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Is Hint Water Good For Diabetics

How Is Hint Water Produced

John Legend explains why he prefers hint water

Hint Water is a combination of water and natural fruit flavors. Their main selling feature is that they do not use any artificial ingredients in their water.


  • It is possible that bottles will be difficult to reseal.
  • The label natural flavors does not reveal what is actually within.
  • Shipping fee

Pure Fruit Juice In Moderation

Pure fruit juices are appropriate, but since fruit juice delivers the sugar from the fruit but not necessarily the fiber as well, people with diabetes should consume these types of drinks in small amounts.

They will also need to account for any juices in a meal plan. For example, one 248-gram cup of fresh, unprocessed orange juice contains nearly 26 g of carbohydrate, of which almost 21 g is sugar.

Portion size is a key factor to managing carbohydrate intake when drinking juice with a meal. Drinking juice alone can lead to a blood sugar spike, but consuming it with other foods, particularly protein or a healthful fat can help to prevent this.

Eating fruit can be a good way to quench thirst, and it delivers more nutritional benefit than juice.

Is Propel Water Healthy To Drink

Propel products are for people who are passionate about fitness and maintaining their general health. All of Propel products are enhanced with electrolytes to support next level hydration, while also providing vitamin B, and antioxidant vitamins C & E, so you can hydrate, replenish and get your best workout.

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Do All Traces Of Water Shine

Sparkling water is a great way to stay hydrated with a little more sparkling water. Our sparkling fruit water adds delicious fruit flavors with no sugar or sweeteners. All of our flavors give you a touch of natural flavor that turns a boring drink into something you crave and makes you feel refreshed to drink.

Is Hint Water Harmful To Your Teeth

Hint Offers Unsweetened, Natural, Flavored Water

The taste, not the carbonation, lowers the pH to the point where prolonged consumption may destroy dental enamel.

Laboratory tests have revealed that waters, whether still or bubbling, have little erosive properties and pose no risk to tooth enamel.

Drinking flavored sparkling water, according to dentists, can make your teeth more prone to cavities.

The acidity of the beverages is increased by the bubbles and flavoring, which erodes the enamel of your teeth.

Sparkling beverages, on the other hand, are less acidic than sodas and should be consumed in moderation.

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Hint Water Review Total Waste Of Money

If you have a distaste for plain water, need variety, want the natural calorie free option and seek to keep good health, Hint water can be for you.

With natural ingredients, nice taste and flavor, Hint Water has become an option for me and for many other consumers desperate to increase their daily water intake.

People like us want to drink more water without suffering with what some would consider to be the plain taste of natural water.

Its also good for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding and looking for a sugar-free alternative.

Or perhaps you have gastrointestinal problems, are diabetic or simply want to give up soda? Hint water may just be the solution you are looking for.

Hint Water Review Is It Worth Money

If you dont like plain water, like variety, want a calorie-free option, and want to stay healthy, Hint water may be for you. With natural ingredients, a good taste, and a pleasant flavor, Hint Water has been a popular choice for many other consumers, like me, who are looking to increase their daily water intake.

Folks like us want to drink lots of water without having to suffer with what some consider the bland taste of natural water. It is also suitable for folks who are pregnant or breastfeeding and seeking a sugar-free option.

Whether you have gastrointestinal issues, are diabetic, or wish to quit drinking soda. Hint water could be the answer youre looking for.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Drink Hint Water:

  • Taste Did you know that 76 million Americans consume 72 million diet sodas each year. Now check this out, 76% of those diet soda drinkers would like to decrease their consumption of diet soda. But they encounter a major obstacle they DISLIKE THE TASTE OF WATER. With pure water, natural ingredients, Hint Water offers a burst of hope to this crowd.
  • Variety Along with great taste, Hint Water offers a vast choice of mouth-watering flavors. Hint pineapple water, blackberry, watermelon, peach, pear, raspberry and more. Hint sparkling water labeled Hint Fizz, is also available in these same flavors. In addition, for those who need a bit of a morning boost or just a mid-day pick-me-up, Hint Kick with all-natural caffeine serves you well.
  • Convenience You, the customer, are able to buy direct from Hint, something most beverage companies do not offer. Not only that, you can have Hint water shipped directly to your doorstep! No more bothering with the occasional inconvenience of utilizing the store having to carry cases of water. Hint Water also offers a monthly autoship program so you have no need to worry about placing your orders each month. Currently, I have the flavor-of-the-month on autoship, Each month a new flavor of Hint Water arrives at my door. Yea!
  • What Is The Healthiest Flavored Water

    Kara Goldin, CEO and founder of hint water

    10 Healthy Flavored Waters to Buy

  • Spindrift, Lemon.
  • San Pellegrino Essenza Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Tangerine & Wild Strawberry.
  • La Croix Berry Sparkling Water.
  • Bubly Sparkling Water, Grapefruit.
  • Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water, Lime.
  • Topo Chico Mineral Water, Grapefruit.
  • Hint Sparkling Water, Watermelon.
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    Two More Recommendations For Your Plant

    1. This is the best free video training Ive found on plant-based nutrition. Youll learn how to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimers, and obesityall with plant-based food. Watch the free Food for Health Masterclass here.

    2. This is the best vegan multivitamin Ive found in my 14 years of being vegan. It has vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3and nothing else. Translation: It only has the nutrients vegans are actually low in. Read my full review of Future Kinds multivitamin here .

    Is Flavored Water The Same Thing As Plain Water

    We can attest that flavored drinks are an adequate alternative for plain H2O, according to our expert. If youre not going to drink tap water because its boring, but youre going to drink a sugar-free, non-carbonated, or carbonated natural flavored water alternative, thats better than drinking no water at all.

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    What Is The Healthiest Water Enhancer

    • Best Overall Choice: Hydrants Rapid Hydration Mix.
    • Runner-Up Option: NUUN Sport Hydration Tablets.
    • Best Value for the Money: Stur Classic Variety Pack, Natural Water Enhancer.
    • Most Budget-Friendly: True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Pack.
    • Best Water Flavoring for Morning Energy: Hydrants Caffeinated Hydration Mix.

    Choose Vitamin Or Electrolyte

    REVIEW: Hint Water a Refreshing Break From " Boring"  Water  Diabetes Daily

    If you’ve just finished an intense workout or just want to add some more nutrients to your diet, you might want to consider nutritional flavored waters. These are usually enhanced with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and help you replenish the water and energy lost during exercise.

    Electrolytes also help your body repair itself faster, so flavored waters that have them are perfect for when you’ve just finished a heavy workout. Some products might also contain caffeine to help you stay focused.

    However, the nutritional value of those waters cannot compare to a balanced diet and won’t make up for an unhealthy lifestyle. They can also be high in sugar content, so don’t rely completely on flavored waters for your electrolytes and nutrients!

    If given the choice between vitamin or electrolyte-enhanced waters, I would personally choose vitamin water due to its enhanced nutrients and various health benefits.

    Electrolyte-enhanced waters can be a good choice, but they sometimes contain too much sodium or salt. I’d recommend steering clear of those if you have to watch your sodium intake. Still they can be helpful after a workout.

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    Hint Is Flavor Fantastic

    Infused with delicious fruit flavors, such as:

    • Pineapple
    • And the list goes on

    Hint Water eliminates the boredom some may experience when forced to drink plain waterI love plain water, however some of you may hate itBLAH!LOL!I think you may like Hint Water

    Choosing to drink Hint Water has been a awesome choice for me.

    How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally With Infused Water Best Drinks For Diabetic Patients

    Not that keen on drinking water? Does following a habit of drinking the recommended glass of water seem too arduous? We are here with the perfect recipes to make that bland glass of water into a delicious and nutritious treat. Just a teensy bit of an effort, and you can make the tedious exercise of gulping down litres of H2O an exciting affair! Now, get hydrated and energised with the 10 infused water recipes that help in managing glucose levels naturally.

    Whether you like it or not, water is essential for your body to function properly and for survival itself! It does much more than quench that thirst. The connection between water and diabetes is well known.

    For those who have diabetes, adequate water intake is essential for keeping the condition under control. If you have diabetes, you must drink infused water to lower blood sugar. You can easily overcome your dislike of drinking a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated and healthy through these recipes. Remember the adage, where there is a will theres a way. Now lets understand what infused water is and how it helps in managing sugar levels.

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    Make Your Own Hint Water

    Its easy to make a copycat hint water. All you need to do it slice up some fruit, add it to water and leave for a few hours in the fridge to infuse.

    You can base it on hint water recipes or try your own mix of fruits like:

    • Add some homemade fresh citrus slices to water.
    • Tear up some herbs, crush berries and add to fresh watermelon water .
    • Thinly slice cumbers and oranges and add to water.
    • Pour some pickle juice to ginger and lemon water in order to make your own electrolyte replacement drink.

    To see for yourself, check out this 4 super easy water fruit infuser recipes.

    Is Hint Water Good For Hydration

    Hint Unsweetened Flavored Water Store Tour

    Hint Water is a great choice for hydration. The only ingredient it has besides purified water is natural flavors to make the taste more appealing. This means Hint Water avoids all of the unhealthy ingredients added to most other drinks on the market.

    However, Hint Water may not be the optimal choice if you are acutely dehydrated or at risk of dehydration.In such a situation, you may want to use an oral rehydration solution like Pedialyte, or sports drinks like Gatorade .

    If you are trying to re-hydrate yourself aggressively, or replace a lot of lost fluids from sweating in high heat, you may want a beverage with added electrolytes. Hint Water does not have added electrolytes.

    But yes, Hint Water is hydrating. It is almost all just water. Hint Water can count as water intake for most practical purposes.

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    Is Flavored Water Bad For Diabetics

    Flavored water

    Infusing water with whole fruits like berries can add some healthful flavor as well. One study suggests that adding aloe vera pulp to water may benefit people with diabetes. Infused waters are flavorful and healthful. It can be a good idea to make a pitcher of infused water and keep it on hand.

    Is Hint Water Dangerous To Your Enamel

    Drinking flavored sparkling water would possibly make your tooth extra vulnerable to cavities, dentists say. The bubbles and the flavoring make the drinks more acidic, which is able to erode your teeth teeth. But sparkling drinks are much less acidic than sodas, so you’re OK as long as you drink them moderately.

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    Is Hint Water Caffeine Free

    Only the Hint Energy product line has caffeine. Hint Energy has 60mg of caffeine per bottle, sourced from coffee beans. All other product lines by Hint Water are free of caffeine.

    How much is 60 mg of caffeine, really? Well, the Hint website says its about the same as an espresso shot. But I wanted to make a bigger comparison table with more reference points:

    Barqs Root Beer 22 mg

    Hint Energy Caffeine Content: Comparison Chart.

    As you can see, Hint Energy has less than 20% of the caffeine of Bang Energy Drink by volume. However, it still has more caffeine than Coca-Cola by volume .

    Therefore, if you want maximum caffeine per sip, you may want to choose an energy drink, rather than Hint Energy. But if youre okay with a more gradual or subtle caffeine kick, Hint Energy may be just right for you.

    If youd like to see a much larger comparison table for caffeine content, check out this page from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

    Quick Answer : Is Hint Flavored Water Bad For You

    crisp apple hint® water

    Is it healthy? Yes, its healthy because Hint Water is sugar free, vegan and gluten free. It also doesnt include diet sweeteners, preservatives or calories. Finally the HINT brand is certified NON-GMO as well as WHOLE30 approved.

    In this way, Is Hint Water bad for your teeth?

    Drinking flavored sparkling water might make your teeth more susceptible to cavities, dentists say. The bubbles and the flavoring make the drinks more acidic, which can erode your tooth enamel. But sparkling drinks are less acidic than sodas, so youre OK as long as you drink them in moderation.

    Hereof, What is Hint flavored with?

    Hint Sparkling

    Like the original option, they are flavored only with fruit extracts. Flavor Options: Watermelon, blackberry, peach, cherry.

    Consequently Does hint water help you lose weight? After just 3 weeks of replacing her soda with her new flavored water, she lost weight, her skin cleared, and her energy was back. I love that drinking a bottle of Hint is basically like drinking plain water, only it tastes delicious. It has all of the hydrating benefits with none of the calories or preservatives.

    In this regard, What gives hint water its flavor?

    The INSIDER Summary: La Croix and Hint Waters websites claim their flavors are obtained from natural essence oils.

    Is flavored water bad for your kidneys?

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    Is Hint Water Healthier Than Diet Soda

    Hint Water is generally healthier than diet soda. Diet sodas usually have artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium, several of which have been linked to possible increases in cancer risk, heart disease risk, obesity, and more.

    I already covered some of the possible issues with artificial sweeteners above. But its worth digging into the details of diet soda nutrition a little bit more here.

    There may be some diet sodas that use more natural zero-calorie sweeteners, like stevia, erythritol, or monk fruit extract instead. These sweeteners seem to have fewer problems, based on the research we have so far. So they may be quite safe, too.

    But there can be other sketchy ingredients in diet sodas, too. Diet Coke, for example, has caramel color and phosphoric acid. Both are controversial for their own reasons.

    Of course, maybe some of the controversy is overblown for some of these diet soda ingredients. They may be totally safe in moderation.

    But Hint Water avoids all those uncertainties by just avoiding those extra ingredients all together. And personally, I like that.

    Hint Water is just water and natural flavors. Its simple, and pretty easy to trustmaybe aside from that propylene glycol issue Lets cover that next.

    The Biggest Issue With Hint

    I have many people leaving comments complaining that its not as sweet or full of flavor as they expected.

    However, you need to remember that this drink has ZERO calories.

    How do you make a sweet tasting drink *without* sugar, sweeteners or preservatives?

    The answer is that you cant.

    So if you have a sweet tooth then you should opt for another sweet tasting water option but it will most likely be full of calories.

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    Best 3 Healthy Flavored Waters

    We’ve studied up on the science behind healthy flavored waters and combed carefully through reviews written by real people who tried them. Based on this research, we present you with the best three healthy flavored waters on the market. Read on to find out what makes these products so great!

    *Please note that these products were chosen after extensive research by mybest writers. The choices are not necessarily affiliated with or recommended by Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes.


    Our Top Choice – Plant-Based Flavored Waters Infused With Antioxidants

    If you’re a fan of berries, mangos, and watermelons, then these flavored waters are made for you! They come in four different flavors and have no artificial sweeteners. They’re also infused with plant-based antioxidants to further support your health. And with 30 milligrams of caffeine per serving, this drink can give you a quick wake-up call.

    A few people who tried Bai’s flavored water disliked its aftertaste of erythitrol. If you aren’t a fan of non-sugar sweeteners, this may not be for you.

    Still, many more reviewers said that these drinks are a staple in their diet. Particularly, those who were on a low carb and sugar diet appreciated how these flavored waters were able to satisfy their sweet tooth without spiking their insulin levels or jeopardizing their diet.

    Erythritol, organic stevia extract, natural flavors
    pH level


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