strips from any of the following brands:

  • Accu-Chek

Unfortunately, we CANNOT accept:

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Can I Sell My Diabetic Test Strips Legally

by Jim Tovet | Apr 5, 2015 | Diabetic Test Strips, Sell Diabetic Test Strips


Well the answer is Yes! There are many reasons that diabetics have extra diabetic test strips laying around their house. Some people switch meters because their doctor is recommending a different brand. Each brand of test strips has to be used with its own meter.

Others just cut down on the number of times they test per day or maybe they are no longer considered a diabetic. There is also the possibility that they may have lost a loved one in their home who was a diabetic and there are many boxes left over.

Not testing as often can result in a large surplus of boxes. So what can you do with all the extra boxes you have now? Well you can throw them in the trash or sell them for cash!

Maybe you are wondering if selling them is even legal. Yes strips are a Non-prescription product. The can be purchased over the counter in many pharmacy stores, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS etc.

The only strips that cant be sold are the ones that have been supplied by Medicaid or Medicare. These are government run programs that prohibit the re-selling of test strips.

But I have a prescription for my strips from my health insurance company. Is it OK to sell these? Yes, you can sell these as long as there is no labeling that mentions Medicaid or Medicare.

When selling the boxes there are certain things you must looks at.

Some of the brands that fetch the most money are Freestyle Lite and Accu-Check Aviva Plus.

Reasons Why You Should Never Purchase Pre

In April of this year, the FDA issued a warning to the public against the use of pre-owned diabetic strips, saying the practice could result in serious injury or even death.; Since this alert, several news outlets have picked up on the story and written in more detail about the practice of buying unauthorized, pre-owned strips on sites like Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist or even new retailers whove gotten in on the trend. From the Bronx to Minnesota a gray market for pre-owned strips has popped up seemingly overnight and its putting people with diabetes at risk. In five reasons, heres why

;1); The strips may be expired

Accidentally buying expired test strips can lead to inaccurate results. In consequence, this could lead to taking too much or too little medication, which of course can cause serious injury or even death. An expiration date is printed on every vial of test strips always look at this closely before use. If you have test strips that are expired, always opt to throw them away.

2); You dont know if the preowned strips you purchased have been stored appropriately.

Strips should always be stored in sealed containers, away from heat, moisture, humidity, and direct sunlight. When you buy preowned test strips, you are betting on them being properly stored but its something you cant control. Dont assume that the person you are buying from stored their strips correctly.;

3); The strips may be contaminated

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Why Would I Have Unused Test Strips

Many people who have diabetes may have unused boxes of test strips sitting around in their home catching flies or gathering dust.

How can this be?

There are many reasons why you would have test strips that are surplus to your requirements. Many of the people who sell their test strips have shared with us some of the reasons they have boxes of strips that they dont need.

Here are some of those reasons:

  • While some diabetics have to monitor their glucose levels constantly throughout the day, many others do not. The amount of strips that are required on a daily basis varies from one patient to another.
  • Some people need to switch health insurance from time to time and this sometimes means that a different set of strips are needed.
  • In other instances, a change of machine may be required. As you may know, some machines are not compatible with specific test strips and in cases like these, diabetics may have excess test strips.
  • In some good news cases, the cause of diabetes may be such that lifelong monitoring is not required. For example, some women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes in pregnancy but;the health issue improves or clears up after birth. In a situation like this, there may be some unused test strips.

Two Moms Buy Test Strips

Is It Legal to Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

Two Moms Buy Test Strips . The Two Moms accept test strips that have at least 8 months until expiration. More money is paid for test strips that have 12 months or more until expiration. They also purchase Dexcom, Humulin, Omnipods, and lancets. They do not take damaged boxes. You submit your order online and can request a prepaid shipping label be emailed to you, or, you can pay your own shipping and be reimbursed when you get paid for your strips, or, have a free shipping kit mailed to you. They send payment via check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Zelle after receipt and review of the package. The Two Moms have the distinction of being interviewed by National Public Radio and have a link to the interview on their website.

Two Moms Buy Test Strips5660 Amaya Drive #175

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Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetics who use insulin use diabetic test strips to monitor their blood glucose levels so they can safely adjust their dose of insulin as necessary. Diabetics who are not on insulin may use test strips to monitor how well they are managing their diabetes.;

Many insurance companies cover the cost or part of the cost of diabetes test strips, but due to high deductibles and copays, it can still be expensive. Because they can be so expensive, and because some people dont have insurance, or their insurance doesnt cover the full cost of test strips, companies like Cash Now for Test Strips purchases unused, unexpired diabetic test strips to help fill the gap and provide the necessary medical tool to diabetics who cant afford it.;

Final Thoughts On The Program

Providing unused diabetic test strips to the discount market is a benefit to everyone involved. You get pocket cash, free space, and the knowledge that you are providing someone in your community with a cheaper alternative.

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Whether Or Not You Need A Prescription To Purchase Diabetic Test Strips Depends On One Thing Read This Article To Find Out How It All Works

If youre one of the;29 million Americans living with diabetes, you likely have a lot of questions about how to get the medication you need.;Were sure you also have questions about how you can keep the costs of supplies, test strips, lancets, and hospital visits down.;Even if youre working out and taking care of yourself, you may feel like you cant do much to fight back against the rising costs of life with diabetes. In this post, well talk about whether or not you need a prescription to get diabetic test strips.

Well also talk about how the cost of diabetes is different for the insured and the uninsured diabetes patient.;No matter what your coverage is like, its always a smart idea to look for bargains, ways to save, and ways to make back some of the money youve spent on;diabetic test strips.;Read this post to learn how to save;better.


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