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Can A Diabetes Get A Medical Card

Research On Diabetes And Cannabis

Can DIABETICS pass the DOT physical? – IDD specific

While theres some conflicting evidence on marijuanas role in delaying the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, research shows it is beneficial indeed for those already diagnosed with either type 1 or 2, and especially for those who suffer complications.

A milestone study published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2013 concluded:

  • cannabis compounds may help control blood sugar
  • pot smokers also had higher levels of good cholesterol and smaller waistlines

The most important finding is that current users of marijuana appeared to have better carbohydrate metabolism than non-users. Their fasting insulin levels were lower, and they appeared to be less resistant to the insulin produced by their body to maintain a normal blood-sugar level, Murray Mittleman, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the lead researcher told TIME magazine.

In 2014, a summary of the promising epidemiological evidence on marijuana in the management of diabetes also concluded that in thousands of subjects, past and current marijuana use was associated with lower levels of fasting insulin, blood glucose, insulin resistance, BMI, and waist circumference.

And in 2015, Israeli researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem released a study showing that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol , a compound found in cannabis, could effectively be used to treat different illnesses including type 2 diabetes.

Pretty powerful stuff!

Mental And Emotional Effects Of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes doesnt just accompany physical effects. You may experience mental effects that you have to worry about as well.The Journal of the American Medical Association published a report online on that claimed that out of all the comorbidities linked to diabetes, the most overlooked are mental-health problems. Mental health issues have a tremendous potential of compromising your ability to self-manage your diabetes and increases your chances of getting serious complications.

Some potential mental-health issues related to diabetes are as follows.

What Are Common Treatments For Diabetes

As noted above, treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes is different. Those with type 2 can often manage symptoms by losing weight, watching their diet and getting regular exercise. However, some with type 2 diabetes must also take a pill or injections that help them use insulin better. Common drugs taken by those with type 2 diabetes include amylinomimetic drugs that delay the time it takes the stomach to empty itself, therefore lowering blood sugar, biguanides that decrease how much sugar the liver makes, and dopamine agonists that help prevent insulin resistance.

For those with type 1 diabetes, insulin is the main treatment. There are many different types of insulin such as short-acting, rapid-acting, intermediate-acting and long-acting. The type used depends on the individual.

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Get Your Heart Health Checked

Have your cholesterol and blood pressure checked at least once a year. Diabetes increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s important that high blood pressure and high cholesterol are detected and treated early.

If you’re already being treated for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, keep taking your medicine.

Diabetes worsens the effects of smoking on your heart.

Get help to quit smoking on or call 1800 201 203.

Considering Cannabis For Type 1 Diabetes

Allergy ID Card
Diabetes occurs when the bodys blood glucose, also called blood sugar, struggles to regulate itself, causing potentially dangerous complications in the nervous system, heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. While research is still scant, its thought that diabetics might utilize medical marijuana to help control the symptoms of their disease.
Types of Diabetes And How Cannabis Might Help

Diabetes is a complicated disease while we know that Type 1 is an autoimmune disease and Type 2 is a metabolic disorder, the causes of both types are not well understood. In the more common T2, its thought that endocannabinoid imbalance may be one of the reasons why patients have a hard time losing weight. The endocannabinoid system plays a role in regulating energy homeostasis especially in the intra-abdominal adipose tissue. Theres evidence that the cannabis compound cannabidiol may help to suppress appetite and help individuals to re-balance the endocannabinoid system by increasing the fat breakdown, increase the mitochondria activities which promotes metabolism, and decrease fat storage.

While exciting research continues to ramp up in this area, some patients are already using cannabis to help control their T1 diabetes. Here are a few of their stories*.

Amy C.s Story
Ryan M.s Story
Safety Tips & Next Steps

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What Other Benefits Does This Allianz Insurance Provide

Allianz Diabetic Essential Medical Card comes with a premium discount benefit that is applicable subject to the results of your Health Screening Benefit tests.

For example, when you first sign up for the plan and have a good medical report, then Allianz may offer you a 20% discount on your premium.

Depending on your report, you may receive a discount of up to 40% off on your Allianz insurance premiums.

The premium discount rates are not guaranteed and the rate given may vary from policy year to policy year.

What Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes Can Medical Marijuana Treat

Some animal-based studies recently have shown a variety of health benefits with marijuana and type 2 diabetes treatment.

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis published a research paper that suggests that medical weed can help:

  • Prevent nerve inflammation
  • Improve circulation and keep blood vessels open
  • Lower blood pressure over time
  • Relieve restless leg syndrome
  • Relieve gastrointestinal disorder pain and muscle cramps
  • Relieve tingling in feet and hands

Because this condition is complex and theres still a lack of understanding, the benefits and drawbacks of marijuana for type 2 diabetes treatment in humans research is still in its early stages. On the other hand, animal studies have helped open doors for our understanding.

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Can You Get A Medical Marijuana Card For Diabetes

You should talk to your doctor about whether medical marijuana is suitable for the treatment of diabetes. If you and your doctor determine that medical marijuana is suitable for your situation, you will be prescribed medical marijuana depending on legal status in your area.

If you live in Colorado and would like to read the most up-to-date qualifying conditions, check out our qualifying conditions page or submit a free MMJ Card Pre-check here.

The Ultimate Medical Id Card For Diabetes Type 1 Or 2

Can I reverse diabetes with my diet? – Diabetes Education with Community Medical Directors
Offer applies to Diabetes type one OR type two cards. Do you have Diabetes Type One or Type Two or do you know someone else who does?Do you ever worry about what could happen if you/they have a hypo whilst out and about or alone?Leading diabetes organisations agree that it’s a good idea for diabetics to carry emergency medical ID and recommend doing so.But sometimes carrying diabetic medical ID isn’t enough…

ANDThe system can also ‘bridge the gap’ between the diabetic’s emergency contacts and the first responder, so that the emergency contact can speak to someone who could inform them quickly about the situation.

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How Can Marijuana Help With Diabetes

Our bodies naturally have large endocannabinoid systems that are in charge of regulating and balancing various processes, like immune response, appetite, pain, communication between cells, and others. These systems have receptors called CB1 and CB2 that react when they come into contact with the cannabinoids present in marijuana, which is how they influence the body.

The cannabinoids are known to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects , making them suitable for the treatment of various medical conditions. According to a report by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis , marijuana use for diabetes patients can:

  • Stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Reduce arterial inflammation that can lead to cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce neuropathic pain by lowering inflammation
  • Acts as a vasodilator, meaning it keeps blood vessels open to improve circulation, which over time may help to lower blood pressure
  • Lessen pain from muscle cramps
  • Relieve gastrointestinal pain
  • Help with restless leg syndrome a common complication of diabetic neuropathy.

Get Your Eyes Checked

Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in your eyes. this can cause sight problems and blindness

Eye checks can detect damage before it affects your sight. The diabetic eye check is called diabetic retina screening. It checks the part of your eye called the retina. If diabetic eye disease is found early. treatment can reduce or prevent damage to your sight.

The HSE offers a free diabetic retina screen service to people with diabetes aged 12 years and older. This screening is available once a year. Register for screening at or call 1850 45 45 55.

Speak to your GP immediately if you notice changes to your sight, including:

  • blurred vision, especially at night
  • shapes floating in your vision
  • sensitivity to light

Continue to attend your eye specialist or optician for other reasons, such as glasses or other eye checks.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your eyesight, support is available from the National Council for the Blind Ireland . Contact the NCBI on 01 830 7033 or email:

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How To Use The Record

First read the shaded bar across the page. This tells you:

  • the name of the test or check-up
  • how often to get the test or check-up
  • what your personal goal is

Then, write down the date and results for each test or check-up you get. Take this card with you on your health carevisits. Show it to your health care team. Talk about your goals and how you are doing.

A1C At least twice each year My goal: ______

How Do I Find Out What I Can Claim For

Diabetes Smart Card [PDF Version]

The Citizens Advice Bureau is a good starting place to check which benefits, if any, you may be entitled to. They can also help if you feel a wrong decision has been made and you want to appeal.

You can also find information and advice at:

  • Disability Rights UK their website has a range of useful guides.
  • Turn 2 Us provide a range of information and guidance about benefits and grants.

To make a benefit claim, you need to visit, download the right claim packs, fill them out and submit them. The website also has lots of information about your rights and the various benefits available.

Diabetes UK have some useful guidance documents for applying for DLA and also have an advocacy service, or you can call their helpline 0345 123 2399. If you need advice once a claim is submitted, find the relevant number via the governments Disability Service Centre.

Some of the forms you need to fill out are complex and can feel daunting, but its worth persisting as the benefits you could claim can make a real difference to your life.

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What Other State Programs Can Help

Medicare Savings Programs in certain states may pay Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance if a person has a low income and few assets. Learn more online.

State Health Insurance Assistance Programs give advice about health insurance in every state to people who have Medicare. SHIP counselors can help you choose the best plan for your needs. Find a SHIP counselor at or call 1-877-839-2675.

  • Phone: 1-800-872-5827 or 202-776-0406

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card For Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you might be wondering if you can get a medical marijuana card. The answer is yesmedical marijuana can be a helpful treatment for diabetes.

To get a medical marijuana card for diabetes, you will need to see a doctor who can recommend marijuana as a treatment for your condition. The doctor will need to provide a statement confirming that marijuana is an appropriate treatment for your diabetes.

Once you have your doctors recommendation, you can apply for a medical marijuana card. You will need to provide proof of residency and your doctors statement to the state government.

If you are approved for a medical marijuana card, you will be able to purchase marijuana from dispensaries in the state in which you live. Make sure to speak with your doctor to determine the best way to use medical marijuana to treat your diabetes.

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Heart Disease And Stroke

People with diabetes are at increased risk for heart disease and stroke. In fact, about 65% of people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.

High blood sugar levels damage the arteries, which can lead to a build-up of plaque. This plaque can narrow the arteries and make it harder for blood to flow. This increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

How Do I Get Free Prescriptions

Diabetic can be completely cured with his course, you will get the certificate also, Dr B M Hegde

To get free prescriptions , people with diabetes in England must:

  • Be aged 18 to 60
  • Be prescribed medication to manage their diabetes
  • Have a valid and current Medical Exemption Certificate

People in Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland qualify for free prescriptions regardless of how their diabetes is treated

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History Of Type 1 Diabetes

It wasnt until the 19th century that medical literature cited fatal ketoacidosis in children and young adults. The journey from the 19th century to today has involved notable advancement in the methodology and understanding of treatment for type 1 diabetes.

Between 1921-1922, the discovery of insulin provided a new treatment approach. During this time, the public learned that the chances of surviving the condition related closely to the persons age upon diagnosis.

Between the years 1980-2012, the number of adults in the U.S. who received a diagnosis of diabetes almost quadrupled, increasing from 5.5 million to 21.3 million.

However, preventative care for diabetic adults has significantly improved over the past 20 years in the U.S. Over the years, there have been improved advocacy and advancements for the disease. Islet transplantation and clinical stem cell trials provide further hope for a future cure.

Managing Medication When Crossing Time Zones

Journeys across time zones may mean that you need to adjust your insulin. All international flights eastwards or westwards involve crossing time zones and days will be shortened or lengthened. There is no need to be alarmed about this. Many people across time zones regularly, without any serious problem. Remember that running a bit high” for up to 24 hours is unlikely to cause you any harm.

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Plan For Airport Restrictions

Heightened airport security means that it’s really important that you plan ahead if you have diabetes. This means you’ll avoid running into any last-minute problems.

Airport restrictions are subject to change, so contact your airline directly or call the Department for Transports enquiry line on 0300 330 3000 to find out about any changes. Or, you can go to to find out more.

Suitable Marijuana Strains For Diabetes

Free Medical ID Card

Despite the evidence that marijuana can help diabetes, you should never start taking it on your own before you consult with a professional. This is mostly because knowing the right dosage for you is crucial, as well as knowing about the side effects. Moreover, some marijuana strains are more suitable for treating diabetes symptoms than others.

Using marijuana for diabetes may cause low blood sugar levels, which can lead to complications. So, always get as much information as you can, and consult with someone whos experienced in the field.

The following strains of marijuana have properties that can help relieve symptoms of diabetes.

  • Harlequin is high in CBD and good for reducing neuropathic pain and inflammation. It can also help with anxiety and stress.
  • Dougs Varin is very high in THCV, which makes it suitable for regulating blood glucose levels and fasting insulin levels.
  • Black Beauty has both THC and THCV, has significant anti-inflammatory effects, and may improve insulin sensitivity.
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    Best Strains Of Marijuana To Use For Type 1 Diabetes

    Unfortunately, finding medical marijuana products high in CBD and THCV can be difficult. Until there are more strains grown specifically to help people with diabetes, patients are left with only a small handful of strains to choose from. However, with some effort, you may find some strains that are worth considering.

    Strains that are high in CBD and THCV include:

    • Charlottes Web Hemp Oil: A high CBD product that can be purchased online and helps patients find pain relief, happiness, sociability and relaxation.
    • Harlequin : High in CBD, Harlequin works well for neuropathic pain and inflammation. It also uplifts the mood, reduces anxiety and relieves stress.
    • Durban Poison : A high THCV strain that offers clear-headedness and energizing effects. Because its high in THCV, it may also stabilize insulin levels.
    • Blue Dream : Another high THCV strain that offers relief from anxiety, depression and stress as well as daytime pain relief.
    • Black Beauty : This strain has both THCV and THC in it. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and may improve insulin sensitivity. Both of these cannabinoids hold some promise in diabetic patients.
    • Northern Lights : Helps with nerve-related stiffness and melts tension away. Its a sedative strain: making it a good nighttime treatment.

    How Can Marijuana Treat Diabetes

    Once an individual has developed either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, many different symptoms and complications can occur. Cannabis can be very effective in treating many of these conditions. The first is eye disease. Those with diabetes often have higher fluid pressure in the eye which can lead to glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Cannabis is known for lowering this pressure and thus preserving eye health.

    Diabetes is also known for causing inflammation in the arteries and nerves. Cannabis has known anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective effects that can reduce the pain of neuropathy and sometimes even prevent further nerve damage. Improved circulation and lower blood pressure are also benefit of using cannabis for diabetes sufferers. Poor circulation can lead to damage in the extremities and high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of strokes and heart attacks.

    Diabetic restless leg syndrome is another common complaint for those with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Smoking or vaping cannabis while sleeping can reduce the symptoms of RLS and help those with diabetes sleep better. Better sleep is also associated with reduced blood pressure and stress.

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