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What’s The Best Bread For Diabetics

Best Breads For Diabetics: Not All Breads Are Equal

How to make healthy bread at home (best bread for diabetics)

Many diabetics are told by their doctors to completely eliminate bread from their diet. While store-bought white bread is one of the worst foods a diabetic can eat, there are some variations of wheat bread that are safe and delicious. White bread isnt the only bread on the shelf! Rye bread is a very healthy way to get your bread fix. It contains antioxidants, fiber, and can even reduce your risk of certain cancers!

Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats are a great product for diabetics that can be used for sandwiches or burgers! They are full of fiber and filling enough to satisfy that bread craving.

The best whole wheat bread for diabetics is Wonder Bread 100% Whole Wheat, a light and fluffy bread that is far from the dry, stiff wheat breads from other brands.

Try this Recipe for Diabetic-Safe Banana Bread.


  • 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup SPLENDA┬« No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 1/4 cups mashed bananas
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 1/3 cup reduced fat buttermilk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts*


This recipe came from Check out some other diabetic-safe recipes here!

Go Sprouted When Possible

According to an article from Good Housekeeping, the growing trend of sprouted grain bread is more than just hype, it’s the real deal for health bread, with roots in science and nutrition.

The key here is the absence of processed flour, which is the common culprit found in white bread loaves, burger buns, pretzel snacks, and even those sneaky whole wheat products.

There are also numerous nutrients found in sprouted grains that are washed away in the flour production process, including essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

“The process of sprouting grains before they’re ground into flour seems to minimize the presence of phytic acid, which may make it a bit easier to digest your bread and absorb minerals like iron and calcium from it,” says Jen McDaniel, founder of McDaniel Nutritional Therapy.

Diabetics will want to sample a few sprouted breads, since sprouted tends to be lower on the glycemic index and come packed with extra protein and fiber.

Just be warned that many companies use the “sprouted” label for marketing their products, while the bread itself only contains an unhealthy amount of refined flour.

It’s always better to play it safe and read the ingredients list before making a purchase, especially since these breads can be a bit pricier and reach their expiration date fast.

Corn Tortillas Deliver Fiber Whole Grains And Other Nutrients While Being Lower In Fat And Calories Than Flour Tortillas

While theres a good chance youve eaten or prepared enchiladas made with flour tortillas before, corn still reigns supreme when it comes to the saucy rolled dish. Flour tortillas are slightly higher in calories because they contain added fat to make them softer and easier to roll. Corn tortillas are much higher in magnesium than flour tortillas. 100% corn tortillas are also safe for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Why corn tortillas are better for diabetics flour tortillas average about 18g carbs each and only 1g of fiber. And try to use beans in place of meat. As a result, corn tortilla is best for corn chips, tacos, and taquitos. Also, flour tortillas harbor a neutral. And as for the fiber: So into the cart it goes. The problem is many people eat more than one tortilla. Corn tortillas can be more flavorful and have a bit of texture to them, where flour. So we only use almond flour or almond meal, coconut flour, ground flaxseed meal, sesame flour, and other nut flours in the majority of our low carb breads and bakes.

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How I Ranked The Different Brands

The brands included all have less than 12 grams of net carbs per serving.

Net carbs are calculated as the total carb amount minus fibers and sugar alcohols. We look at net carbs and not total carbs since fibers and most sugar alcohols wont get converted into glucose and therefore dont impact blood sugars.

I have given each brand a score from 1-5 based on:

  • Does it feel and look like bread?
  • Does it taste like bread?
  • Is the serving size reasonable?
  • How does it impact my blood sugar?
  • These are of course subjective measures, but I hope this review will still give you get a good idea of which brands are good and which have room for improvement.

    I have listed the brands based on the net carbs per serving, from lowest to highest.

    Research On Sourdough Bread And Diabetes

    Diabetic Pumpernickel Bread Recipe

    The research on sourdough has varied results about how it affects your blood sugar and insulin levels.

    A 2008 study found that adult subjects with impaired glucose tolerance had lower blood glucose and insulin responses when given a meal of sourdough bread than when given a meal of regular bread made with bakers yeast.

    In contrast, a 2012 study found that 50g of carbohydrates from sourdough bread produced a greater blood glucose response than 50g of carbohydrates from a sprouted-grain bread and a 12-grain wheat bread. They also found that 130 mins after the meal, the sourdough bread produced a greater insulin response than any of the other breads tested.

    A 2008 study also found that sourdough bread induced a greater insulin response than a non-sourdough bread over a period of 180 minutes post-meal. Sourdough bread also did not curb appetite or promote satiety any more than the placebo bread did.

    The ADAs 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, state that: whole-grain consumption is not associated with improvements in glycemic control in type 2 diabetes. Or in other words, whole grains of any kind do not help you regulate blood sugar and A1c thats what the research clearly shows. There is really no evidence to show any type of whole grain provides any benefit for treatment sourdough or not!

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    Which Bread Is Best For Your Blood Sugar Levels

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    Bread is always tricky: its always a quick reach, and lets face it, a tasty, and filling option that can come in many varieties.

    However, as you know, bread is a carbohydrate food that will affect blood sugar levels.

    We speak with our diabetes expert, Susan Watkins, RD, CDE, to find out which breads will raise your blood sugar levels the least, and what to look for next time you are in the bakery section of your supermarket.

    The good news is that bread can fit into a diabetic meal plan by using it in your total carbohydrate limit for that particular meal or snack.

    How many carbohydrates you eat in one sitting has the biggest effect on blood glucose, not how much is consumed per day, Watkins points out, so the key, she says is to spread it out.

    Also, it can be hard to control the portion size of bread for some people, especially if you buy it unsliced. So, be sure buy sliced bread or ask your bakery to slice up your loaf before you take it home.

    Sourdough Bread And Diabetes

    Sourdough bread is made by traditional methods, where the starter dough is fermented to provide the rise in the bread instead of yeast and sugar. Surprisingly, this bread making method is much better for us.

    Making sourdough produces beneficial gut bacteria that help with digestion, and this has a strong impact on how it then influences the blood sugar response.

    As a consequence, sourdough breads are lower in GI:

    • sourdough rye bread 48
    • 80% barley bread made via sourdough 53-66
    • sourdough wheat bread 54

    So having a slice of sourdough is going to be a better choice than most other breads.

    But there is a bit more to the story.

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    What Is The Glycemic Index

    The American Diabetes Association explain that the GI compares the way foods raise blood sugar levels compared with a reference food, usually glucose.

    Glucose is a reference point for the GI with a score of 100. White bread would score around 71.

    Foods that do not contain carbohydrates, such as meats and fats, do not have a GI score.

    Low-glycemic foods score 55 or less and include:

    • 100-percent stone-ground whole-wheat or pumpernickel bread
    • oatmeal

    Medium-glycemic foods score 56 to 69 and include:

    • whole wheat, rye, and pita bread
    • quick oats
    • brown, wild, or basmati rice
    • couscous

    High-glycemic foods score 70 or more and include:

    • foods made with refined grains, such as white bread, bagels, pretzels, saltine crackers, and many breakfast cereals
    • white rice and rice pasta
    • popcorn
    • pumpkin
    • melon and pineapple

    The more processed or cooked a food is, the more likely it is to have a high GI.

    Type 2 Diabetes: Dr Mosley Gives His Dietary Tips

    What Food is Best for Diabetes?

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    Type 2 diabetes is a condition which results in the body losing control of the amount of glucose in the blood, causing blood glucose levels becoming too high. If blood glucose isnt controlled properly and stays too high, it can lead to a number of problems, including kidney failure, nerve damage, heart disease and stroke.

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    Whats The Best Bread For Type 2 Diabetes To Prevent High Blood Sugar And Prevent Gaining Weight And Belly Fat

    For diabetics, wholegrain breads are considered the best option due to their high fibre content, particularly insoluble fibre – a complex carb which cannot be digested by the body, unlike other carbs. Wholegrain breads such as whole wheat, rye, and organic whole grain varieties are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that are good for your health. Fibre-enriched wholegrain breads can help control blood sugar, keep bowels regular and promote feelings of fullness. Foods high in fibre can help you lose weight and fight belly fat effectively. In fact, one review of 16 studies found that people who eat three daily servings of wholegrains may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 32 per cent. Read – Type 1 diabetes: Who gets type 1 diabetes and home remedies to treat low blood sugar

    However, eating a diet rich in refined starches, such as white bread, is linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, weight gain and heart disease.

    What Was Our Selection Criteria For The 3 Best Diabetes Programs

  • All-natural Method We particularly looked for programs which support natural healing and not relying upon medications as well as medications. best bread brands for diabetics
  • Scientific evidence We tried to find clinical research study evidence backing up the program in each instance as well as confirmed that it existed.
  • Refund Policy Typically, having a customer-friendly refund program shows the certainty a firm has in their very own item. All selected options in this write-up have at least a 60-day money back refund program.
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    What Goes Best With Pumpernickel Bread

    Serving suggestions: For appetizers, top small squares of pumpernickel bread with cream cheese, sliced onion, and tomato. Serve strong-flavoured sandwich fillings, such as aged cheese, on pumpernickel. Mustard goes well with pumpernickel, so spread this condiment on your next ham and Swiss sandwich on pumpernickel.

    Is Brown Bread Good For Diabetics

    20 Ideas for Can Diabetics Eat sourdough Bread

    Also, the diabetes educator says some types of bread that look brown actually contain coloring and it does not mean it is better for you than white bread, that’s why it’s always important to read the ingredients. High fiber bread can help control blood glucose levels, as well as less processed or refined bread.

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    Grocery Shopping For Bread

    On Amazon, you can buy low carbohydrate bread options to be delivered. Ive not tried this, so if you do, let us know if they were any good in the comment box below. The link to buy the bread on Amazon is here.

    If you plan to buy healthy bread at the grocery store, the following list meets the criteria of:

    • 150 calories or less
    • 1.5 grams or less of saturated fat
    • 0 grams of Trans fat
    • 30 grams of carbohydrates or less
    • 300 mg sodium or less
    • 2 grams of fiber or more

    Some breads that you can find in the grocery store that meet these criteria are:

    • Pepperidge Farm Light Style oatmeal bread
    • Country Hearth Kids Choice made with whole grain white bread
    • Archer Farms whole wheat tortilla
    • Mission Carb Balance Plus small fajita whole wheat tortilla
    • Earth Grains 100% multigrain thin buns
    • Arnold Select 100% whole wheat sandwich thins
    • Fiber One Original English muffins
    • Sara Lee English Muffins Original made with whole grain
    • Weight Watchers English muffins

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    Is 100 Whole Wheat Bread Good For Diabetics

    Is 100 Whole wheat bread good for diabetics? The American Diabetes Association recommends choosing whole grain bread or 100 percent whole wheat bread instead of white bread. White bread is made from highly processed white flour and added sugar. Here are some delicious and healthy breads to try: Josephs Flax, Oat Bran and Wheat Pita Bread.

    Does Whole Wheat Bread lower blood sugar? Fiber-enriched whole-grain bread

    Studies have shown that soluble fiber can slow the rate of digestion and reduce the rise in blood sugar after eating. This is why fiber is said to lower the GI score of a food. Adding soluble fiber to breads may help a person manage blood sugar.

    Is 100 Whole Wheat Bread healthy? Good bread makes your body happy

    The benefits of eating 100% whole-wheat or whole-grain far surpass just the taste. Eating whole-grain foods within an overall healthy diet helps to lower your risk for many diseases, including: Stroke. Diabetes.

    Is peanut butter good for diabetics? Peanut butter contains essential nutrients, and it can be part of a healthful diet when a person has diabetes. However, it is important to eat it in moderation, as it contains a lot of calories. People should also make sure their brand of peanut butter is not high in added sugar, salt, or fat.

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    Get A Free Diabetes Meal Plan

    Get a free 7-Day Diabetes Meal Plan from Constance Brown-Riggs who is a Registered Dietitian-Certified Diabetes Educator and who is also a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

    Just enter in your email below to download your free Diabetes Meal Plan.

    Best Bread For Diabetics

    5 Worst And Best Breads For Diabetes

    Protein powders are a widespread kind of supplement nutrient supplement any time they will have really been a critical macronutrient supplement which could support construct muscle mass growth and also fix tissues besides, create hormones and enzymes. Some-times protein powders Might Even Be Useful in Weight-reduction or reduce down muscles

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    The Best Breads For People With Diabetes

    Your best bet when it comes to rye bread is pumpernickel bread its made from whole rye grains and is a low GI of 41-46. But, pumpernickel bread isnt exactly a sandwich type bread, and has its own pungent flavor, too. Lets check out some more GI levels: Normal rye bread 57-78

    Banana bread is a classic comfort food that’s perfect for a diabetic breakfast or healthy snack. We’ve added delicious twists to classic banana bread recipes, plus included other recipes for carb-smart breakfasts and snack options for diabetes all under 250 calories

    Which means that sourdough isnt a miracle bread that people with diabetes can indulge on without consequences . If your goal is to stabilize your blood sugar levels, then the best bread is a low carb bread made from naturally low carb flours like almond flour, coconut flour, or flaxseed meal.

    Bread Recipes. This collection of diabetic bread recipes includes sugarfree muffin recipes, recipes for rolls and biscuits, bread machine recipes and more. And each recipe includes nutritional information to make your meal planning easier.

    Contents. 1. The Best Breads for Diabetics 2. October 2010 3. Chasing the Perfect Bread for a Diabetic Diet Diabetes 4. Top 10 Healthy Foods To Control Diabetes

    What Is The Best Bread For People With Diabetes

    What is the Best Bread for People with Diabetes?deep sleep diabetes remedy review

    Do you avoid taking bread because you have diabetes? Well, you can have bread even if you have diabetes. All you have to do is consider few factors while choosing bread for you. Food intake is the most crucial part of managing blood sugar levels. When you have diabetes, it may be complicated for you to select the proper bread. Food containing a high level of carbohydrates can impact your blood sugar level. Carbohydrates are present in many kinds of food, including desserts, fruit, grains, vegetables, milk, and bread. It is essential to be aware of carb intake to make your diet healthy and nutritious.

    Bread usually contains high carbs, and some of them may be overly processed, high in sugar, and full of calories. It will help if you go for a healthier meal plan to find the best bread for diabetes management. Bread worthiness depends on the amount of carb it contains. Simple carbs, aka sugar, are essential to consider in a diabetic patients diet. Bread is the crucial element in diet across many cultures. People with diabetes have a great option to choose bread with high-fiber ingredients like oats and bran. It is a good idea to create homemade bread that can reduce blood sugar levels. You can meet the standard to get the most diabetic-friendly bread. The bread has excellent taste but leaves you hungry earlier by pointing your blood sugar.

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