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Can You Mix Glargine And Regular Insulin

Some Side Effects Can Be Serious If You Experience These Symptoms Call Your Doctor Immediately Or Get Emergency Treatment:

PostCare Diabetes Center: Mixing Insulin
  • rash, hives, or itching all over the body
  • wheezing
  • swelling of the eyes, face, lips, tongue, or throat
  • hoarseness
  • swelling of ankles or feet
  • shortness of breath
  • vision changes

Insulin glargine products may cause other side effects. Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while using this medication.

What Special Dietary Instructions Should I Follow

Be sure to follow all exercise and dietary recommendations made by your doctor or dietitian. It is important to eat a healthful diet and to eat about the same amounts of the same kinds of food at about the same times each day. Skipping or delaying meals or changing the amount or kind of food you eat can cause problems with your blood sugar control.

What Are The Side Effects Of Insulin Glargine

Insulin glargine may potentially cause side effects ranging from mild to severe. The list below includes some of the most common side effects but is not a complete list. Mild side effects may go away after a few days or weeks of consistent medication-taking, but if they persist or worsen you should speak with your doctor.

Common side effects:

  • Mild irritation and redness around the injection site

    MyTherapy: Reminder For Your Meds

  • Swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat

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Can You Give Lantus And Regular Insulin Together

4.2/5Lantus insulininsulinYouinsulinLantusinsulinexplained here

Lantus, Levemir and Tresiba may have some modest advantages over NPH insulin like fewer symptoms or hypoglycemia in type 2 diabetes, with the important disadvantage of higher cost. Unlike Lantus and Levemir, Tresiba can be mixed with a short-acting insulin, which is a plus.

Also Know, can you give Novorapid and Lantus at the same time? Do not give Lantus and in the same site or at the same time. or Humalog : Is a rapid acting insulin and should be given 10-15 minutes before eating. You need to give at least 3 hours between /Humalog injections to prevent stacking of insulin causing hypoglycaemia/low blood sugar.

In this regard, can you mix glargine and regular insulin?

Glargine : Cannot be mixed with other insulin. 2. Rapid acting or Regular insulin is drawn up first, followed by intermediate/long acting insulin use within 15 minutes.

Can you mix Lantus and Humulin?

Mixing Long and Short Acting Insulins in Same Syringe Does Not Compromise Long-T. Mixing Lantus and rapid-acting insulins as Humalog or Novolog does not compromise glycemic control.

How Do You Inject Insulin Glargine

Insulin Ce

Many patients taking insulin glargine will administer self-injections, due to the frequency at which they must take the drug. However, you mustnt begin self-injections before speaking with your doctor and knowing how to do it properly. If youve already spoken with your doctor and its been determined that you should proceed with self-injections, the following video from SingHealth may provide helpful information as a reminder for how to perform insulin injections in general.

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Nursing Care For Patients Having Insulin Injections

Administering insulin injections requires the nurse to be more careful, especially since apart from the need to calibrate doses, monitoring patient response to medication should be made. The following are nursing considerations for patients who are receiving insulin injections as part of their therapies for diabetes mellitus:

  • Perform a thorough assessment on the potential for contraindications or any complications arising from insulin therapy such as pregnancy, history of allergies, and other premorbid conditions.
  • Ensure that proper blood sugar monitoring is performed to help determine the need to adjust doses as needed.
  • Determine the level of physical activity and independence that the patient exerts so that the plan of care and other treatment regimes may be modified or changed according to his needs.
  • Monitor other laboratory values of the patient and involve him in planning for its monitoring, especially when the insulin therapy plans a long-term care management plan.
  • Work with the patient to ensure that his diet and activity plans help enhance the increased effectiveness of insulin therapy.
  • Provide teaching to the patient and his significant others the importance of following the recommended treatment regimen for the patient to prevent complications such as:
  • Proper diet
  • Adherence to medication regimen
  • Activity and other lifestyle factors
  • Ensure that the proper steps for preparing insulin injections are observed and taught to patients and their significant others:
  • Common And Serious Side Effects: What To Watch For

    The most common side effect of insulin, including Lantus, is low blood sugar , which may be serious. Some people may experience symptoms such as shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision.

    Ask your doctor about the symptoms and signs of hypoglycemia, how to track your blood sugar, and what to do if you suffer a hypoglycemic event.

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    Effects Of Mixing Glargine And Short

  • Walid Kaplan, MD,
  • OBrian E. Smith, PHD,
  • Morey W. Haymond, MD and
  • Rubina A. Heptulla, MD
  • From the Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Childrens Hospital, Houston, Texas
  • Address correspondence and reprint requests to Rubina A. Heptulla, MD, Texas Childrens Hospital, 6621 Fannin St., Houston, TX 77030. E-mail:

    S On How To Mix Insulin

    How to Mix Insulin NPH and Regular Insulin Nursing | Mixing Insulin Clear to Cloudy

    1. Check the doctors order and that you have the correct medication:

    Doctors order says: 10 units of Humulin R and 12 units of Humulin N subcutaneous before breakfast daily

    Youre giving a total of 22 units

    As the nurse, it is important to know the peak times of the insulin you are giving because this is the most likely time the patient could experience HYPOGLYCEMIA.

    • Regular insulin has an onset of 30 minutes, peak 2 hours, and duration of 8 hours
    • NPH insulin has an onset of 2 hours, peak 8 hours, and duration of 16 hours

    Learn these insulin mnemonics to remember the onset, peak, and duration times.

    2. Wash your hands and don gloves!

    3.Roll the cloudy insulin vial in between the palms of the hands to mix the ingredients because if you dont mix the contents it can alter how much cloudy insulin you are actually drawing up. DONT SHAKE the vial because this will cause air bubbles!

    4. Clean off tops of vials with alcohol prep for 5 to 10 seconds.

    5. Remove cap from syringe.

    6. Inject 12 units of air into the Humulin-N vial & then remove syringe from vial.

    7. Inject 10 units of air into the Humulin-R vial & turn bottle upside down and then withdraw 10 units of clear insulinREMOVE SYRINGE.

    8. Insert syringe into Humulin-N and turn bottle upside down and remove TOTAL UNITS NEEDED by pulling the plunger to 22 units

    9. Recap the needle using the one-hand scoop techniqueif not using immediately.

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    The Effects Of Mixing Different Insulin Analogues

    Frequently doctors, specialist nurses and patients are unaware of the interaction between different insulins. We reviewed a needle phobic patient using a subcutaneous cannula device. The patient was using insulin glargine and insulin aspart . He had been advised to use two separate devices to keep the insulins apart. However, he was using the one device to give both insulin types and had experienced no problems.

    Unlike most other insulins which are soluble at a neutral pH, insulin glargine is soluble at a pH of 4. The slightly acidic nature of glargine is the reason it can sting when injected. The manufacturer advises that it is never diluted or mixed with other insulins and that it should only be used if it is clear and colourless with no particles visible.

    We demonstrate the effects of mixing insulin glargine with short acting insulin analogues. In each of six 1ml syringes we mixed 50 units of a long acting insulin analogue, either glargine or detemir , with 50 units of a short acting analogue: aspart , lispro or glulisine .

    All of the short acting insulins mixed with insulin glargine immediately formed a cloudy white precipitate which gradually settled at the bottom of the syringe. In contrast, no precipitate was seen with the same short acting analogues mixed with detemir .

    Figure 1

    From top to bottom: Lantus + Novorapid Lantus + Humalog Lantus + Apidra Levemir + Novorapid Levemir + Humalog Levemir + Apidra

    Can You Mix Aspart And Regular Insulin


    . Herein, which insulin should never be mixed?

    Some insulins, like glargine and detemer , cannot be mixed. Other insulins are already a combination of two types of insulin and should not be mixed.

    why is NPH mixed with regular insulin? NPH +Regular insulin: Always draw the Regular insulin into the syringe first. Phosphate-buffered insulins should NOT be mixed with lente insulins. Zinc phosphate may precipitate, and the longer-acting insulin will convert to a short-acting insulin to an unpredictable extent.

    Hereof, which insulin should be drawn up first?

    For a mixed dose, putting sufficient air into both bottles before drawing up the dose is important. When mixing rapid- or short-acting insulin with intermediate– or long-acting insulin, the clear rapid- or short-acting insulin should be drawn into the syringe first.

    What happens if you mix insulins?

    If you shake the insulin and mix in a lot of bubbles, they will not hurt you. But you might end up with little bubbles of air in your syringe, and that would mean you would not get your full dose of insulin.

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    Are There Any Interactions With Insulin Glargine

    There is a long list of drugs, supplements, and vitamins that may interact with insulin glargine or affect the way it works. To ensure you avoid any negative interactions, you must speak with your doctor about anything youre taking before beginning treatment.

    Among the most important interactions to be aware of are drugs that reduce blood sugar, as taking them with insulin glargine may lead to dangerously low blood sugar. You should also be sure to mention any drugs youre taking such as drugs for hypertension or antipsychotics as they could interact with insulin glargine.

    Research Design And Methods

    Insulin Ce

    The protocol was approved by the institutional review board of the Baylor College of Medicine, and consent was obtained before each study. Subjects were recruited from Texas Childrens Hospital Diabetes Care Center, Houston, Texas. Subjects had type 1 diabetes for at least 1 year with no other chronic illness and were on no additional medications . All subjects were using insulin glargine as a once- daily injection at bedtime or before supper or breakfast, with three or more injections of SAIs administered with each meal. Subjects had HbA1c< 9.0% and BMI < 90th percentile for age. Each subject underwent three studies over a 4- to 6-week period.

    Baseline study: subjects were studied on their baseline once-daily dose of glargine and three to four separate injections of SAIs that were dosed according to an insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio. After the baseline study, subjects were randomized into one of two groups with a cross-over design. 1) Study separate: baseline dose of glargine divided into prebreakfast and predinner injections and SAI given with lunch. 2) Study mixed: same as study separate except that prebreakfast and predinner glargine and SAI were mixed in one syringe.

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    Important Safety Information For Lantus Solostar

    Lantus SoloSTAR is a disposable single-patient-use prefilled insulin pen. Please talk to your healthcare provider about proper injection technique and follow instructions in the Instruction Leaflet that accompanies the pen.

    for Full Prescribing Information for Lantus.

    for information on Sharps Medical Waste Disposal.

    to learn more about Sanofis commitment to fighting counterfeit drugs.

    *Eligibility Restrictions & Offer Terms:

    Insulins Valyou Savings Program: Sanofi insulins included in this program are: ADMELOG® 100 Units/mL, TOUJEO® 300 Units/mL, LANTUS® 100 Units/mL, and APIDRA® 100 units/mL.

    Sanofi Copay Program: This offer is not valid for prescriptions covered by or submitted for reimbursement under Medicare, Medicaid, VA, DOD, TRICARE, or similar federal or state programs including any state pharmaceutical assistance program. If you have an Affordable Care plan, you may still be qualified to receive and use this savings card. Please note: The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program is not a federal or state government healthcare program for purposes of the savings program. Void where prohibited by law.

    • LANTUS: Pay as low as $0 up to $99 for a 30-day supply, depending on insurance coverage. Maximum savings apply. Valid up to 10 packs per fill offer valid for 1 fill per month per 30-day supply

    for Full Prescribing Information for Lantus.

    What Do I Need To Tell My Doctor Before I Take Insulin Nph And Insulin Regular

    • If you are allergic to insulin NPH and insulin regular any part of insulin NPH and insulin regular or any other drugs, foods, or substances. Tell your doctor about the allergy and what signs you had.
    • If you have low blood sugar.

    This is not a list of all drugs or health problems that interact with insulin NPH and insulin regular .

    Tell your doctor and pharmacist about all of your drugs and health problems. You must check to make sure that it is safe for you to take insulin NPH and insulin regular with all of your drugs and health problems. Do not start, stop, or change the dose of any drug without checking with your doctor.

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    How Would You Prepare To Administer This Injection


  • Gather all of the equipment you will need
  • Wash your hands
  • Check the expiration date on the vials of insulin. If they are not expired, pick up the cloudy bottle of insulin and roll it between your hands until it is mixed, until there is no powder on the bottom of the bottle. Do not shake the insulin bottle because this can cause air bubbles.
  • Take the bottle of cotton ball dipped in alcohol and wipe the top of both insulin vials
  • Pick the Humulin N first and inject 30 units of air into the vial Mixing two types of insulin in one syringe
  • After putting air in the Humulin N do not draw up the insulin yet, just pull the needle out and insert 10 units of air into the Humulin R vial.
  • Then, after you inject the air into Humulin R turn the vial upside down to draw 10 units of Humulin R into the syringe.
  • Once you have drawn up yours 10 units, Insert the needle into the vial of Humulin N and draw the slower-acting insulin into the syringe
  • What Is Toujeo 300 Units/ml

    Dumb Way to Remember Insulin ( lispro , regular insulin , nph , glargine lantus)

    Prescription Toujeo is a long-acting man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children who are 6 years of age and older with diabetes mellitus.

    • Toujeo is not for use to treat diabetic ketoacidosis
    • It is not known if Toujeo is safe and effective in children under 6 years of age

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    Can You Mix Glargine And Aspart


    Besides, what is lispro aspart and glargine?

    Lispro, aspart, and glargine are all analog insulin, which means they’ve been genetically modified to work more quickly or slowly in the body.

    Also Know, which insulin should never be mixed? Some insulins, like glargine and detemer , cannot be mixed. Other insulins are already a combination of two types of insulin and should not be mixed.

    Also know, can you mix insulin glargine and lispro?

    Humalog can be mixed with insulin NPH , but always draw Humalog into the syringe first. Never mix Humalog with Lantus. Do not mix Humalog with other insulins if using an insulin pen or external pump. Do not vigorously shake insulin before use.

    Do you draw up NPH or regular first?

    NPH + Lispro : Compatible – Humalog should be drawn into the syringe first. The injection should be made immediately after mixing. NPH +Regular insulin: Always draw the Regular insulin into the syringe first. Phosphate-buffered insulins should NOT be mixed with lente insulins.

    How Much Does Insulin Glargine Cost

    One of the most common questions regarding insulin is about the cost. While its impossible to say what it will cost you individually, as that will depend on your location and insurance, we can provide a cash estimate. The average cash price of Lantus, the name brand of insulin glargine, is about $300/month.

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    Can You Mix Novolog And Novolin R

    4.4/5mixedDomix Novolin Rmixedthis is here

    Aspart – ®: Compatible – but NO support clinically for such a mixture. When mixing insulin in a syringe, draw up the quickest acting insulin first or Lente insulin.

    what insulin Cannot be mixed? Some insulins, like glargine and detemer , cannot be mixed. Other insulins are already a combination of two types of insulin and should not be mixed.

    Accordingly, what insulins can be mixed with novolog?

    The following insulins may be combined: a. Novolog and Humalog , Rapid acting insulin, can be mixed with NPH if provided by the same manufacturer and are administered within 15 minutes after mixing. b. Regular and NPH can be mixed.

    What happens if you mix Lantus and Novolog?

    Mixing Lantus and rapid-acting insulins as Humalog or does not compromise glycemic control. The ability to give RAIs and insulin glargine in the same syringe has the potential to decrease the number of daily injections and increase use of insulin glargine, lead author Dr.

    What Are Some Side Effects That I Need To Call My Doctor About Right Away

    Insulin Ce

    WARNING/CAUTION: Even though it may be rare, some people may have very bad and sometimes deadly side effects when taking a drug. Tell your doctor or get medical help right away if you have any of the following signs or symptoms that may be related to a very bad side effect:

    • Signs of an allergic reaction, like rash hives itching red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin with or without fever wheezing tightness in the chest or throat trouble breathing, swallowing, or talking unusual hoarseness or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat.
    • Signs of low potassium levels like muscle pain or weakness, muscle cramps, or a heartbeat that does not feel normal.

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