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Is Wheat Bread Good For Diabetics

You Can Tell Whether A Bread Is Whole Grain By:

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a) its colour

b) the ingredient list on the package

c) the name of the product

Correct answer: It is easy to be fooled by the colour or the name of the bread. Caramel colouring can be added to the bread, which will make it darker looking, while the names of breads may make you think they are whole grain. For example, multi-grain may simply mean that there are a variety of grains included but they may all be refined. Check the ingredient list to be sure . Also, since ingredients are listed in descending order by amount, look for products where the first ingredient is a whole grain.

Bread: The Best And Worst Products For People With Diabetes

The truth is, managing your diet can be tedious. Nobody enjoys looking at endless panels of nutritional information. Nobody wants to check every single brand on the shelf to work out which one contains the least carbohydrate. Itâs no fun. Let us do the work for you. Want to know which kind of bread is right for you? Here are 26 products, complete with nutritional information and a verdict. Note: bread is generally very high in carbohydrate. Generally, we wouldnât recommend it to people with diabetes. But most people like a little bit of bread. So, when you do partake, this article tells you which ones are a good idea. And, more importantly, which ones arenât. White breads 1. Hovis Soft White Medium Bread, 800g. Each slice contains: 93 calories 0.7g of fat 17.9g of carbohydrate 1.4g of sugars 1g of fibre 3.5g of protein 0.36g of salt 2. Warburtons Toastie Sliced White Bread, 800g. Each slice contains: 113 calories 0.9g of a fat 20.8g of carbohydrate 1g of sugar 1.2g of fibre 4.7g of protein 0.47g of salt 3. Hovis Soft White Thick Bread, 800g. Each slice contains: 117 calories 0.8g of fat 22.3g of carbohydrate 1.7g of a sugar 1.2g of fibre 4.4g of protein 0.45g of salt 4. Warburtons Medium Sliced White Bread, 800g. Each slice contains: 96 calories 0.8g of fat 17.7g of carbohydrates 0.9g of sugar 1g of fibre 4g of protein 0.4g of salt 5. Warburtons Farmhouse White Bread, 800g. Each slice contains: 103 calories 1.1g of fat 18.5g ofContinue reading >>

Which Bread Is Best For Your Blood Sugar Levels

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Bread is always tricky: its always a quick reach, and lets face it, a tasty, and filling option that can come in many varieties.

However, as you know, bread is a carbohydrate food that will affect blood sugar levels.

We speak with our diabetes expert, Susan Watkins, RD, CDE, to find out which breads will raise your blood sugar levels the least, and what to look for next time you are in the bakery section of your supermarket.

The good news is that bread can fit into a diabetic meal plan by using it in your total carbohydrate limit for that particular meal or snack.

How many carbohydrates you eat in one sitting has the biggest effect on blood glucose, not how much is consumed per day, Watkins points out, so the key, she says is to spread it out.

Also, it can be hard to control the portion size of bread for some people, especially if you buy it unsliced. So, be sure buy sliced bread or ask your bakery to slice up your loaf before you take it home.

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So Does Sourdough Help Manage Blood Sugar

Whilst sourdough bakers have long known that the loaves we bake have a better flavour, crisper crust and a chewier interior than commercially produced bread, ;one of the things I have most often asked about when I teach are the health benefits of long-fermented bread. There are lots of claims about sourdough bread, some of them are true, some are urban myths, but the results of key trials carried out in Canada were a game-changer as the results showed that the sourdough bread used has measurable health benefits on modulating blood sugar when compared to both commercial white and whole-wheat loaves.

Wonder Bread Classic White

The Best is whole Grain Bread Good for Diabetics

Hello, childhood nostalgia! While you’re reminiscing about your Wonder days, don’t forget this fact: Wonder Bread doesn’t pass the test when it comes to healthy options. As with any other simple carb, your body is going to digest each slice of bread quickly, leaving your stomach grumbling and your blood sugar unsteady, which may lead to unhealthy cravings shortly after eating and extra calories consumed.

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The 10 Bread Choices For Diabetic People

If you have decided to make bread a part of the meal, it is important to read the nutritional value given on the cover. The American Diabetes Association recommends 100% whole wheat bread or whole-grain bread over white bread. White bread is not recommended for diabetes patients as it is made using highly processed white flour and added sugar. If you are monitoring carbs and calories, whole grain bread is the ideal choice. There are plenty of other healthy bread choices for diabetes patients available in the market. Some of the best bread choices for diabetic people are:

As a quick reach, filling option, bread are tricky. You can fit them in the diabetic meal plan by limiting the total carbohydrate consumption. Now that you have got an idea of types of bread for a diabetic diet plan, it is also important to be aware of those needs to be avoided.

Sourdough Vs Other Breads

Now its time to answer everyones burning question about sourdough: does it have less sugar than other breads do?

This comparison chart should answer that question pretty quickly:

And the final answer is no.

Despite what some health gurus may say, sourdough bread isnt that much lower in carbs compared to other breads. Which means that sourdough isnt a miracle bread that people with diabetes can indulge on without consequences .

If your goal is to stabilize your blood sugar levels, then the best bread is a low carb bread made from naturally low carb flours like almond flour, coconut flour, or flaxseed meal.

Or you can skip the bread altogether and follow a meal plan that focuses on healthy proteins and fats while supplying healthy carbohydrates through vegetables it works!

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How Can Meal Plans Help

Creating a meal plan can help control your blood sugar and provide satisfying nutrition. There isnt a one-size-fits-all plan. It may help to try different ones to see which works best. Your doctor or dietitian can also help guide your choices and make recommendations.

Here are some meal plans to consider. Each plan emphasizes slow-digesting, high-fiber choices to minimize sudden blood sugar changes.

Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Bread

Which is better for a Diabetic wheat or rice? – Dr. Shantala Rudresh

Don’t be fooled by its name. Although Nature’s Own contains whole wheat flour, it’s not 100% whole wheat, which means your body will treat it similarly to a highly processed white bread. This loaf also includes repeat offenders such as inflammatory-fat-laden soybean oil, mono- and diglycerides , and DATEMâa shelf-stabilizing emulsifier that is often made from artery-clogging partially hydrogenated oils.

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Dos And Dont For Including Bread In A Diabetic Diet Plan

  • Choose bread of whole-grain varieties. If you are looking at the label, ensure there is whole mentioned in it. You can go for whole grain, whole oat, whole wheat, or whole rye bread.
  • Ensure the fiber content mentioned in the label. Bread containing at least 3 grams of fiber per slice can be the best choice.
  • While eating, put a brake on the caloric intake. If a bread slice contains more than 100 calories, have a slice with protein-rich vegetables or other healthy combinations. Do not make a sandwich of two slices, if one slice has more than 100 calories in it.
  • While choosing pumpernickel or tortillas, consider buying those with low-carbohydrate contents.
  • Pair low-carb tortillas or bread with protein-rich items that can make you feel full and reduce the postprandial blood sugars. You can pair it with vegetables, sliced chicken, nut butter, or chopped egg as a healthy combination.


  • Avoid white bread and bread made with white flour. Wraps, bagels, Italian bread, and rolls can be included in this list.
  • If the label says only multi-grain rather than wholegrain, dont buy them. Bread with such labels can be misleading and may not be a whole-grain bread.
  • Always consume bread with protein. Eating bread raw can cause an increase in the blood sugar level.

Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Oatmeal

Sorry, this bread is not nearly as good for you as overnight oats. This “Farmhouse” style bread is packed with two kinds of sweetenersâboth sugar and high fructose corn syrup . High fructose sugar is a common additives in store-bought breads, but you should be looking for brands without it. The sweetener has been linked to fatty liver disease and metabolic disorders, because our body turns fructose into fat and inflammatory compounds more readily than it does with glucose.

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What Kind Of Bread Is Best For A Diabetic

Weve recently covered the types of flours that are best for diabetes, so;before we dig in and talk about breads, lets briefly look at the;flour cheat sheet.

See how everything above coconut flour goes up from 30 g net carbs and above, which is really getting up there.

In reality, the best breads for you to eat are ones made from flaxseed, almond, chickpea or coconut flour, which are a bit more difficult to come by.

Of course, the simplest way to overcome this is to make your own. But, we understand that not everyone wants to make their own bread. So thankfully, there are quite a number of companies that supply great low carb bread options you can buy.

Go Sprouted When Possible

The Best is whole Grain Bread Good for Diabetics

According to an article from Good Housekeeping, the growing trend of sprouted grain bread is more than just hype, it’s the real deal for health bread, with roots in science and nutrition.

The key here is the absence of processed flour, which is the common culprit found in white bread loaves, burger buns, pretzel snacks, and even those sneaky whole wheat products.

There are also numerous nutrients found in sprouted grains that are washed away in the flour production process, including essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

“The process of sprouting grains before they’re ground into flour seems to minimize the presence of phytic acid, which may make it a bit easier to digest your bread and absorb minerals like iron and calcium from it,” says Jen McDaniel, founder of McDaniel Nutritional Therapy.

Diabetics will want to sample a few sprouted breads, since sprouted tends to be lower on the glycemic index and come packed with extra protein and fiber.

Just be warned that many companies use the “sprouted” label for marketing their products, while the bread itself only contains an unhealthy amount of refined flour.

It’s always better to play it safe and read the ingredients list before making a purchase, especially since these breads can be a bit pricier and reach their expiration date fast.

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Nature’s Own Butter Bread

Ask yourself: Does “butter bread” sound like a diet-friendly option? It’s actually not the butter that’s at fault here, it’s the calcium peroxide, a bleaching agent used in whitening toothpaste that’s been banned from food in the EU and China. That’s not the worst of it. This bread isn’t just made up of wheat flour; Nature’s Own bulks it up with soy flour . Pass.

Arnold Whole Grains: Double Fiber

If you’re looking for extra fiber, seek out seeded loaves before defaulting to a bread with added fiber. Arnold’s recipe bulks up fiber with cellulose, a wood-pulp-derived fiber which only has the benefit of bulking up stool. That’s a significant downgrade from dietary fibers that help feed good gut bacteria, improve gut health, and boost satiety.

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Garlic And Ciabatta Bread

Serve with your favourite Italian dishes, and try to buy ready sliced so you can control your portion sizes and freeze the rest. This way, you wont be too tempted to polish off the whole loaf. Look out for reduced-fat garlic bread, but bear in mind its still fairly high in fat and calories.

  • Garlic bread: 71Kcal 9.4g carbs 3g fat
  • Reduced-fat garlic bread: 54Kcal 8.98g carbs 1.2g fat
  • Ciabatta: 75Kcal 12.4g carbs 1.4g fat

Healthy Food Options For People With Diabetes

Breads: Whole Wheat Vs. Whole Grain White Bread – Diabetes Center for Children at CHOP
  • Cinnamon
  • Eggs
  • Greek yogurt

These are highly recommended food items by every dietician for every diabetic patient as they are high in nutrients. These benefit you from reducing the risks of stroke, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Fact â fatty fishes help in reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. It also reduces inflammation.

Greek yogurt is beneficial in weight management and helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. It also promotes healthy blood sugar levels. It contains calcium, high protein, and conjugated linoleic acid.

Turmeric has usually used spice with numerous health benefits. It lowers the risk of heart diseases, lowers the blood sugar level and inflammation. It is found the diabetes is the main reason for most of the kidney damages.

Fact â Chia seeds are low in digestive carbs and high in fiber.

Turmeric has found to be useful in reducing kidney damages. Turmeric reduces the risk of kidney and heart damages.

Eggs are rich in proteins and help to keep you full for hours. In the research, there was an improvement in the blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the patients who ate two eggs daily.

These help in decreasing the inflammation lowers the risk of heart disease, improves your insulin sensitivity, improves the shape and size of your LDL cholesterol, and increase HDL cholesterol levels.

The antioxidants necessary to reduce the risk of eye disease are also present in the egg named zeaxanthin and lutein.

These fatty fishes are â

  • Sardines
  • Herrings

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Bread To Avoid In A Diabetic Diet Plan

Bread made with white flour is the worst choice for diabetic patients. They are made of refined carbohydrates, which cannot be recommended to maintain the blood sugar levels. Another vital point of why white flour bread is not a good choice is the way it is made. While making white flour bread, grains are processed for the soft texture. This strips away the vitamin, minerals, and fiber contents in it. Without these contents, the bread can have a higher glycemic index. Though the manufacturers add back the lost minerals and minerals while making them, it cannot ensure fiber content. Read the labels carefully to choose bread enriched with wheat flour. The next kinds of bread that need to be excluded from the list are the sweet-kind. Bread with high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, and molasses are plentifully available in the market. Watch out for bread with such ingredients which should be completely excluded from the diet of a diabetes patient.

Bread containing dried fruits and raisins are some of the popular choices of most people. However, they are not favorable for diabetic patients as they are high in carbohydrates. It can have a negative effect on their sugar level. While trying to include bread in your diet, always consider reading the labels carefully. Bread containing zero proteins, high carbohydrates, and other sugary ingredients should be strictly avoided if you are on a diabetic diet plan.

How Much Should We Eat

In the UK there are no official recommendations, but most experts recommend at least three servings a day. Its important to replace refined products with wholegrain foods to help keep your blood glucose and weight in check in the long term.

1 serving of whole grains equals:

  • 25g porridge oats
  • 1 bowl toasted wholegrain oat cereal
  • 1 bowl of wheat-based breakfast cereal
  • 1 bowl of breakfast cereal made from wholewheat
  • 1 large slice multi-grain bread
  • 23g brown rice
  • 23g wholewheat pasta
  • 3 Ryvitas

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Healthy Tips For Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

If you have pre-diabetes, you should talk to your doctor about developing a lifestyle plan to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends increased physical activity and, if you are overweight, losing 5-10 percent of your body weight. Your doctor may also want you to take medication if you have a family history of diabetes, you are obese, or have other cardiovascular risk factors .

Below are tips to help you keep pre-diabetes from progressing to Type 2 diabetes:

Exercise Every Day

Since muscles use glucose for energy, activities like walking, bicycling, and gardening help to lower the sugar in your blood. ;Aim for 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise on all or most days of the week. Even 10 minutes at a time can be beneficial with a goal of 150 minutes per week.

Lose Weight If You Are Overweight

Extra body fat contributes to insulin resistance, which makes it more difficult for insulin to lower blood sugar levels, and increases the likelihood of pre-diabetes. Your doctor will likely tell you to look for areas in which you can cut your calorie intake by 250 to 500 hundred calories per day, such as:

Flours To Use Less Often

Pin on good for you

Although there are many flour options available for people with diabetes, there are a few types that you may want to use infrequently.

These varieties of flour are very high in carbs and low in fiber, protein, or heart-healthy fats. As such, they may cause sudden spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels.

Here are a few of the flours you should use less often:

  • all-purpose flour

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