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How To Cure Insulin Resistance With Herbs

Insulin Resistance And Exercise

Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally | Best Foods, Diet, Lifestyle, Ayurvedic Herbs

Exercise has many positive effects. It improves strength, endurance, blood pressure, blood sugar, and insulin sensitivity. And all this without medication.

Although exercise can help to lose weight, its effect is less than people expect.

Accordingly, diabetes studies show that the effects of exercise are greatly overestimated .

Nevertheless, it is no secret that sport brings health benefits.

So why doesnt exercise reveal itself as the panacea?

With this in mind, there are the following reasons:

  • Exercise increases appetite
  • Exercise reduces other physical activities
  • It needs a regular basis
  • Illness or ailments are hindering
  • Visible results are widely overestimated

First, exercise has compensatory mechanisms. Hence, those who exercise more will eat more. When I prepare for a marathon, I simply have more appetite.

On the other hand, exercise compensates for physical activities in general. Since I am sitting in my apartment all day due to coronavirus lock-down, I feel like running.

On the other hand, a nurse who walks a few kilometers at work will feel less inclined to run.

Moreover, the 125 kilometers in April gained me seven kilograms. And the last marathon preparation did too.

A reason for concern? No, since the gain was mainly lean mass and its an excellent method for stress reduction.

Accordingly, exercise is not the magic formula for weight loss that has been marketed to us. And the results are rather demoralizing.

Foods That Lower Insulin Resistance List

The severe impact of lean protein on insulin levels used to be a missing fact in low-carbohydrate diets, like the Atkins diet.

Consequently, substituting carbohydrates with lean cuts of meat, low-fat dairy, or even protein shakes and bars doomed them to fail.

So whatshould we eat to prevent and reverse insulin resistance naturally?

Fat, since substituting carbohydrates with all-natural dietary fat is a simple and natural treatment for insulin resistance .

Remember, fat is the macronutrient that affects insulin production the least. Hence, dietary fat can counteract hyperinsulinemia.

But whichare foods with healthy fats we should eat?

Therefore, heres a list of foods with healthy fats:

In contrast to conventional wisdom, saturated fat doesnt promote cardiovascular diseases, whereas carbohydrates do .

Moreover, various studies suggest that eating saturated fat protects against stroke .

Besidesfatty fish low in mercury like mackerels or sardines, flaxseed oil is anexcellent and plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Highly refined and industrially processed vegetable oils, on the other hand, are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, are inflammatory and support coronary heart disease as well as cardiovascular disease .

Those seed oils can release harmful chemicals aldehydes when heated.

For this reason, stay away from deep-fried foods and hydrogenated trans fats like margarine. Moreover, there are seed oils you should generally avoid:

  • Canola
  • Partiallyhydrogenated vegetable

If I Have Insulin Resistance Does That Mean I Have Diabetes

Insulin resistance is not the same thing as diabetes. Instead, it is a risk factor for diabetes. Just because you have the risk factor does not mean that you will always develop the condition.

However, your risk of Type 2 diabetes increases with insulin resistance. Your pancreas responds to insulin resistance by trying to make more insulin. However, over the span of10 to 15 years, your pancreas becomes less able to keep up with the extra insulin production. This leads to high blood sugar levels and, often, a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

For this reason, if you have Type 2 diabetes, you often have insulin resistance as well.

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How To Treat Insulin Resistance

This article was co-authored by Damaris Vega, MD. Dr. Damaris Vega is a board certified Endocrinologist. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico with a BS in General Science and subsequently earned an MD from the Ponce School of Medicine, Ponce, PR. During medical school, Dr. Vega served as president of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and was selected as her school’s representative for the American Association of Medical Colleges. She then completed a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes, Mineral, and Metabolism at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Dr. Vega has been recognized for excellent patient care multiple times by the National Committee for Quality Assurance and received the Patients’ Choice Award in 2008, 2009, and 2015. She is a fellow of the American College of Clinical Endocrinologists and is an active member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the American Diabetes Association, and the Endocrine Society. Dr. Vega is also the founder and CEO of Houston Endocrinology Center as well as a principal investigator for multiple clinical trials at Juno Research, LLC.There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 18,615 times.

Natural Ways To Improve Blood Sugar And Insulin Sensitivity

How To Cure Insulin Resistance With Herbs

Insulin resistance is at the root of diabetes and prediabetes and affects more than 1 in 3 US adults. Even more shockingly, only 1 in 4 adults with diabetes knew they had the condition, and only 1 in 10 adults with prediabetes knew they were at risk for developing diabetes . While some people may experience no symptoms at all, the effects of insulin resistance can range from moderate to life-threatening. Read on to discover more about insulin, the symptoms of insulin resistance, and the best ways to naturally decrease insulin resistance and improve insulin sensitivity.

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Reduce Your Intake Of Added Sugars

Theres a big difference between added sugars and natural sugars.

Natural sugars are found in sources like plants and vegetables, both of which provide lots of other nutrients.

Conversely, added sugars are found in more highly processed foods. The two main types of sugar added during the production process are high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar, also known as sucrose.

Both contain approximately 50% fructose.

Many studies have found that higher intakes of fructose can increase insulin resistance among people with diabetes .

The effects of fructose on insulin resistance also appear to affect people who do not have diabetes, as reported in an analysis of 29 studies including a total of 1,005 people who were moderate weight and overweight or had obesity.

The findings showed that consuming a lot of fructose over less than 60 days increased liver insulin resistance, independent of total calorie intake .

Foods that contain lots of added sugar are also high in fructose. This includes candy, sugar-sweetened beverages, cakes, cookies, and pastries.


High intakes of fructose are linked to a higher risk of insulin resistance. Foods that contain high amounts of added sugar are also high in fructose.

Can Fasting Reverse Insulin Resistance

As research shows, regular intermittent fasting directly improves insulin sensitivity. Therefore it doesnt just reduce high insulin levels.

Furthermore, fasting can reverse insulin resistance, which most diets cant .

Additionally, a fasting detox yields lots of health benefits like the removal of unnecessary or dysfunctional components from cells.

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for the discovery of this mechanism known as autophagy .

However, there are many myths about the drawbacks of fasting. For example, a sticky myth ist that it will overwhelm you with hunger.

But Viennese researchers have shown that the hunger hormone ghrelin gradually decreases after the peak on the first day of fasting .

According to research, blood glucose levels also remain stable when switching to burning body fat for energy .

Therefore the intake of carbohydrates is simply not necessary. And isnt it the body fat that generally worries us? Consequently, the breakdown of body fat will not harm us in any way.

In contrary to conventional wisdom, fasting also doesnt cause muscle loss, as you will see when we compare intermittent fasting and calorie restriction.

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Can We Cure Insulin Resistance

Once someone has dramatically improved their insulin resistance, bringing insulin and blood sugar levels down by eating a low-carb diet, and improving their exercise, stress management, and sleep, the question then becomes: are they cured?

Probably not. The word cure implies that the person can go back to eating however they want and the insulin resistance will not return. Unfortunately, thats not how it works. The vast majority of people who reverse their insulin resistance, lower their chronically high insulin levels, and lower their blood sugars will see those all return to previous high levels if they stop their lifestyle interventions and return to their old diets and habits.41

This reinforces the need to make lifestyle changes that can be maintained for decades and lifetimes. Crash diets or short-term interventions only help in the moment. Insulin sensitivity is a lifelong balance.

However, some people may have what amounts to a partial cure, especially if their insulin resistance is caught early. Clinical practice suggests that for some people, eating a low-carb diet, losing weight and getting insulin levels down will restore insulin sensitivity and may allow them to regain the degree of metabolic flexibility found in healthy individuals.42

See our companion guide: What you need to know about insulin resistance, which discusses diagnostic tests.

The Not So Sweet Insulin Resistance

My PCOS Supplements | Insulin Resistance, Infertility, How I Got My Period Back

When most people think of the type of foods that can cause high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity, they often think of one word: fat. However, current research shows that the types of foods most likely to contribute to the epidemic of obesity, and its related conditions, are actually the sweet ones: sugar and refined carbohydrates.

The Unwell Cell

Insulin helps transfer glucose, a type of sugar, into the cells for energy production. Insulin resistance is when the bodys cells no longer respond to insulin as they should. The late stage of this disease is type 2 diabetes. The trouble is, cell damage starts long before diabetes shows up. The good news is that with some help, this condition can be corrected.

Watch for Signs

Hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and abdominal weight gain are all signs of insulin resistance. Other signs include elevated insulin, high triglycerides, low HDL increased inflammation, excess blood clotting susceptibility to heart disease and stroke and a history of gestational diabetes. A few symptoms that also may arise as a result of insulin resistance are the inability to lose weight, fatigue and low blood sugar before meals, leading to mood swings, shakiness, nervousness, dizziness, irritability or confusion.

Diet and Exercise

Treatment Considerations

Gymnema sylvestre reduces the bodys insulin requirements and fasting blood glucose. It may also help regenerate the beta cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin.

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Fasting And Insulin Resistance

Fasting is an all-natural way to get rid of the excess sugar in our bodies.

And one of the most remarkable diabetes specialists, Dr. Elliot Joslin, already knew this in 1916.

The records of the effect of fasting against insulin resistance in modern times go back as far as 1969 .

Additionally, recent studies suggest that intermittent fasting is a safe treatment for insulin resistance and more effective in burning off visceral fat than a low-carb diet .

In short, fasting helps to reverse insulin resistance in the liver.

Exercise may support insulin sensitivity, but its limited to skeletal muscle, while intermittent fasting addresses the underlying issue, fatty liver.

To enable an effective burning of the hepatic fat in the liver by fasting, an LCHF or keto diet lays the foundation. Given that, these diet interventions prevent excessive production of insulin.

Moreover, prolonged and intermittent fasting for weight loss and cure of ailments has been a health tool for centuries. Religions incorporate fasting customs for a reason. But, sadly, we forgot about these traditions.

Fasting is the most effective strategy to consistently lower insulin levels.

This effect is vital for people suffering from hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance because it helps them to burn off excess glucose and finally tap into body fat for energy.

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    Constant Feeling Of Fatigue

    Why will there be fatigue?

    Its quite obvious. The cells of the body are resisting glucose. Imagine if you just refused your salary for a month. What will you spend through that month?

    This is what happens with the cells. They resist glucose , so they have no energy.

    Additionally, when there is excess glucose, insulin should have converted it into glycogen so that it is stored for when there is a demand for energy.

    When you have excess cash in hand, what do you do? You save some of it for the rainy day. What if the bank refused to take the money from you? Maybe you just spend the money on what you dont really need, or you lose it.

    When there is insulin resistance, glycogen cant be made. So, when there is a demand for energy, there is no energy reserve to draw from.

    Hence, insulin resistance births constant fatigue.

    What Is Insulin Resistance

    How to Treat Insulin Resistance Naturally (with Pictures)

    When there is too much glucose in the bloodstream, the chaperone, insulin, ends up knocking on the cells door too frequently. Finally, the cell gets frustrated and locks the door completely, resisting insulins request for entry. That cell becomes insulin resistant, which is problematic because then it doesnt get the energy it needs while glucose continues to circulate in the bloodstream unabated. A good insulin resistance definition is that the cells lose their sensitivity to insulin causing an inability to uptake and utilize glucose for various tissues in the body.

    Insulin resistance increases the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

    When insulin resistance occurs, it can increase the risk of many illnesses including heart disease and diabetes. The ill-effects of insulin resistance take place over a long period. According to scientific literature, insulin resistance can precede Type 2 diabetes development by as long as 10 to 15 years. To avoid the long-term negative health implications of insulin resistance, its important to identify and address the causes as early as possible.

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    The Most Useful Medicinal Herbs To Treat Diabetes

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    Insulin Is An Essential Hormone That Controls Your Blood Sugar Levels

    Its made in your pancreas and helps move sugar from your blood into your cells for storage. When cells are insulin resistant, they cant use insulin effectively, leaving your blood sugar high.

    When your pancreas senses high blood sugar, it makes more insulin to overcome the resistance and reduce your blood sugar.

    Over time, this can deplete the pancreas of insulin-producing cells, which is common in type 2 diabetes. Also, prolonged high blood sugar can damage nerves and organs.

    Youre most at risk of insulin resistance if you have prediabetes or a family history of type 2 diabetes, as well as if you are overweight or obese.

    Insulin sensitivity refers to how responsive your cells are to insulin. Improving it can help you reduce insulin resistance and the risk of many diseases, including diabetes.

    Here are 14 natural, science-backed ways to boost your insulin sensitivity.

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    Its Not Just About Carbs

    I find that many people whove been diagnosed with insulin resistance get caught up in trying to strictly limit their carbs. This especially true with my patients with PCOS and prediabetes two of my specialties. After all, we know that carbs raise blood sugar, and elevated blood sugar causes you to secrete insulin. And some people become resistant to the insulin, so their bodies have to pump out more and more insulin to keep blood sugar within a normal range. This is called insulin resistance and may lead to type 2 diabetes as well as other health problems.

    But here is the mistake: All the focus gets put on CARBS! We might load up on fat and protein in our quest to avoid carbs. Or forget about other lifestyle factors that can INCREASE or DECREASE insulin resistance. Hint: physical activity, getting in daily steps, adequate sleep, stress management, losing even a little bit of weight if overweight just to name a few.

    If you missed my first 2 blogs, Id suggest you read about Insulin Resistance: What You Need to Know and How to Test for Insulin Resistance and then continue reading below.


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