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Is Premier Protein Good For Diabetics

The T1d And Protein Connection

Blood sugar and ketone readings after Premier protein shake, surprising results/ next product test

When it comes down to it, protein does end up getting converted to glucose in the body. For a long time, it was believed that consuming protein does not affect blood glucose levels. While this may be true while consuming smaller portions of protein, it has since been proven that eating large amounts of protein with main meals can increase insulin needs by up to 50%.

Supplying Your Body With Essential Nutrients

It is often found that people on diets unwittingly deprive their bodies of some essential nutrients that they need to survive while focusing on cutting calories. Meal replacement shakes are packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy amounts of fiber, that will substitute a balanced diet, without having to be too cautious about the caloric content.

Issues With Premier Protein

Processing and artificial ingredients are a major area of concern with Premier Protein shakes. This is a key reason why the Fooducate site rates it as a D, which is their lowest possible score.

You can also see this just from looking at the size of the ingredients list.

Nevertheless, there are some important things to note.

First, this is a meal replacement shake. As a result, many of the ingredients are there specifically to add in nutrients, like pyridoxine hydrochloride for vitamin B6. That same pattern is present for meal replacement powders as well, and many of those have long ingredient lists as well.

Second, this type of product also faces some unique challenges.

After all, the company has to produce a milk-containing drink that tastes relatively decent, has a long shelf life and can be stored out of the fridge.

Theres no way they could achieve that without relying on some artificial ingredients.

Still, those ingredients arent going to be appealing to everybody. Instead, many people want to avoid these entirely if possible. There are also some specific ingredients that are questionable.

Artificial Sweeteners

One is the use of artificial sweeteners. This isnt extremely unusual and some other meal replacement shakes do use artificial sweeteners. IdealShape is one example of a similar approach.

None of these options are great for health.

The truth is that the long-term studies simply havent been done on artificial sweeteners, so we dont know.


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Top Overall Choice Just Ingredients

Karalynne from Just Ingredients is incredible, and shes made it her mission to provide clean products including protein powder to the world.

She released this protein powder last year, and I watched closely as she went through the process of developing it. To say that she went to the ends of the earth to get the cleanest, best ingredients is not an understatement. I dont think youll find a cleaner product out there, and it tastes delicious.

This is my top pick due to it being 100% clean and natural, no sugar, and low in carbs while high in protein. Its perfect for pregnancy and GDM mamas.

Chocolate and chocolate coconut are always available for sale. I absolutely love the chocolate coconut flavor. She also releases seasonal flavors, such as Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate peppermint.

And its not protein, but if you are missing hot cocoa, the hot cocoa is really tasty and should be tolerated fine by most GDM moms.

It is a whey-based protein, but it is 100% grass-fed, denatured whey protein isolate.

Here is a basic overview of the nutrition:

  • Protein from Five Sources
  • Non-denatured 100% Grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate from New Zealand
  • Organic Pea Protein

Premier Protein Shake Nutrition

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Nutritionally, Premier Protein shakes are appealing. They include:

  • 30 grams of protein
  • A range of vitamins and minerals
  • Just 1 gram of sugar
  • 160 calories per serving

The main selling point is the presence of 30 grams of protein. This is more than most other brands of protein powder and ready-to-drink shake. Its also particularly relevant for health and weight loss.

As a general rule, many people dont get enough protein, so increasing protein intake can be critical for health. Likewise, protein plays a role in muscle development and can help reduce age-related muscle loss, especially when paired with exercise.

Protein is also a key factor in keeping you satiated. This means that you tend to feel less hungry after a high protein meal. The pattern has considerable potential for weight loss. In particular, high protein foods can make people eat less at subsequent meals.

For that matter, one of the key reasons for including protein in shakes is to skip a meal. When you do that, you have the shake instead of food. This is considerably easier when the shake is high in protein and you would tend to feel full for longer.

Of course, this varies from one person to another.

Liquid calories dont tend to have the same effect on hunger as calories we eat. So, some people find themselves hungry after any type of protein shake. But, many others find this type of shake extremely effective.

The other nutrition elements are less significant but may still matter.

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Protein Shake Consumption For Type Two Diabetes

Protein Shake Consumption for Type Two Diabetes : Think again if you believe that protein shakes are ideal for bodybuilders only. Health experts agree that their consumption is also beneficial for individuals who have type II diabetes. Currently, there are different protein shakes available in the market. One kind that is good for type II diabetes management is WPI whey protein isolate.

Among all protein shakes out there, protein isolate has the least amount of fat in it. Thats because it underwent further processing just to remove as much fat as possible.

Other than having less fat, protein isolate also has more protein content. Because of this, consumers who are serious about burning fat and building more muscles often go for this kind of protein shake. Unfortunately, the impressive nutritional profile of protein isolate comes at a price: the product costs a little more than other types of protein shakes out there.

There are various reasons why the intake of protein isolate is great for managing type two diabetes.

What Are The Benefits Of Protein Drinks For Diabetics

Why is it worth the effort to look for suitable diabetic shakes? How can protein water be good for diabetics?

It is common knowledge that diabetics need to control their weight to avoid complications. However, this is easier said than done. Owing to diabetes, the person feels hungry all too often, making it tricky to keep the caloric intake in check. This is where the diabetic shakes can help you out.

Protein shakes take quite a bit of time to digest compared to carbohydrates. As a result, they ensure that you feel full and satiated for a long time. Once you consume the protein drink, you wouldn’t feel hungry for a considerable period. This ensures that hunger pangs don’t threaten your efforts to keep your caloric intake in check.

This has been proved via a study conducted in 2003 wherein it was proved that a high protein diet helps in controlling type 2 diabetes.

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Protein Powder Brands For Diabetics

Whey, being extremely rich in protein, is an excellent nutritious substance that must be included in the diets of diabetes patients. Whey isolates and whey proteins are two compounds that constitute protein powders. Also look for protein powders that contain soy, casein, plant derivatives, and egg albumen. Protein powders also contain different types of vitamins, like vitamin A, B, D and K. They are rich in minerals essential for body as well. All these components are conducive for a body having high blood glucose.

Facilitating Safe And Gradual Weight Loss

Premier Protein TASTE TEST & REVIEW of ALL Flavorsð?´| WW ððð (Weight Watchers) | Diabetes Reversal

Since meal replacement shakes usually come with high protein and fiber content, they will help you to stay full for a longer time than typical meals.

This helps you to cut calories during the day and lose weight without causing your blood sugar levels to spike or drop. Safe weight loss can be extremely beneficial to diabetics, which will help improve their condition.

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Top 5 Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Diabetics

Shakes are on the market in powder and in different flavors. If you are trying a meal replacement, either in a meal or as a snack, its a good idea to initial talk with a dietitian. They can help you choose one that your needs and preferences. Not all shakes are alike. Most of the meal replacement shakes have too much of one nutrient, such as protein, and not enough of others. Some may have too many calories and also sugar.

Following are the Best meal replacement shakes for diabetics-

When Should I Take Premier Protein Drink

Drink Premier protein with an appropriate diet. Dont make the mistake of having premier protein for all your meals. Having any drink on its own is bad for the body.

There is no real right answer for when you should have premier protein. It depends when is best for you. Some people love having a protein drink in the morning.

A morning shake provides a great source of energy and protein. If you have daily macro targets, morning is the perfect time to start reaching those.

Premier protein drink is also a great post-workout shake. No shaking up. Just grab and go. Your muscles will get the benefit of 30 grams of protein to rebuild and grow.

Alternatively, premier protein drink can be used as a snack. It all depends on how you want to use premier protein.

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Best Shake For Weight Gain

If youre looking to gain weight, you need to create a daily calorie surplus, which is achieved by consuming more calories than your body burns.

To do so healthily, you should increase your overall macronutrient intake carbs, proteins, and fats. While binging on refined carbs and sugary foods will also lead to weight gain, doing so will be detrimental to your health in the long run .

The number of extra calories you need to gain weight depends on your age, sex, height, current weight, and physical activity levels.

Nevertheless, you may use this calorie calculator to get a rough estimate of the calories youll need to consume each day. For a healthy weight gain of 12 pounds per week, consume an additional 500 calories per day.

Still, most of Ensure and Boost shakes may help you reach your increased calorie and nutrient needs, with both brands Plus options and Ensures Enlive shake being the most nutrient-dense choices.

Note that youll be able to achieve a calorie surplus more easily if you consume them with your meals or as a snack instead of drinking them as a meal replacement.

This is because swapping a full meal with a 350-calorie shake will hardly lead to the extra calories needed.

What Shakes Are Suitable For Diabetics

FREE Sample of Premier Protein Shake: Get a free sample of ...

Diabetic shakes are formulated especially for people with diabetes. As a result, they typically include a unique blend of carbohydrates and often do not contain added sugar. This helps to ensure that the shakes don’t cause a significant spike in blood glucose levels after they are consumed. In addition, most diabetic shakes are enriched with nutrients that some scientists believe may help to keep blood sugar levels in check. Many are also high in protein. Diabetic shakes are designed to help manage blood sugars as part of a healthy, balanced diet. However, the products are not meant to treat diabetes or take the place of insulin or oral medications for the disease.

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How To Select The Right Protein Shakes For Diabetics

One has to be quite careful while selecting sugar-free protein shakes. Although many manufacturers claim to have no chemical ingredients or added sugars in the formula, few can live up to the expectations. If you want suitable protein drinks for diabetics, some important points have to be considered.

  • First things first, never go for a protein shake with sugar listed as one of the added ingredients. Although it does sound obvious, you will be surprised how often people miss this. Read the list of ingredients in the protein shake carefully and only go for the ones that are labeled without added sugar.
  • The best protein shakes for diabetics are the ones with low carbohydrates. The concentration of carbs shouldn’t exceed 15 grams per serving.
  • Whey protein powder is the best choice for diabetics, as has been substantiated by studies. Whey protein stimulates the secretion of insulin in diabetics and therefore plays a crucial role in controlling blood sugar levels. So if you want the best protein shakes for diabetics, go for the ones that include whey protein.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Chocolate, peanut butter and banana is a winning combination no matter how its paired, and this smoothie definitely hits the spot! Its made with a Splenda® Diabetes Care Shake, which provides sweetness without added sugars, plus high-quality protein and healthy fats. A spoonful of peanut butter and a half-of-a-banana makes this smooth & creamy shake taste decadent & rich, but without compromising healthy eating.This recipe brought to you by Splenda, a proud supporter of the American Diabetes Association and Diabetes Food Hub.

  • Prep time

Choices/Exchanges: 1 Carbohydrate, 1 Lean protein, 1 1/2 Fat

  • Splenda Diabetes Care Chocolate Shake
    1 bottle

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Glucerna Rich Chocolate Shake Is Gluten

Glucerna is gluten-free and a good choice if youre lactose intolerant. Glucerna protein shakes, which are formulated both for people with diabetes and for those looking to watch their weight, come in four flavors: Rich Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla, Creamy Strawberry, and Classic Butter Pecan, with the chocolate and vanilla also available in snack-sized portions. Overall, theyre a good choice. Their carb content places these shakes in the range of a moderate-sized snack or part of a meal, Dr. Ramsetty says.

Best Protein Shakes For Diabetics

Protein Shakes For Diabetics

1. Pure Protein Ready To Drink Shake

Due to the ability of the protein to improve muscle and strength, it is highly linked to why athletes with a shake lifestyle perform well in a variety of sports.

With a high protein intake, one would be fit to perform, no matter how hard the competition is.

It contains all the major amino acids the body needs in order to improve muscle and strength when mixed with a balanced diet.

Pure protein shakes were manufactured in order to make up for the protein needs and leave you with a variety of options for your pre and post work out sessions.


  • Because of its 35g content, it is highly suitable for developing lean muscles and strength while providing a wonderful taste.
  • It is a source of calcium which keeps you active throughout the day.
  • It provides adequate nutrients needed for a balanced diet.
  • It is made with water, both natural and artificial flavors, soybean oil, salte.t.c

Tip: Chinen salt is a better option for diabetics than table salt.

2. Boost Glucose Control High Protein

This protein shake is especially for people with type 2 diabetes. It adds to their balanced diet and helps them maintain a good blood sugar level.

It helps support lean muscles and helps in hunger management.

It contains zero carbohydrates and about 25% vitamins and minerals.

It is not advisable for people with galactosemia, but people with celiac disease are free to use.

Its contents include

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What Is Premier Protein Used For

According to Premier, each of their protein shakes contains essential amino acids, twenty-four vitamins and minerals, low fat, sugar, carbs, calories, and of course, protein.

The reason why people seem to stress the efficiency of protein shakes is that high protein is known to boost your metabolism and give you a lot of energy, which in turn may help you burn more calories and build muscle if you exercise.

Protein shakes are typically designed for athletic performance and act as an energy booster due to the high amount of protein content they provide.

Meal replacements, on the other hand, are used extensively for weight loss and management.

It is clear that these two drinks cannot perform the same tasks as the end goals they are designed for are different.

Q: Should My Protein Shake Take The Place Of A Meal

Protein shakes are generally intended to supplement deficiencies in the diet. Because of this, theyre not usually built to replace an entire meal. Depending on the protein shake, the nutritional profile is going to vary, which means that your dietary needs might vary too. Protein shakes are often most effective at aiding in weight loss and muscle growth when paired with an exercise routine. Many protein shakes are designed to be consumed before or soon after a workout for the best effects. Since active people tend to require more protein than inactive people, adding a protein shake may help to boost your bodys health.

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What Is A Meal Replacement

Meal replacements are products which are specially made to replace the nutritional value of a full-fledged meal, but with lower total calorie intake.

Meal replacements are usually intended and used for weight loss or weight management. It contains protein along with many other nutrients that are required for your body.

The protein is essential as it satisfies the hunger of the body while reducing the typical calorie intake significantly. A meal replacement can be used to substitute at most two meals a day and is deemed as a product that aids with healthy weight loss.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the United States, obesity is a major problem that many Americans face, and a study they conducted for the last 15 years has recognized meal replacement products as one of the best means to tackle this problem.

These products are macronutrient focused, which includes protein, carbohydrates, and fats, the three elements that give your body most of its energy.

Many tests and RCTs have been conducted to develop a mix of the best macronutrients which promote the loss of weight in a healthy manner while including positive metabolic benefits.

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