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Is Honey Wheat Bread Good For Diabetics

Best And Worst Breads For Type 2 Diabetes

Which is better for a Diabetic wheat or rice? – Dr. Shantala Rudresh

Pumpernickel bread combines the benefits of two diabetes-friendly breads: rye bread and sourdough bread. That’s because traditional pumpernickel is made with coarsely ground rye flour and is fermented with sourdough starter.

If you like baking, there are plenty of healthy bread recipes you can create to ensure you get 100% whole grain! This one has no wheat, while this one from Harvard combines rye, buckwheat and wheat flour in a wholesome loaf.. Now that youre armed with all this info from a health expert, the yeast you could do is go forth and get bread-y to rock n roll in healthy delicious goodness!

First off its important to mention that people with diabetes can continue to enjoy bread just like anyone else. Of course, like with any other food, portion sizes will have to be adapted to help you meet your blood glucose and health goals. Even healthy 100% whole grain bread will raise blood sugar, so portion size is still very important.

Many types of bread are loaded with carbohydrates and sugars that cause blood glucose t May 21, 2014 diabetes super food number 2 rye flour. This dense bread of whole rye seems to be good enough not to increase my blood sugar levels . The best bread for people with diabetes. The Diabetes Council.

Using These Flours Is Even Better

BUT, as suggested above, even whole grains can be problematic for people with diabetes. So we only use almond flour or almond meal, coconut flour, ground flaxseed meal, sesame flour, and other nut flours in the majority of our low carb breads and bakes.

On the odd occasion, we use a small amount of normal flour such as arrowroot or corn flour, just to thicken sauces, which can be difficult to do with low carb flours.

Take this delicious burger as an example, the bun is our 3-Minute no carb Microwave Bun. It tastes just like bread but has zero carbs, thats rightzero!

Lets now compare a normal flour based burger with one of our low carb burgers, made from our 3-minute microwave bun.

Healthiest Bread For Diabetics Worth A Buy

Mostly commercially available bread consists of refined, white flour, lacking fiber content in addition, it can raise blood glucose levels.

Is whole grain bread good for diabetics? Whole-grain bread is just perfect for any person who is looking for monitoring their calorie and carbs count. If a person is unresponsive about the standard versions, then there are plenty of other low carb bread brands as well:

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Nature’s Eats Blanched Almond Flour

The star of your dessert is really the flour. Almond flour, protein-packed and nutty, is nature’s way to include wholesome goodness in every bite while rolling out the dough for cakes, pastries, pies, or muffins. Nature’s Eats Blanched Almond Flour adds a touch of decadence without many calories to traditional baked goods.

It’s been well documented that almonds have some of the highest antioxidant levels and are packed with calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, and copper. Substituting out flour for an almond meal has a lot of benefits: It lowers the calories in your favorite baked goods by adding more protein to your diet without compromising taste or texture.

4.5/5 stars and 7,650 ratings

Which Foods Count As Whole Grain

Is Rye Bread Good For Diabetes?

For food to count as whole grai, it should include each of the three parts . However, shop produce can make it very difficult to tell what is actually whole grain.

Be wary of terms like wholemeal, granary and multigrain as these offer no guarantee that the bread is made from whole grains. Look instead for use of the term whole grain or wholegrain.

As a general guide, look for items such as the following:

  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain or buckwheat flour
  • Whole grain bread

Truly whole grain foods are difficult to find in supermarkets and so sometimes a wholemeal loaf may be the best on offer.

As a good general rule of thumb, the more fibre present in a grain product, the healthier it is likely to be.

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Is Honey Wheat Bread Healthy: Secret You Dont Know

The bread aisle is filled with many types of bread. Is Honey Wheat Bread Healthy? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking for a healthy alternative to white bread.

The answer to this question can vary depending on what you like and dislike in your food, but some general guidelines may help you decide if honey wheat is right for you or not.

When comparing honey wheat bread to white or whole-wheat, it seems that the health benefits of honey wheat are not as great. Honey wheat contains a lot more sugar and fat than either one of its counterparts.


  • 16 The Bottom Line
  • Top 10 Worst Foods For Diabetes

    These foods can can cause blood sugar spikes or increase your risk of diabetes complications. White Bread Refined starches â white bread, white rice, white pasta, and anything made with white flour â act a lot like sugar once the body starts to digest them. Therefore, just like sugar, refined starches interfere with glucose control and should be avoided by those with diabetes. Whole grains are a better choice because theyâre richer in fiber and generally cause a slower, steadier rise in blood sugar. Instead of white bread or a bagel for breakfast, opt for a toasted whole grain English Muffin . At lunch and dinner, replace white carbs with healthier whole grain options such as brown or wild rice, barley, quinoa, and whole-wheat bread to minimize the impact on your blood sugar. Even high-quality, whole grain starches elevate blood glucose to some degree, so itâs still important to limit portions â stick with ½ to ¾ cup cooked grains or just 1 slice of bread at meals.Continue reading > >

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    Are There Benefits To Eating Honey If You Have Diabetes

    One benefit of eating honey is that it could increase your insulin level and help control your blood sugar.

    Replacing sugar with honey can also be beneficial, considering how honey is a source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    A diet rich in antioxidants can improve how your body metabolizes sugar, and the anti-inflammatory properties in honey could potentially reducediabetes complications.

    Inflammation can lead to insulin resistance, which is when the body doesnt respond properly to insulin.

    Is It Good For Diabetic To Eat Pita Bread

    S02E03 – Type 2 diabetics need to know about bread. (2010)

    Carbohydrate counts in Greek pita bread and regular sliced bread brands vary as much as calorie counts. Instead of focusing on whether a bread is low or high in carbs, focus on whether the carbs are healthy or unhealthy. A bread made mostly of white flour will be high in unhealthy carbs, especially if extra sugar is included.

    Most supermarket bought Pitta Breads are made with extremely refined flour, and will often have a far worse impact on your BG than even ordinary breads. Agree x 1. Informative x 1. #13 britishpub, 4y 43w ago.

    Safe diabetic foods can include bagels, crackers, pitas and sandwich wraps made from stone-ground whole wheat. Diabetics should carefully read all labels to be sure that they are eating only bread made from the type of wheat that is safe for them to eat.

    generally it is a mix of whole wheat and white, but whole wheat pita has 35 grams of carbs per pita, with 5 grams of fiber. IMO 1/2 a pita should be OK with a meal. Thanks for your Reply! 12 years ago. amanda2581 replied to betaquartz s response:

    The carb value of a pita. The nutritional value of any bread is determined by the number of carbs it dispenses. Just as aforesaid, pita is an ideal treat for diabetics due to its lower caloric value and sugar content. A 4-inch whole-grain pita has a total of about 15.5 grams of carbohydrate. The same 4-inch pita comes with 2 grams of fiber.

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    Livekuna Premium Organic Quinoa Flour

    LiveKuna quinoa flour is a gluten-free, organic whole grain alternative that can be used in baking and cooking. Full of fiber and protein, LiveKuna Quinoa Flour contains none of the allergens commonly found in cereal grains like wheat or rye and manages to retain all 22 amino acids!

    It’s perfect for people with celiac disease, diabetics, and vegans, but also doubles as an excellent starchy-side dish made simply by adding boiling water to kernels after being cooked on high heat.

    With a long shelf life too at over 2 years, if stored properly, it’s obvious this stuff does it all – not just taste good.

    4.5/5 stars and 243 ratings

    White Bread With Whole Grains And Fibre

    A white bread with all the benefits of whole grain too good to be true? Unfortunately, yes.

    Fibre promotes bowel regularity. It absorbs water and swells, increasing stool volume and reducing the risk of constipation. But this fibre benefit depends on the size of the bran and the fibre particles. If they are too refined, they lose their laxative properties.

    To have any effect on bowel regularity, the bran particles in the bread must be visible to the naked eye.

    In the new white whole-grain breads, the fibre is ground into fine particles to obtain a smooth, uniform and almost white crumb, but this milling process often grinds the fibre so finely that it loses much of its beneficial effect.

    In white whole-wheat bread, the fibre is ground so finely that it loses its properties.

    Sometimes, the industry adds fibre concentrates to increase the content of dietary fibre. You need to watch out for these ingredients, because they dont always have the same nutritional value as whole grains, which contain all parts of the kernel.

    To learn more about fibre and its properties, visit our web page on dietary fibre.

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    Whole Grain Flours Are A Better Option

    Its true that whole grains are better as far as nutrition goes.

    As the Minnesota Department of Health explains, the whole grain kernals are made up of 3 parts:

  • Bran Outer layer of the grain that contains fiber, antioxidants, B vitamins, phytochemicals, and 50-80% of minerals in grains like iron, copper, zinc, magnesium
  • Endosperm middle largest layer containing mostly carbohydrates, protein, and small amounts of some B vitamins and minerals
  • Germ inner component containing healthy fats, B vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants like vitamin E
  • When you eat refined grains you are only getting the endosperm, so basically all of the nutrition has been stripped from the grain, which isnt really ideal. So if you are going to choose any type of grain, choose only whole grains.

    Low Carb Breads At Local Stores

    The Best is whole Grain Bread Good for Diabetics

    These can be harder to find, but since low carb is becoming more popular, if you look around there are more options available.

    For instance, in the US and Canada, Walmart sells ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Low Carb Bread Plain, 2pack and Josephs Bakery Mini Pita Bread, both of which are 7 grams carbs per slice/bread.

    In the UK, Tescon sells Hovis Lower Carb Seeded Bread, which is around 9 grams carbs per slice a little bit lower than regular bread.

    In Australia, Aldi sells an 85% lower carb bread, which is just 5 grams per slice.

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    Flax Oat Bran Pita Bread

    Josephs Flax, Oat, and Wheat Pita are great options for diabetics. Pita bread is great for snacks or even for DIY over pizzas. With this brand, youll get 6g of protein and only 60 calories per piece.

    Oat bran, in particular, is actually great for diabetics. Oat bran has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, thanks to its high-fiber content. Plus, its beta-glucan helps to slow down the digestion process, making it easier for your body to digest carbs without causing sugar spikes.

    Breads With High Fibers

    Breads that are whole grain, and high in fiber, such as oats or bran, are the best type of bread for people with diabetes to eat.

    While you can have a serving or two of bread, you still need to stay within the appropriate amount of carbohydrates for your meal. You can even make your own bread by adding the ingredients to your favorite bread recipe, and enjoy healthier bread at home.

    Healthier bread ingredients

    If you are a bread baker, like my husband, then you may even have a whole book of bread recipes. You dont need to go out and get a new recipe book. You can just swap out ingredients. Go find your old bread recipe book, and your favorite recipe, and lets get busy swapping out the refined grains for the whole grains.

    You want your bread ingredients to be high in protein, high in good fats, and high in fiber. This can reduce the amount that the bread will increase your blood sugar, and the rate at which it does so. The American Diabetes Association recommends that you replace white and refined flours with 100% whole wheat flour.

    Once you have found your recipe, first swap out white refined flour for whole grain flour , then swap out one fourth of the whole grain flour for a flour such as almond flour, or flaxseed meal. This will give you protein in your bread, which will further keep your sugar steady.

    I suggest reading the following articles:

    Why high fiber?

    • Flaxseed meal
    • Coconut flour
    • Multi-grain bread

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    Why Are Some People Against Buying It

    Many people are against this type of bread because they dont feel that the benefits outweigh the risks. Theres a lot of sugar in Honey Wheat Bread and high levels of sodium as well. The wheat grains also contain gluten, which is unhealthy for those who have celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten due to other reasons such

    Sliced Bread Versus Artisan Bread: Watch Your Portions

    Low Carb / Keto Wheat Bread Recipe How To Make Wheat Bread Keto. Best Recipe Sugar Free Diabetic

    It may be tempting from time to time to purchase artisan bread at the bakery around the corner or even at the grocery store. However, you must be careful about serving size. If the bread is unsliced, you must be sure that the portion you eat is close to the reference serving size . In most cases, artisan-bread packaging does not have a nutrition label. Therefore, its impossible to know how much carbohydrate and fibre a serving contains. Whats more, there is often no list of ingredients.

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    What Should I Do Instead

    If someone wants a more balanced diet and doesnt like the idea of consuming processed carbs, then they can try switching out their toast for oatmeal during breakfast time, as oats are high in fibre and contain no sugar.

    Suppose someone has some medical condition when it comes to gluten intake, such as celiac disease. They will have to find another way of getting all the nutrients from grains without eating any form to consume gluten.

    Sourdough Vs Other Breads

    Now its time to answer everyones burning question about sourdough: does it have less sugar than other breads do?

    This comparison chart should answer that question pretty quickly:

    And the final answer is no.

    Despite what some health gurus may say, sourdough bread isnt that much lower in carbs compared to other breads. Which means that sourdough isnt a miracle bread that people with diabetes can indulge on without consequences .

    If your goal is to stabilize your blood sugar levels, then the best bread is a low carb bread made from naturally low carb flours like almond flour, coconut flour, or flaxseed meal.

    Or you can skip the bread altogether and follow a meal plan that focuses on healthy proteins and fats while supplying healthy carbohydrates through vegetables it works!

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    Best Breads For Diabetes

    Watching your carbs doesn’t have to mean banishing bread. Use these tips to pick a whole-grain, carb-smart loaf. Or choose one of our taste-tested, dietitian-approved picks.

    Do you avoid the bread aisle just to escape the confusion felt by so many carb-conscious consumers? It’s true: Bread is a tricky product to buy, especially for people with diabetes. Now you can return to the bread aisle with confidence-thanks to our brand picks and shopping guidelines. Here, we give our best choice for whole-grain bread and go over what to look for when you shop. Plus, get tasty and diabetes-friendly ideas for open-faced sandwiches.

    These brands met our standards for nutrition and taste.

    Bimbo ‘made With’ Whole Grain White Bread


    When they say “Made With Whole Grain,” Bimbo means it’s listed as the third ingredient: behind regular old white flour and water. What’s surprising to us is that this two-slice serving actually has 2 more grams of sugar than Bimbo’s Soft Wheat Bread. It’s likely because manufacturers increase the amount of added sugar to bread brands made with whole grains because consumers still look for that sweet taste of white bread with the “healthy” feeling of eating whole grains.

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    Low Carb Bread Options From Netrition

    Netrition is another great online store to purchase low carb goods from. If you live in the US, they have a flat rate shipping cost of $5.99, which is much cheaper than Amazon. They also ship worldwide, just make sure to check the shipping guide.

    Another great thing is their prices for items are much cheaper too. For example, remember the Mama Lupes Low Carb Tortillas from Amazon were $11.98?

    Well, you can get them from Netrition for just $3.89 per pack!

    The MiRico Low Carb Bread is $6.39 per loaf, with 3 g net carbs per serve, so if you buy a few loaves at a time it wont cost anymore in shipping so it makes the cost fairly reasonable. MiRico also have low carb bagels, and low carb tortillas too.


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