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How Do You Say Diabetes In Spanish

Ive Learned How To Be Still And Listen

How to Discuss Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Spanish

For the first few months I lived in Mexico, my Spanish was so bad I was reluctant to talk and embarrass myself.

Instead I did a lot of careful listening and observing.

As with anyone acquiring a new language, my brain was looking for patterns and listening for frequently used words. I studied cognates and learned about sentence structure and common phrases in my textbook, Donde No Hay Doctor Where There is No Doctor, which I would read every night before passing out from mental exhaustion.

Now, working in the clinic, I have had to dust off my Spanish language skills, that have been languishing in the recesses of my brain for almost three decades. I have committed myself to expanding my Spanish vocabulary and improving my ability to communicate in ways that are meaningful.

When I meet with our Spanish-speaking clients in my current clinic, to fully understand what they are saying, I have to dedicate my whole being to hearing their diabetes stories.

It all starts with listening.

I am completely present to capture all the words they are saying coupled with their body gestures. Sometimes I get so enraptured in everything they are saying, then when they stop, I forget to ask the next question.

In that silence, we have a moment of understanding and togetherness that goes beyond language.

Here Is The A1c In Spanish Lesson I Taught To The Facebook Group:

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According to May Clinic, the A1C helps to:

  • diagnose pre-diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes,
  • confirm self-testing blood glucose results,
  • evaluate if your diabetes management plan is working or not,
  • see how making healthy changes could help the patient to have a better sugar control:
  • if your patient isnt taking the medicines or is eating high sugar food, youre going to know.
  • If your patient is actually taking their medicines and eating healthy food, youre going to know you need to adjust their treatment.

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Offer Grace To Those Learning English

How Do You Say Psoriasis In Spanish

The outstanding thing I so appreciate is the grace that my Spanish-speaking clients show me.

So many times I cant remember a vocabulary word, or I will say a phrase in a funny way. There are moments where I stumble and feel bad that I dont have the ability to accurately express what I am thinking.

No one has ever made me feel bad about my mistakes. They are respectful and just politely ask, Mande?, letting me know that they did not understand what I was trying to communicate.

They are simply grateful that I am trying to communicate in their language.

It reminds me to be patient with people who are trying to acquire the English language. Lets acknowledge the courage it takes to tackle a language that you did not grow up speaking. Lets offer them grace and the opportunity to practice speaking this new language.

We can also let them know they are safe to make mistakes with us.

Gracias! Coach Beverly

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Need To Urinate Often Necesidad De Orinar Con Frecuencia

¿Tiene infecciones frecuentes / a menudo en la vejiga? Do you have frequent bladder infections?
¿Tiene infecciones frecuentes / a menudo en los riñones? Do you have frequent kidney infections?
¿Tiene infecciones frecuentes / a menudo en la vagina? Do you have frequent vaginal infections?
¿Tiene infecciones frecuentes / a menudo en las encías? Do you have frequent gum infections?
¿Tiene infecciones frecuentes / a menudo en los pies? Do you have frequent feet infections?
¿Tiene infecciones frecuentes / a menudo en la piel? Do you have frequent skin infections?
¿Las lesiones tardan mucho en sanarse o no se sanan? Do injuries take too long in healing or they dont heal?

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Examples Of Diabetes In A Sentence

diabetes ajcdiabetesForbesdiabetes FortunediabetesHealth.comdiabetes aldiabetes BostonGlobe.comdiabetes Anchorage Daily Newsdiabetes Washington Post

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘diabetes.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.

Student Video Speaks To Spanish Language Diabetes Patients

Anticipatory Guidance for Diabetes in Spanish – Orientación temprana para diabetes

Yale School of Nursing Adult/Gerontology Primary Care students Evelyn Cortes 21 MSN and Stephanie Mora Hernandez 21 MSN recently created Step by Step: Diabetes and the Care of Your Feet, a video conducted entirely in Spanish. The roommates are both native speakers and jumped at the opportunity to bring their language skillset into their clinical practice for a class assignment.

The reason why I went into healthcare was to work for Spanish-speaking and minority patients, Cortes said. I really want to work with our marginalized communities.

Education and outreach are really important to both of us, Mora Hernandez said. I feel one of our primary jobs is definitely raising awareness. I havent seen a lot of footcare education being done in primary care settings, and the education and demonstration are so simple and yet beneficial for patients.

The video shows best practices for diabetes footcare that a patient can do on their own at home. These easy efforts dont take much time and can avoid significant injury.

A lot of people with diabetes also have neuropathy, meaning a high level of impairment of sensation in their feet, Mora Hernandez said. If they step on something sharp, a person with diabetes might not notice because their senses are dulled. They might walk around with the object embedded in their foot for a long time.

Cortes points out that diabetes care is complex, with providers juggling multiple factors at once.

Preceptors as Role Models

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Learning Spanish Isnt Easy

I took a few years of high school Spanish, but never really had a grasp on the language until I signed up to move to a small pueblo in Mexico, in 1987, to volunteer as a rural healthcare worker.

I lived with a local family and helped with daily chores in addition to providing services in the clinic. As part of the Projecto Projimo, I helped with everything from cleaning bathrooms to dressing wounds as pictured here. I also attended classes daily in Spanish, to become a Promotora de Salud, a community health worker.

Along with learning Spanish, I have gained some other valuable insights that I would like to share.

Giving More Details About A1c:

  • Talking about the hemoglobin: La hemoglobina es una proteína en los glóbulos rojos de la sangre.
  • Talking about the red blood cells: Los glóbulos rojos son las células de la sangre que entregan oxígeno a las otras células del cuerpo.
  • Explaining the possible factors that affect the A1C results:
  • El sangrado crónico puede bajar sus niveles de hemoglobina y obtener un falso resultado bajo.
  • Si usted tiene anemia , puede obtener falsos resultados altos.
  • Si tiene una hemoglobina poco común , puede obtener falsos resultados altos o bajos .
  • Si usted ha tenido transfusiones de sangre recientemente, puede obtener falsos resultados bajos.

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Reviews For Say Hola To Glycemic Control: Spanish For Diabetes Educators

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Tennille Houston, RD, CDE, Jerome, ID January 7, 2018

    I liked its complete relevance to what I do as a diabetes educator. I have taken other Spanish education activities before, but they always start with introductions and travel and shopping. This is the first program Ive taken where I can use every content area discussed right away. Thank you thank you thank you! I loved it!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathy Sinkin, RN, CDE August 9, 2021

    This webinar was very informative and extremely helpful to me in counseling my patients. I have been able to communicate with my patients more effectively without having to use an interpreter.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    S.C., RD August 9, 2021

    Being able to practice speaking Spanish while viewing the webinar and having the handouts as a reference helpedits difficult to establish a new language. Thank you for putting this webinar together!

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    Things Ive Learned While Speaking Spanish

    On Fridays, I get to provide diabetes care at a local clinic where about half of the people I see are Spanish-speaking only. We do have wonderful interpreters, but I have a strong desire to communicate directly with my clients and really understand what they are saying, in their language.

    My Spanish is getting better, but I keep giving myself permission to appreciate where I am now, with the belief that even at my age, I can keep improving.

    No Es Su Culpa Orits Not Your Fault

    When people share their diabetes stories with me, it feels like there is an invisible burden they are carrying on their backs. This burden is reflected in tears or embarrassment for elevated blood sugars. For many, that burden is best described as shame.

    They somehow believe it is their fault they have diabetes.

    I reassure them, that diabetes is not their fault. It is a complex interplay between genetics, environment, access to healthy foods, stress, inequities, body weight, and age.

    Each one of us knows people who dont eat healthfully, have extra weight and dont exercise, who never get diabetes.

    Lets help people let go of the shame so they can move toward engaging in self-care that improves their sense of self and well-being.

    Lets remind them that they are worth it!

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