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Is Whole Wheat Pasta Good For Diabetics

Veggie Spirals And Ribbons

How to Eat Pasta on a Diabetic Diet

Use a vegetable peeler to produce spirals or ribbons of non-starchy vegetables;to use in place of pasta.;Some good options to try include zucchini, yellow summer squash, carrots, eggplant, peppers, and cabbage.

Steam the ribbons so that they taste and feel like regular pasta. Enjoy a serving size of 1 1/2 cups of cooked veggie ribbons for only 15 grams of carbs.

Anthony’s Vital Wheat Gluten

Take a swing at some Vital Wheat Gluten. It’s high in protein – which is great for those on the Keto and diabetes diet and also improves elasticity and texture of dough so your ciabatta won’t be like rubber when it cools down.

Made from 100% natural wheat gluten, you know that Anthony’s Vital wheat gluten carries no processed ingredients or additives. Great for bread, bagels, pizzas – basically any type of doughy food.

You’ll never have to worry about gluten again!

5/5 stars and 12,504 ratings

What Is The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index measures how carbohydrate-containing foods, like whole-wheat pasta, affect your blood sugar. Certain types of carbs, referred to as high-GI foods, cause a rapid rise in blood sugar and then a sudden drop. This not only affects your energy levels, but insulin levels as well, which may increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Examples of high-GI foods include white bread, pretzels and saltine crackers.

Foods with a low GI cause a smaller, even rise in blood sugar, leading to sustained energy levels. Including more low-GI foods in your diet offers a number of health benefits, including lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, better blood sugar control and lower cholesterol levels. Because low-GI foods help sustain energy levels, they also help keep appetite under control for better weight management. Examples of low-GI starchy foods include beans, sweet potatoes and 100 percent whole-wheat bread.

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Healthy Tips For Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

If you have pre-diabetes, you should talk to your doctor about developing a lifestyle plan to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends increased physical activity and, if you are overweight, losing 5-10 percent of your body weight. Your doctor may also want you to take medication if you have a family history of diabetes, you are obese, or have other cardiovascular risk factors .

Below are tips to help you keep pre-diabetes from progressing to Type 2 diabetes:

Exercise Every Day

Since muscles use glucose for energy, activities like walking, bicycling, and gardening help to lower the sugar in your blood. ;Aim for 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise on all or most days of the week. Even 10 minutes at a time can be beneficial with a goal of 150 minutes per week.

Lose Weight If You Are Overweight

Extra body fat contributes to insulin resistance, which makes it more difficult for insulin to lower blood sugar levels, and increases the likelihood of pre-diabetes. Your doctor will likely tell you to look for areas in which you can cut your calorie intake by 250 to 500 hundred calories per day, such as:

Warning Avoid These Pastas

Is Whole Grain Pasta Good For Diabetics

Ok, I’ve already mentioned you should avoid those 99-cent boxes of pasta, and pasta made with rice flour .

But you also need to know about high-fiber pastas that get their fiber from unnatural fiber that’s made in a lab. Some high-fiber pastas have all sorts of manufactured unnatural processed fibers;added to them.

These pasta manufacturers will brag about the high fiber content of their pasta and say the pasta is healthy!!!!

A closer look at the ingredients reveals the fiber IS NOT natural! These unnatural fibers;are called Modified Starches.

These pastas will do nothing to control your blood sugar and to make things worse, you’ll likely get a tummy ache and bloating too because you can’t digest Modified Starch, so it causes lots of gas in your intestines.

Modified Starch fiber is NOT natural.

Unlike natural fiber that keeps your blood sugar from going up, Modified Starch fiber will NOT turn to gel and slow down your digestion.

So do yourself a BIG favor and avoid these high-fiber pastas made with added manufactured unnatural processed fibers called Modified Starches.

Like, I said earlier…your pasta should have one or two ingredients beans and/or lentils. That’s it!

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Tomatoes Garlic And Fresh Basil Pasta Diabetes


  • Garlic cloves, thinly chopped
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Salt and pepper as per taste
  • Pasta
  • Grated Parmesan cheese


  • Heat some oil in a skillet and add the garlic, sauté until aromatic.
  • Add in the tomatoes and basil. Mix and cook for 3 minutes.
  • Boil the pasta until properly al dente. Drain excess water and let it cool. Add in olive oil and toss the pasta to prevent sticking.
  • Pour the tomato basil mixture into the pasta.
  • Grate some parmesan over the pasta and serve hot.
  • Why Are Wholegrains A Healthy Choice

    Wholegrains are a smart choice, not just for people with diabetes, but for the whole family. If you do have diabetes, wholegrain foods are usually better for managing blood glucose levels because they tend to have a lower glycaemic index . This means they do not affect blood glucose levels as quickly as refined carbohydrate foods. However, since wholegrains are also carbohydrate foods, and all carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels, be mindful of your portion sizes.

    Some studies have shown that healthy diets, rich in wholegrain foods, can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer and Type 2 diabetes. The ways in which wholegrains help prevent these conditions are not fully understood. They can play a part in maintaining a healthy body weight over time as part of a healthy, balanced diet and help keep your gut healthy due to the compounds they contain called phytochemicals. Studies also suggest that wholegrain foods may be more filling than their refined counterparts, which may help reduce the urge for snacking between meals and help people manage their weight.

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    Whats The Problem Anyway

    Well, its no secret that eating traditional wheat pasta, especially non-wholemeal, isnt the best option if you want to maintain low postprandial blood glucose responses important since repeated postprandial hyperglycaemia 1 is an early abnormality of glycaemic control 2 associated with type 2 diabetes3 . Basically, if you dont want to help yourself to diabetes, then avoid helping yourself to too much white flour in bread or in pasta.

    How Much Should We Eat

    Which is better for a Diabetic wheat or rice? – Dr. Shantala Rudresh

    In the UK there are no official recommendations, but most experts recommend at least three servings a day. Its important to replace refined products with wholegrain foods to help keep your blood glucose and weight in check in the long term.

    1 serving of whole grains equals:

    • 25g porridge oats
    • 1 bowl toasted wholegrain oat cereal
    • 1 bowl of wheat-based breakfast cereal
    • 1 bowl of breakfast cereal made from wholewheat
    • 1 large slice multi-grain bread
    • 23g brown rice
    • 23g wholewheat pasta
    • 3 Ryvitas

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    Is Chickpea Pasta Good For Diabetics

    Chickpea flour, or Bengal Gram flour, is another very healthy flour used as a diabetic substitute for regular pasta. Chickpea pasta is rich in proteins, minerals, and fiber and low in the Glycemic Index, and is good for individuals with diabetes.

    Thus, it fits perfectly in ones diabetic diet, and blood sugar patients can enjoy the pasta made from it without any worries.

    Apart from these two flour varieties, you can also try out these diabetes-friendly pasta options:

    • Egg pasta
    • The Japanese Konjac noodles with zero carbs

    Other Tips:

    • There are many diabetic-specific brands as well that provide safe and healthy regular pasta alternatives.
    • Add in a lot of veggies to your pasta while cooking. It helps to increase the good net nutrients such as fiber, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc. It also reduces the overall carb consumption.
    • Cook your pasta al-dente. This is a perfect way to keep the pasta from getting mushy. Cooking methods also determine the influence of food on health.
    • Always keep in mind to have a moderate amount of pasta to keep any unhealthy symptoms away.

    Can Diabetics Eat Hamburgers

    Protein foods that are also high in fat are not healthful for many people with diabetes as they can lead to weight gain and high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides a kind of fat in the body. Proteins to avoid or limit include: red meat, such as beef, pork, and lamb. breaded, fried, and high-sodium meats.

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    Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

    Everyone knows that a diet high in fruits and vegetables keeps you healthy. It can also improve a persons digestive health. So use fruits and vegetables to stock your plate with different colored dishes that are served at the table every day. These things are excellent sources of important vitamins and minerals that the human body needs, such as folic acid, potassium, and vitamin C. They keep your bowels healthy, your digestive system intact, and diseases like constipation at bay. So start loving your vegetables.

    How Much Do You Know About The Diabetic Diet

    Best pasta options for diabetes https://diabetesmealplans ...

    Patients with type 2 diabetes generally are put on a 1,500 to 1,800 calorie diet per day to promote weight loss and then the maintenance of ideal body weight. However, this may vary depending on the person’s age, sex, activity level, current weight, and body style.

    More obese individuals may need more calories initially until their weight is less. This is because it takes more calories to maintain a larger body, and a 1,600 calorie diet for them may promote weight loss that is too fast to be healthy.

    Men have more muscle mass in general and therefore may require more calories. Muscle burns more calories per hour than fat. Also, people whose activity level is low will have less daily caloric needs.

    Generally, carbohydrates should make up about 50% of the daily calories . In general, lower carbohydrate intake is associated with lower sugar levels in the blood.

    However, the benefits of this can be canceled out by the problems associated with a higher fat diet taken in to compensate for the lower amount of carbohydrates. This problem can be improved by substituting monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats for saturated fats.

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    Explore Asian: Organic Soybean & Black Bean Spaghetti

    The organic soybean spaghetti contains 7 g net carbs per serve, at $3.49 for a 7.05 oz. pack.

    Ingredients: Organic Golden Soybean, Water.

    The black bean spaghetti is a black spaghetti!

    Its the same price as the soybean spaghetti and comes in with a little less carbs at 5 g net carbs per serve.

    Ingredients: Organic Black Beans 92%, Water 8%.

    Is Whole Grain Spaghetti Good For Diabetics

    4.4/5diabetespastawhole wheat

    Health Tip: Best Grains And Starchy Veggies for Diabetics

    • Bulgur
    • Whole grain barley.
    • Whole farro.

    Also, which is worse for diabetics rice or pasta? The more white rice you eat, the greater your risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a 2012 review. White rice and pasta can cause blood sugar spikes similar to that of sugar. Have this instead: Brown rice or wild rice.

    In this regard, how much whole wheat pasta can a diabetic have?


    Is Pasta OK for type 2 diabetes?

    Summary: White bread, pasta and rice are high in carbs yet low in fiber. This combination can result in high blood sugar levels. Alternatively, choosing high-fiber, whole foods may help reduce blood sugar response.

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    Whole Wheat Pasta: Another Diabetic Friendly Meal Idea

    Boil some pasta, add your favorite sauce, and serve, right?

    Well, even I manage to gussy up my spaghetti a bit more than that. But all things considered, its a quick meal thats both flavorful and satisfying.

    Whole wheat pasta is something that takes just a few minutes to prepare, and everyone is happy to see it on their dinner plate.

    Following are some tips for turning whole wheat pasta into a diabetic friendly meal

    Anthony’s Organic Oat Fiber

    Good Health: Whole grains and type 2 diabetes

    Why take short-cuts to your health when Anthony’s Organic Oat Fiber is the easy way?

    Made with Certified Organic oats, fiber doesn’t get more natural than this. Not only does it provide you with a quick and reliable place to continue getting the soluble fiber you need for digestive health , but it also provides insoluble fiber that supports your heart! With 1.5 pounds of plant-based dietary fiber, we’ve created a great product for adding healthy bulk to any recipe or smoothie without fear of artificial ingredients or gluten cross-contamination! Get yourself some organic oat flour today and start enjoying what homemade meals should taste like.

    4.5/5 stars and 6,474 ratings

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    Great Low Carb Bread Company Fettuccine Pasta

    Net carbs: 7 g

    Review score: 3 stars

    This pasta looks good and came out al dente after being cooked for 10 minutes, but its quite dry. You need an abundance of sauce to make this pasta part of an enjoyable meal.

    The reason the net-carbs are so low is that the main ingredients in this product are fibers and protein. This also means that it has very little blood sugar impact.

    The ingredients in this pasta are pea protein, oat fibers, wheat fibers, and egg whites which is why its a high fiber, high protein, and low-carb food.

    Given the ingredients, its not a good option for those trying to reduce or eliminate gluten or eggs.

    Diabetes Wheat Vs Chickpea & Lentil Pasta

    Youve probably seen these relatively new additions to the dried pasta ranges lentil fusilli, chickpea penne, etc. Are they just another marketing fad with no health benefits over the usual wheat pasta, or do they provide some of the same health benefits for which lentils and chickpeas are well known? Lets see

    Blog Contents

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    Best Pasta For Diabetes

    We ALL love pasta, right?!

    Its one of those foods that is such a comfort food. And because it is such a comfort food, it is VERY easy to over eat it!

    Seriouslyit is easy to eat an enormous bowl and still go back for more. Sound familiar?

    But for people with diabetes or prediabetes, its not really possible to eat an enormous bowl of pasta because you will soon see your blood sugar skyrocketing. Not to mention, all those extra pounds stacking on if you over consume the carbs!

    So lets go over some pasta nutrition facts and talk about the best pasta for diabetes including options and alternatives.

    JUMP TO:Pasta nutrition facts | Realistic serving sizes | The issue with carbs | Best pasta for diabetes | Swapping pasta for low carb alternatives |

    Can I Eat Pasta If I Have Diabetes

    Is Whole

    Yes, you can eat pasta if you have diabetes. Pasta is a source of carbohydrate with 1/3 cup cooked pasta containing 15 grams of carbohydrate . One third cup of pasta is not a lot of pasta therefore a couple suggestions are to: 1) use two or three of your carbohydrate servings for pasta ; and 2) add low carbohydrate vegetables such as cooked, broccoli, carrots, zucchini squash, and green beans to your pasta dish to increase the volume of food without adding more carbohydrate to your meal. Serve your pasta and steamed vegetables with a lean protein choice . Second, beware of portion size. A good bet is to pair 1/2 to 1 cup of cooked pasta with a bevy of vegetables and a bit of lean protein and healthy fat for a dish that’s eaContinue reading >>

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    How Much Is Too Much

    Even though whole grains are healthy, you donât want to eat unlimited amounts. How much of these grains you can eat depends on how well you’re managing your blood sugar.

    A good guide is to eat about three servings of whole grains each day.

    Examples of one whole-grain food serving:

    • 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice
    • 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal
    • 1 slice of whole-grain bread
    • 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta

    Ask your doctor or a dietitian about how to fit whole grains into your diet. Together you can design a plan that fits your tastes, and helps you gain better control over your blood sugar.

    May Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes

    In addition to its potential benefits for individuals with diabetes, brown rice may even reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the first place.

    A study in 197,228 adults linked eating at least 2 servings of brown rice per week to a significantly reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, swapping just 1/4 cup of white rice with brown was associated with a 16% lower risk of this condition .

    While the mechanism isnt entirely understood, its thought that the higher fiber content of brown rice is at least partially responsible for this protective effect (

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    Thinslim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta

    These pasta noodles are made from various fibers, and because of the high amount of fiber the carb count per serve is only 8 g.

    Ingredients: Oat fiber, wheat fiber, wheat protein isolate, egg whites, durum flour.

    For a 6 pack of ThinSlim pasta costs $49.99 on Amazon, which is $8.33 per pack, so they are on the higher price side.

    But if you buy them from Netrition youll get them for $7.99 per pack.


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