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Is Whole Grain Bread Good For Diabetics

The Best Bread Types For Diabetics Or Anyone On A Diet

Breads: Whole Wheat Vs. Whole Grain White Bread – Diabetes Center for Children at CHOP

Bread is loved by everyone and almost essential in every diet around the world. Bread is versatile and can be used for meals on the golike a delicious turkey sandwich.

But as most of you know, whether you have diabetes or youre watching carbs for dieting purposes, bread can be totally out of the question when it comes to foods.

But is it really? What are the bread alternatives? I know for a fact that there are millions of diabetics out there no matter how much I beg they wont give up on their bread. So instead of asking to give up the bread I will give you some suggestions and teach you some basics about the bread.

Here is how they trick you. If you think that bread that is classified as multi-grain is healthy you better think again The term multi-grain only refers to the fact that it contains a variety of grains. To claim it is multigrain all you need is to have 1% of various grains. This does not mean the bread is composed entirely of whole grains as a result, multi-grain breads can still be excessively processed and lacking in nutrients and fiber. Gluten-free bread might also pique your interest. But they are not any better either. Gluten is a protein, so when you remove it you are not really changing carb content.

Is brown bread any good? Many brown breads contains a lot of sugar actually and Theyre made simply with brown food coloring to deceive you into believing that they are healthy!

Trader Joes Multigrain Pita Crisps Added With Sesame Seeds

Pita crisps also make a good cracker item. They are liked for their thin crispiness. This brand is one of the top choices if you are looking for pita crisps.

Their ingredients make it almost like a cracker and are beneficial as well as safe for the health. This Trader Joes option has only 20g carbohydrates and 120 calories.

It also gives you a 3 gram serving of fiber and healthy fats. The sesame seeds add to the list of benefits as well. Moreover, it is a less dry and crispy option that is preferred by a lot of consumers.

In addition to this, these pita crackers have lower sodium and no saturated fats. They are also 0 in terms of cholesterol. All in all, it makes a fit addition to your diabetic snack options.

What Kind Of Bread Is Good For Diabetics

When navigating the world of bread, folks living with diabetes have always been told to tread carefully. The set of diseases resulting from high blood sugar is fairly well-understood, but the topic of bread is one area where things aren’t so cut and dry.

Some diabetics have sworn off bread for life, while others choose to moderate their intake while closely monitoring their reaction.

What the science clearly shows, however, is that certain types of bread are safer for diabetics to the consumer, and there are even some loaves that can provide important health benefits.

We’re going to share with you the kinds of bread that are diabetes-friendly, and a few others that should probably be left on the shelf.

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Best Bread Brands For Diabetes

As youâd expect, there are many bread brands that offer diabetes-friendly options. Weâll cover which ones are my favorites below. Many brands have options that are perfect for people with diabetes, while also having options that arenât so great. Itâs not really about the brand, but more about the individual qualities of each variety.

Can Diabetics Eat Whole Wheat Bread

The Best is whole Grain Bread Good for Diabetics

Diabetes is a metabolic disease, meaning there is a glitch in the way the body converts food energy into usable energy. A healthy reaction to eating carbohydrate is a rise in blood sugar followed by insulin being released as a response. The insulin acts as a key to open up cells within the brain and organs to let glucose in to be used as an immediate source of energy. Any unused energy is then stored in the liver, muscle, and fat tissues. Someone with diabetes has a rise in blood glucose but insulin is either not released or cells are resistant to the insulin. This is why diabetics have difficulty returning their high blood sugar levels back down to normal and thus need to control how much carbohydrate they put into their body throughout the day.

Control carbohydrates. With a little effort and control diabetes can easily be managed. Diabetics should not condemn, but rather control carbohydrates. They should focus on allowing their body only the amount of carbohydrates it can handle at one time . Despite being diabetic, the body still needs and uses carbohydrates as its preferred source of energy. In fact, it is the only source of fuel for the brain! So it should never be eliminated, just merely controlled so your body can handle the glucose load.

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Breads To Break Up With

Remember simple carbs? Breads made with refined carbs spike your blood sugar and arent good for anyone especially peeps with diabetes.

Whats more, they contribute nothing to the relationship because processing strips away the good stuff, like fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Swipe left on breads that list sweeteners like sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, or molasses among the first ingredients.

And watch out for breads that contain raisins or other dried fruit, as these raise the carb and sugar content.

To help you avoid some truly regrettable hookups, stay away from these:

Pillsburys Date Quick Bread and Muffin Mix

Loaded with refined flour and sugar, this stuff has 28 grams of carbs, 14 grams of sugar, and just 1 gram of fiber per serving.

Wonder Bread

With ingredients as cheap as its price, this bread should be benched for good. High fructose corn syrup is third in the ingredient lineup, followed by a bunch of unpronounceable chemical additives. It has 13 grams of carbs, 2 grams of added sugar, and 0 fiber per slice.

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

With 28 grams of carbs, less than 1 gram of fiber, and 8 grams of sugar per serving, this popular cornbread mix is bad news for diabetes. Cant quit cornbread? Try making a healthy homemade version instead.

Which Foods Count As Whole Grain

For food to count as whole grai, it should include each of the three parts . However, shop produce can make it very difficult to tell what is actually whole grain.

Be wary of terms like wholemeal, granary and multigrain as these offer no guarantee that the bread is made from whole grains. Look instead for use of the term whole grain or wholegrain.

As a general guide, look for items such as the following:

  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain or buckwheat flour
  • Whole grain bread

Truly whole grain foods are difficult to find in supermarkets and so sometimes a wholemeal loaf may be the best on offer.

As a good general rule of thumb, the more fibre present in a grain product, the healthier it is likely to be.

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Can Health By Stealth Be The Fiber Driver

If companies are serious about boosting fiber contents, Dye suggested they go down the health by stealth route, which has worked well in sugar and salt reduction, and make surreptitious, incremental additions to products. Its really important not to make goals unrealistic, she observed. People wont eat lentils every day or go from 15g to 50g overnight but even a 5g increase will bring health benefits.

More positive messages are needed too, she said, encourage people to, for example, eat a variety of foods eat more fruit and vegetables eat plenty of colours Eat more grains or cereals. Prohibitive messages dont encourage behavior change, they simply turn people off.

Nestlé is one company heeding this advice. Nestlé UK and Ireland Nutrition Manager Anna Collins agreed fibres dilemma is down in part to many people being hampered by a lack of confidence in their cooking skills. Nestlé brands are looking to be creative in their marketing to encourage fiber intake, she revealed.

New packaging on its Maggi brand of seasonings, for example, will have meal suggestions that contain at least two serves of vegetables per portion. Nestlés brands are also leveraging social media in an attempt to celebrate and invigorate the humble vegetable.

Dos And Donts: A Recap

The Tastiest Whole Grain Sugar Free Banana Bread ~ Great Recipe for Diabetics
  • Choose whole grain varieties the first ingredient on the label should be whole. Examples include whole wheat, whole oat, and whole rye.
  • Look for bread that contains at least three grams of fiber per slice.
  • If youre using two slices of bread to make a sandwich, make sure each slice has less than 100 calories. If your bread contains more than 100 calories per slice, use it for open-faced sandwiches, with just one slice.
  • Consider low-carbohydrate tortillas or pumpernickel, which can help reduce glycemic response.
  • Pair bread or low-carbohydrate tortillas with protein to reduce postprandial blood sugars and make you feel more full. Try nut butter, chopped egg, or sliced chicken with vegetables.


  • Don’t opt for white bread or other choices made with white flour, such as wraps, bagels, rolls, or Italian bread.
  • Dont be fooled by labels that say multi-grain or seven grain. If the first ingredient on the nutrition label doesnt say whole, its not a whole-grain bread.
  • Dont eat bread by itself without protein, as this can cause blood sugars to spike.

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How Many Slices Of Multigrain Bread Can A Diabetic Eat Per Day

Each slice of multigrain bread contains lesser calories and carbs as compared to regular white bread. So you can have more slices of multigrain bread than white bread.

But there is a specified healthy limit when it comes to multigrain bread for diabetic patients.

The safe amount of bread portion for multigrain bread for diabetes is 7-8 slicesin a day. This good number as 7-8 slices are satisfactory enough for a meal or even for a days allowance.

When it comes to white bread made from all-purpose flour, one must restrict oneself to only 3 slices per day. This is because white bread has more calories and carbs that can raise your blood sugar levels rapidly.

On the other hand, you can have more slices of healthier bread alternatives such as whole wheat or multigrain bread. You can top your bread with healthy spreads or make a veggie sandwich that is rich in fiber for added benefits.

It is better if you dont resort to bread daily, even if it is multigrain bread. You can consume bread every alternate day. For more safety, you can even consult your doctors about your daily limit for bread consumption, as they might have more clarity about your diabetic health levels.

It is best to stick to the suggested portions and prevent overdoing the quantities to ensure that there are no risks caused to your sugar levels and health in general.

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Always Avoid White Bread

Like we said earlier, white bread is going to be a no-go for any diabetics, and to be honest, anyone trying to be more health-conscious in general is going to want to steer clear as well.

The highly processed ingredients in these breads are absorbed rapidly into the blood and give us a massive blood sugar spike, only to leave us hungry again 30 minutes later.

Not only that, but producers often use hydrogenated vegetable oils to achieve a soft, squishy texture in their white bread, which may be tasty but also contain terrible, unnatural fats.

If you can mash a loaf of bread into a ball and bounce it off the floor, chances are you are dealing with a very unhealthy product, and diabetics especially should stay away.

Wheat Thin Multigrain Crackers By Nabisco

The Best is whole Grain Bread Good for Diabetics

This is another low-calorie version of crackers in which you can get 15 crackers for 140 calories only. You can easily munch on 4 to 5 of these without any side effects.

Moreover, these multigrain crackers pass the fiber check and are low in carbs, leading to higher levels of sugar in the blood. The amount of sugar in this entire pack is only 3 grams. This means that there is hardly any impact that would be seen on your diabetic levels.

They are baked options that are way better than your regular fried snacks, like a bag of potato chips. You do not have to worry about hampering your health with the Nabisco wheat thins. They are among the top healthy brands that offer a nutritious wheat thin cracker among other brands with the same product.

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The Best Breads For Diabetics You Can Buy Online Or Local Grocery Store

And if you tried the bread types I mentioned and you do not like them try these low-carb bread options instead. Keep in mind this is NOT a sponsored blog, so the products I mention are because I have tried them and approve of the carb count for these bread. You can find the links in the description if you want a quick way of getting your hands on them.

  • Sola Bread. This bread is delicious, soft, can be toasted, and best of all.only 2 grams of net carbs per serving. I promise this does not taste like cardboard, and you will thank me for this suggestion later. They even make a sweet version similar to the Hawaiian bread everyone seems to love.
  • I was able to pick this sliced bread at my local market, so you may be able to as well or to buy online.

  • Sara Lee Delightful Healthy Multi-Grain Bread. With only 45 calories per slice and 15grams net carbs for two slices, this one made my list for sure. You can find this one easily in your local grocery store, and is priced just right for bread.
  • Aunt Millies Live Carb Smart Bread. Ive only seen this one online and in health food stores but its incredible. With only 1 gram of net carbs, you have to try it. IF you look at the nutrition label this bread is loaded with fibers. That is the trick!
  • Which Whole Grains Are Best For Diabetics

    4.6/5Health Tip: Best Grains And Starchy Veggies for Diabetics

    • Bulgur

    If you have diabetes, eating more whole grains should be a daily goal because research shows they can help stabilize your blood sugar. That’s because whole grains are good sources of fiber, which can help slow the absorption of glucose into the blood.

    One may also ask, which grain has lowest glycemic index? Many intact grains are low GI, including oats, rye, barley, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, some rice varieties. Refined grain foods with a lower GI should be eaten in preference to higher GI varieties. Low GI refined grain foods include sourdough bread, pasta, low GI rice and some breads and breakfast cereals.

    Hereof, which grains are good for diabetics in India?

    Grains: whole grains such as whole wheat, besan, brown rice, millet or sorghum. Their flours can be used to make roti, dosa and appam. Brown rice can be used to make puttu and venpongal. Legumes: Lentils, dried beans and peas.

    What is the healthiest rice for diabetics?

    Wholegrain Basmati rice has the lowest GI of all rice types, which means once digested it releases its energy slowly keeping blood sugar levels more stable, which is a crucial part of diabetes management.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Eating Wholegrain Foods

    Whole grain foods include more nutrition than their non-whole grain equivalents. The nutritional benefits of whole grain foods are:

    • More fibre great for digestion
    • Reduced impact on blood sugar compared with more refined equivalents
    • Good source of minerals magnesium and zinc
    • Good source of vitamins B and E

    Why Are Whole Grains Important In A Diabetic Diet

    Healthy Whole Grains for Type 2 Diabetes

    Many people assume that they should avoid carbohydrates altogether in order to lose weight. However, some types of carbs are actually healthy. Whole grains effect on type 2 diabetes is hard to pin down, but its fairly clear that it doesnt have a dangerous effect when consumed in moderate amounts.

    Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber, which helps to slow down the bloods absorption of glucose.

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    Grocery Shopping For Bread

    On Amazon, you can buy low carbohydrate bread options to be delivered. Ive not tried this, so if you do, let us know if they were any good in the comment box below. The link to buy the bread on Amazon is here.

    If you plan to buy healthy bread at the grocery store, the following list meets the criteria of:

    • 150 calories or less
    • 1.5 grams or less of saturated fat
    • 0 grams of Trans fat
    • 30 grams of carbohydrates or less
    • 300 mg sodium or less
    • 2 grams of fiber or more

    Some breads that you can find in the grocery store that meet these criteria are:

    • Pepperidge Farm Light Style oatmeal bread
    • Country Hearth Kids Choice made with whole grain white bread
    • Archer Farms whole wheat tortilla
    • Mission Carb Balance Plus small fajita whole wheat tortilla
    • Earth Grains 100% multigrain thin buns
    • Arnold Select 100% whole wheat sandwich thins
    • Fiber One Original English muffins
    • Sara Lee English Muffins Original made with whole grain
    • Weight Watchers English muffins
    • Pepperidge Farm Classic 100% whole wheat hamburger buns
    • Wonder Wheat hamburger buns
    • Great Value 100% whole wheat bread
    • Wonder Soft 100% whole wheat bread
    • Toufayans Low Carb Pita Bread
    • Food for Lifes 7 Sprouted Grains Bread
    • lvarado St. Bakerys Sprouted Wheat Multi-Grain Bread
    • Mama Lupes low carb tortillas
    • MiRico low carb bread

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