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Is Whey Protein Good For Diabetics

Protein Powder And Shakes For Type 2 Vs Type 1 Diabetics What To Consider

Is Whey Protein Good for Diabetics

The number of people live with Diabetes increases rapidly in the world, and it is generally characterized by increased blood glucose level.

Type 2 diabetes, amongst other common types of diabetes is the most common.

Diabetes is generally believed to be accompanied by overweight and obesity. Because of this, if you are diabetic and overweight, it must be very carefully managed to avoid harmful complications.

It is highly advisable that people with diabetes take their medications timely, and be at alert, on their blood glucose level.

Although proteins shakes are recommended for people with diabetes, it is advisable that patients source for a well-balanced meal each day.

Your well-balanced meal could range from whole grains, nuts and legumes, protein fresh vegetables that are devoid of starch and fresh flour.

For type 2 diabetics, some of the best protein shakes for weight loss has a high content of calories.

Its carbohydrates must be low, while protein is high.

As they are keeping your blood sugar level on an average scale, they may also be contributing to weight gain, especially if you do not check the number of calories they consume each day.

Diabetics with non-functional kidney diseases should be careful of the protein being consumed.

Consulting a doctor before incorporating any protein diet will go a long way in keeping you safe.

Can Protein Shakes Raise Blood Sugar

Whey protein shakes are a great way to get the protein you need, but they dont have a significant effect on blood sugar levels.

Whey protein shakes are a great way to get the protein you need, but they dont have a significant effect on blood sugar levels. This is because the body breaks down whey into amino acids that can be used as energy and not glucose.

Can Diabetics Use Whey Protein Shakes

Whey protein will help you curb hunger, recover quickly from exercise and lose fat while maintaining muscle, according to the National Dairy Council. Whey is the liquid fraction of protein that is left when removing the curds, or the solids, from dairy. You can use whey protein if you have diabetes. In fact, it may help you gain better control over your blood sugar levels. Talk to your doctor before taking whey protein shakes, though, especially if you have diabetes, and don’t stop taking medication that has been prescribed. Video of the Day Whey With Your Meal Test subjects with Type 2 diabetes showed a higher insulin response after eating a carbohydrate-containing meal that included whey protein powder than a similar meal without whey. Researchers mixed the powder into mashed potatoes. The increased insulin response was accompanied by lower post-meal blood sugar levels. This effect has the potential to delay the need for diabetes medications and has not been shown to cause hypoglycemia, reported the researchers in a 2005 issue of the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” Researchers who published a study in 2014 in “Diabetologia” found similar results. Participants had 28 percent lower blood sugar levels and 96 percent higher insulin levels after a high-carbohydrate meal when they drank a whey protein shake beforehand. Look for a whey protein concentrate powder that contains no added sugars.Continue reading > >

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Is Whey Protein Okay For Diabetics

So now that we have a pretty solid understanding of what whey is, lets get into more of the nitty gritty and figure out if whey protein is even okay for diabetics.

Im happy to say that whey protein isnt just okay, but very beneficial .

Almost every study done on the effects of whey protein on blood sugar, HbA1C, and insulin of type 2 diabetics finds a beneficial effect. One study found that adding 0.3g/kg of whey to a meal increased the amount of insulin released by 99-110% and lowered blood sugar after a meal by 22%, compared to having that same meal, but without whey protein. Research suggests that whey has the ability to reduce appetite.

But that isnt the extent of the benefits of whey. There are multiple other studies that found whey helps build more muscle and create a higher bone density.

Whey protein contains the amino acids which are used to synthesize glutathione, an essential antioxidant within the body. Oxidative stress is one of the causes of insulin resistance, and whey protein can aid in controlling blood sugar levels. The research showed positive insulin responses, and improvements in blood sugar levels.

As you know, insulin is the hormone that keeps blood glucose within normal limits. Research suggests that whey protein in the clinical nutrition of people with diabetes can moderate blood sugar levels. If you compare it to other sources of protein such as lean ham or egg white, whey protein did better.

Protein Powder Brands For Diabetics

Can diabetic people take whey protein? Fighting Diabetes ...

Whey, being extremely rich in protein, is an excellent nutritious substance that must be included in the diets of diabetes patients. Whey isolates and whey proteins are two compounds that constitute protein powders. Also look for protein powders that contain soy, casein, plant derivatives, and egg albumen. Protein powders also contain different types of vitamins, like vitamin A, B, D and K. They are rich in minerals essential for body as well. All these components are conducive for a body having high blood glucose.

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Where To Buy Premier Protein Drink

Premier Protein Drink is available from all the favorite online stores such as Walmart and Amazon. I prefer buying mine from the manufacturers Website as it comes with amazing discounts and Im assured of originality.

The good news is that this supplement is readily available, and you dont need any prescription for it. Just order online and have it delivered wherever you are.

Insulin Whey Protein And Blood Sugar

Whey protein has a variety of characteristics that appear to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

The amino acid L-cysteine is abundant in whey protein. Glutathione, one of the bodys most essential antioxidants, is made from L-cysteine. One of the underlying causes of insulin resistance is oxidative stress, which is considered to be responsible for some of the consequences of diabetes, such as peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy, and kidney damage.

When whey protein is added to a meal, it boosts insulin production and lowers blood sugar levels after that. After meals, whey protein can help diabetics lower their triglyceride levels.

Blood sugar levels were shown to be 28 percent lower in individuals who ate whey protein with their meals in recent research. Insulin levels were raised, and the insulin response was also prolonged. Although the study was tiny, with just 15 people participating, the results were significant due to the studys methodology.

Whey also offers additional benefits, such as making you feel fuller for longer periods of time, which can aid in weight reduction. Whey protein also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can benefit overall health. Since inflammation is present in everyone with diabetes, making blood sugar management and weight reduction more difficult. Finally, whey protein appears to promote fat loss in the liver.

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Intended To Substitute One Or Two Meals A Day

Meal replacements are specially designed as solid food replacements and hence contain all the nutrients a body receives from a proper meal.

According to the European Union, a meal replacement must meet the following compositional criteria:

  • Energy: 200-250 kcal
  • Fat: Less than or equal to 30%
  • Protein: 25-50%
  • Vitamins and minerals: More than 30%

Protein and fiber play an important role in meal replacement products as these two components have the ability to curb a persons appetite.

Protein and fiber-rich diets are used extensively in weight loss regimes as you tend to feel quite full after ingesting them when compared to other nutrients. The reason for this is listed below:

  • Protein and fiber are digested more slowly than carbohydrates, which leaves the individual feeling full for a long duration of time.
  • Their slow rate of digestion causes them to be present in the gastrointestinal tract for a longer period of time.
  • You will have to drink quite a lot of water to help with the digestion of fiber, which in turn causes you to feel full and curbs your appetite.

We see that even in meal replacement products, protein seems to play an important role, which is why they are often confused with being the same as protein shakes.

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Effect Of Whey On Energy Expenditure


Energy expenditure from thermogenesis, which increases oxygen consumption and body temperature, is thought to induce feelings of satiety. Of the macronutrients, dietary protein stimulates thermogenesis and satiety more than carbohydrate or fat. Acheson et al reported that whey protein elicits a greater thermic response than protein composed of either casein or soy, where protein accounted for 50% of the energy content of the meal. This may be because whey protein, as a fast protein, is rapidly digested to result in greater postprandial protein synthesis. In particular, leucine, which is present in high concentrations in whey, has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and may also increase postprandial energy expenditure.

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Can People With Diabetes Drink Protein Drinks Shakes Or Smoothies

Are you in love with your protein drinks? But then you developed diabetes, and you are scared of whether to continue?

Here we will talk about your questions regarding consuming protein drinks whether you should go ahead with taking your protein drinks or not.

Tip: Glucerna is made for diabetics, but our review raised many questions about Glucerna products which you should be cautious about.

The body does not have control over the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

Therefore, adequate dietary choices should be made in order to manage the glucose level.

It has been noted that carbohydrate causes a high sugar level, this can be harmful to the body, owing to the fact that proteins take longer to digest. This will lead to a gradual and steady rise in blood sugar, which keeps the individual at a safe state.

Protein is highly important for the human body structure, as it contributes to the adequate functioning of cells. They help in muscle repair, and maintenance contributes to hormones, antibodies and enzymes.

Although the body produces proteins, a large amount should also come from the diet.

Protein drink can be advised for type 2 diabetic patients when they are overweight or obese.

Tip: Our favorite diabetes-friendly smoothies receipts in our earlier article. Just follow the link.

Diabetic patients who are athletes are advised to take protein shake as it helps them maintain the protein level.

Whey Protein For Diabetes

In a very small September 2017 study in BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, having whey protein before a meal was linked with lower blood sugar spikes by increasing insulin in people with type 2 diabetes. However, the study also found that, in people who had overweight or high blood fats, blood sugar actually spiked after having whey protein.

While previous research suggests that whey protein increases insulin secretion, there has not been enough evidence to show that taking whey protein in powders or shakes causes glucose levels to improve in people with type 2 diabetes. In the small BMJ study, researchers concluded that whey protein could be an option for providers to discuss with their patients with diabetes who do not have obesity or have high triglycerides, but more research is needed.

“I often caution against processed foods, including protein shakes, when counseling people living with diabetes,” says Joy Ashby Cornthwaite, RD, LD, certified diabetes educator at UT Physicians, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. “Supplements remain a largely under-regulated industry. If people choose to use them, I encourage frequent glucose monitoring around or near use of shakes and supplements.”

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Get The Best Of Both Worlds With The Perfect Protein Drink

Protein powders are mostly divided into plant-based and dairy-based categories. These beneficial shakes are found in many formulations. But which of these can qualify as the best? This can be confusing indeed. After all, you have to determine which of the various protein powders can be trusted to contain the real thing without any preservative and chemical ingredients.

So how can you decide which protein powder to make the shake? Apart from the threat of consuming something detrimental to health, there is also the task of actually making the protein powder. The recipe can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there is one protein shake for diabetics that can solve all the problems.

Vieve protein water is a sugar-free hydrating protein drink formulated especially for all those busy and active people out there. This protein water comprises a unique collagen peptide formula. It is devoid of any preservatives and is also gluten-free. Vieve protein water, in addition to being sugar-free, is also 100% dairy and lactose-free. It contains zero carbs.

It is well known that diabetics have to avoid weight gain to minimize the risk of complications. This protein drink makes it easier to control weight as it keeps your appetite satiated while simultaneously ensuring that your carb intake doesnt increase.

Can Whey Protein Isolate Be Consumed By Diabetics

NaturesTwig All Natural Chocolate Whey Protein, 16 oz ...

To keep blood glucose levels constant, whey protein isolate can be divided into 6 small meals, using 5g portions at each meal, in the form of a shake.

For example, it can be consumed shaken with a banana or other fruit of your choice. Of course, its always good to remember: its important to ask your nutritionist or doctor for advice to know the most appropriate amount within your diet.

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Is Whey Protein Safe For People With Diabetes

How important is it? Does Whey Spike Blood glucose levels? Is whey bad for people with diabetes? Will whey ruin your kidneys? What does the research say about blood glucose, whey and diabetes? How to incorporate whey protein into your diabetes bodybuilding diet plan? Watch the video below to find out. If you liked this video and want to learn more about nutrition and living with diabetes. You need to check out the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Training Lab. It contains a vault of in-depth knowledge and resources you cant find anywhere else on the internet. Youll gain valuable new found knowledge on diabetes, nutrition, training, mindset and more. Join 1000s of other diabetics just like you and start building muscle, shredding body fat and build the best version of you.Continue reading > >

Is Whey Protein Effective In Reducing Postprandial Glycaemia In Type 2 Diabetes

Although it is clear that whey has an insulinotropic effect, it is less clear as to whether the magnitude of insulin stimulation is sufficient to reduce postprandial glycaemia in patients with type 2 diabetes, who tend to be insulin-resistant, and often exhibit hyperinsulinaemia. Insulin sensitivity, assessed using a euglycaemic-hyperinsulinaemic clamp, impacts on the capacity for acute administration of protein to reduce blood glucose concentrations in healthy subjects, and this may explain why some studies of patients with type 2 diabetes reported no reduction in blood glucose despite stimulation of insulin after a protein meal.

Frid et al evaluated the effect of adding whey protein to high glycaemic index meals taken at breakfast and lunch in patients with type 2 diabetes. Plasma insulin responses were higher after both breakfast and lunch with whey when compared to lean ham or lactose. There was a reduction in blood glucose excursions after lunch but not breakfast, which might be related to either the differing meal content, or to higher insulin resistance seen in the fasting state affecting responses after breakfast.

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Best Whey Protein For Diabetics

By now youre probably hooked on the idea of giving whey a try now and asking yourself which brand should I get? There are a lot of brands out there but they arent all created equal. A good whey protein for diabetes should meet the following 4 criteria:

  • 30 or more grams of protein on the nutrition label
  • 2 or less grams of carbs
  • 0-1 grams of fat
  • Comes in a flavour you enjoy and can see yourself using long-term

You may be thinking Wouldnt that be most brands? Well, yes, there definitely are a lot of brands out there that meet these criteria. But thats the point it shouldnt be hard to find a brand that does these things.

But while there are things that brands should have there are also things brands dont need and frankly dont matter. Here are some of them:

  • Additional vitamins and/or minerals
  • The amounts included in whey powders are so low that they dont do anything for you, except maybe impress the consumer. But most vitamins and minerals you get through food anyway. Or if you dont, the vitamins and minerals in a multivitamin will do far more for you than the vitamins and minerals in whey.
  • Whether or not there are artificial flavours/sweeteners
  • Whether or not it has probiotics
  • The whole world of the microbiome is still too complex for us to know whether adding probiotics to whey protein has any additional benefit.
  • Whether its grass-fed or not
  • Group : Those With Lactose Intolerance

    Special Protein Drink for diabetes | Diabetes and Weight loss | Fighting Diabetes

    This may be a little shocking but people who are lactose intolerant should either avoid whey protein or be very careful with choosing their whey protein.

    In theory there shouldnt be any lactose in whey since lactose is a sugar and whey protein is well protein. But some brands include lactose either on purpose or just because their method of processing doesnt do the best job removing the lactose.

    Clean brands wont include lactose in their whey protein. So if you really want to make sure just ask the sales clerk at the store, or if youre buying on it should say no lactose or lactose free on their page.

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