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Can Type 1 Diabetics Donate Blood

What Foods Should You Avoid With Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes: Understanding Blood Sugar

If you have type 1 diabetes, you should stay away from refined carbohydratesincluding white rice, chips, candy, and cake as well as fried foods, energy drinks, juice, and flavored milks. People with type 1 diabetes may need certain high-sugar foods if their blood sugar dips too low but, otherwise, these items will spike your blood sugar levels to unhealthy highs.

Your best bets for beverages are water, milk, and non-sugar-sweetened beverages like diet soda or Crystal Light, which wont raise your blood sugar as much as regular sodas or energy drinks.

Stay away from vegetables with added sauces and choose fruits over fruit juice. As for dairy like milk and yogurt, low- and non-fat versions are the best, especially those without added sugar.

How Do I Get My Money

Your money will be credited to an Octapharma Plasma prepaid debit card after each successful plasma donation.

For more information, visit our Payments & Rewards page.

To check your balance, replace a lost or stolen card, or find out more about how to activate or use your new Mastercard, call 326-8689 or visit .

Exercise And Blood Sugar

Exercise can have a big effect on your blood sugar levels because blood sugar is used for energy. When you use your muscles, your cells absorb sugar from the blood for energy.

Depending on the intensity or duration of exercise, physical activity can help lower your blood sugar for many hours after you stop moving.

If you exercise regularly, the cells in your body may be more sensitive to insulin. This will help keep blood sugar levels within normal ranges.

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Why Cant Type 2 Diabetics Donate Plasma

Type 2 diabetic patients are advised against donating blood plasma as it has different needs varying from blood donations.

The plasma component carries elements other than the blood cells. It includes the nutrient components in blood like sugars, proteins, fat, and water.

Thus, it depends on ones well-being to be a plasma donor to someone.

As diabetic patients, you must be diagnosed with unhealthy or insufficient levels of these plasma nutrients. The levels of sugar in the blood that are unstable are the most important factors when it comes to donating plasma as a diabetic patient.

Hence, it is best for diabetic patients not to donate plasma as they have irregular levels of plasma components. To avoid any potential risks to the body and the receiver, experts advise it to refrain from donating plasma.

The difference in Type 2 diabetic patients is that they have unstable and usually high blood sugar levels. This is the primary reason why diabetics, especially Type 2 diabetics, are unfit for donating plasma.

In addition to this, the other nutrients level in the blood plasma is also comparatively unstable when it comes to Type 2 diabetes patients.

It is also advised against plasma donation for Type 2 diabetics as they might later suffer negative health consequences. The release of helpful nutrients may lead to deficiencies or unmatched amounts of blood glucose in the body.

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Truth: You Can Donate

Donating Blood With Type 1 Diabetes

The truth is that people with diabetes can donate blood, but some factors can defer you from donating.

Blood sugar levels are a big one. If you are within your target range set by your doctor and are in good health then you can donate. If your sugar levels are not in range or you are having trouble keeping them in your target range, you cant donate blood.

Blood with too much sugar doesnt store well and may go bad by the time its needed. Its also a good idea to touch base with your doctor before donating or even if youre interested in donating.

Insulin is another factor that can make or break a blood donation. If you have used bovine-derived insulin at any point in time since the 1980s you cant donate. This is due to the concern around mad cows disease and how it can be transferred during blood transfusions.

There is a running list of medications that deter you from donating. Its a good idea to review this list when you are considering giving blood. Keep in mind that not all diabetic medications are on this list and you have a chance of donating.

It doesnt matter what type of diabetes you have. As long as your sugar is kept within the target range and you arent taking any banned medications you should be able to donate.

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Hypoglycemia Symptoms With Normal Glucose Levels

There is such a thing as pseudo-hypoglycemia. This happens when glucose levels are continuously high for a long time then are suddenly brought down to normal. Its as if the body becomes accustomed to the higher range, then panics when levels drop to normal, responding with hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

Info:Hypoglycemia is usually defined as blood glucose levels below 70 mg/dl . However, your doctor may give you a different blood glucose number that is considered too low for you.

The Blood Donation Process

The blood donation process will vary by location, but the following is typical. The process usually takes around 1 hour from start to finish.

Before you donate, you will be asked for your ID and to fill in paperwork, particularly if it is your first time as you will need to register as a blood donor. You will likely be asked a set series of questions about your health and will have your blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature taken.

When you donate blood you will sit in a comfortable chair and a nurse or other healthcare worker will swab your arm to sanitize it. They will then insert a needle into a vein. Blood will drain out of the needle, through an IV tube, and into a collection bag. It takes around 8 to 10 minutes to donate a pint of blood, and you usually donate 1 pint at a time. If you donate blood platelets or plasma, an apheresis machine is used. It can also take longer up to 2 hours at a time.

After donating, the nurse or other healthcare worker will remove the needle and apply a bandage to your arm. You will usually be asked to rest in place for 15 minutes and you may be offered snacks. You should bring your own diabetes-friendly snacks with you. After you have rested and if you feel fine, with no dizziness, you can leave.

Diabetics can usually give blood every 56 days, but you may have to wait longer if your blood glucose levels are disrupted after donating.

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Other Cool Things Weve Learned

  • If you within a few days after your first donation, the app will be populated with your blood type. Pretty cool if you didnt know your blood type before donating!
  • They track your Bleed Time in the app nothing like a little self-competition.
  • They heavily promote eating salty snacks before and after arriving. Encouragement to eat chips? Well take it!
  • There is a chance you may be the first person with Type 1 diabetes to have ever donated blood at the location you visit. Bring lots of snacks to help ensure the donation team that youre ready for a low BG.
  • In general, the blood donation process takes up to 15 minutes, although the screening can take another 20 or so. Youll be asked to stay for 15 minutes following your donation to ensure youre feeling fine

What Can I Expect After Donating Blood

Living with Type 1 diabetes | Erin’s Story | Diabetes UK

After blood donation, keep track of your blood sugar level and continue to take a proper and healthy diet. Significantly add iron supplements and iron-rich food in your nutritious diet for at least 24 weeks after your donation.

Generally, you must

  • Take proper rest if you feel dizziness.
  • If your arms feel sore, use acetaminophen.
  • In case of avoiding bruising, keep your bandage for 4 hours.
  • Increase your fluid intake, especially for a few days following your donation.
  • Avoid tough and tiring activities for at least 24 hours after donation and avoid exercise as well.
  • If you are sick or have other symptoms after blood donation, contact your doctor immediately.

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What Kind Of Medical Screening Do You Do

We screen every potential donor to make sure you can donate plasma. During your first visit, well do a health screening, which includes a review of your medical history, and an in-depth health questionnaire.

After that, your plasma donation visits will take less time because well do a shorter health screening just to check your red blood cell count, protein, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and weight.

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Conditions For Giving Blood

There are a number of conditions that may prevent you from giving blood. Some of them, although not always directly caused by diabetes, can be related, such as:

  • Ulcers related to numbness or any other numbness-related heart condition
  • If you have had complicated dental work: over time, prolonged exposure to high blood glucose levels can damage the teeth, giving people with diabetes a heightened risk of needing complicated dental work such as a tooth extraction
  • If you have had a pancreatic tissue transplant, you will not be eligible to give blood

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After Donating Blood Make Sure To:

  • Check your blood sugar frequently. Some people who have diabetes find that their levels fluctuate after they give blood. So, itâs essential to monitor this closely.
  • Make sure youâre taking your insulin as directed by a doctor, without skipping any doses.
  • Staying hydrated is extremely important, so remember to drink enough water.
  • Keep your physical activity to a minimum for a while. Donât plan any intense workouts for after your donation.
  • If youâre dizzy, pushing through may make this feeling worse. If the feeling persists, call a doctor.
  • If you feel lightheaded, sit down and take a moment. Just like with the dizzy feeling, if it doesnât ease up, call a doctor.
  • Stick to a regular, well-balanced diet. Itâs important to try and avoid dramatic glucose fluctuations at this time.
  • If your arm is sore after the donation, check with your doctor to see if there are any pain relievers you can safely take to alleviate some of the pain.
  • Donât remove your band-aid right away. Keeping it on can help you avoid bruising.

Whether you have diabetes or not, itâs a good idea to rest well and drink plenty of water after a donation. It’s best to seek medical advice if you experience concerning symptoms, are on diabetes medications, or want additional information before or after donating blood.

What If You Get Turned Down For Some Reason To Donate Blood With Diabetes

Can Type 1 Diabetes Give Blood Donation?

If you are unable to give blood when you have diabetes, whether due to unmanaged blood sugars, or complications of diabetes, you can still help by donating money to the Red Cross. Your donation will help the Red Cross with providing supplies for blood donation banks, providing support to families in crisis who are in need, and helping to educate people on lifesaving techniques. There are many things that the Red Cross does to help others. Your donation will help them fulfill their mission. 4

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Which Type 2 Diabetes Medications Treat Insulin Resistance

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How Can I Lower My High Blood Sugar At Home

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Truth: You May Not Show Outward Signs Of Diabetes

Usually, children of young adults that are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes will have outward and obvious symptoms. This is due to their bodies producing little or no insulin.

Those who have type 2 diabetes can have few to no symptoms. Type 2 usually occurs later in life has milder symptoms since their bodies are still producing some amount of insulin. Even women who have gestational diabetes may not have signs of the disease.

The best way to know if you have diabetes to get a blood test. A blood test will let your doctor know if youre producing enough insulin.

Can People With Diabetes Donate Blood

Artificial Pancreas Helping Children With Type 1 Diabetes

Donating blood once or on a regular basis saves lives. Just one session of blood donation can impact many lives but as a person with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you may wonder: do they want my blood, too?

Does the American Red Cross want blood from a person with diabetes if their blood sugars arent perfect? If you have diabetes-related complications? If you have other conditions, like a thyroid disorder or Celiac disease or high cholesterol?

Lets take a closer look at the rules and guidelines of blood donation for people with diabetes.

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What Will My First Plasma Donation Visit Be Like

After a staff member greets you, checks your ID and Social Security card, and verifies your address, youll watch a short video on the plasma donation process. Youll also answer health questions, get a check-up, and be screened to make sure you can donate plasma. Please allow for up to 2 hours for your visit. After your first successful plasma donation, your money will be loaded on an Octapharma Plasma Visa debit card.

For more on what to expect during your first plasma donation, visit our First-Time Donors page.

For more on what to do following your first plasma donation, visit our Heath & Nutrition Tips page.

How To Lower High Glucose Levels In Blood

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