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Does Medicare Pay For Diabetic Supplies

Medicare Now Covers Continuous Glucose Monitors

Are Diabetic Supplies Covered by Medicare?

Medicare now covers Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices such as Abbotts Freestyle Libre® and the Dexcom G6®. These products have revolutionized the way in which our Medicare patients, who test four times per day or more using blood glucose testers and insulin administering, manage their diabetes.

Medicare Covered CGMs

Continuous Glucose Monitoring coverage for Medicare beneficiaries is easy to establish. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, your doctor has prescribed you to test your blood sugar at least four times per day, you are injecting insulin and you are following your prescribers orders you likely qualify for a Continuous Glucose Monitor. We will work with you and your prescriber throughout the process to gather Medicares required documentation. We ensure that you are adequately trained on your new system, and once you initiate your new and revolutionary CGM, you will experience zero interruptions in therapy.

The Abbott Freestyle Libre® is a system that our Medicare beneficiaries prefer as it is easy to adapt to when transitioning from a glucometer to Continuous Glucose Monitoring. The Freestyle Libre for Medicare beneficiaries is a two component system, with a 14 day sensor and with compliant documentation is available for order on a 90 day supply.

Our team is ready to patiently review all of the details regarding these systems and your coverage. Please call and we will gladly answer any questions you have about CGMs and Medicare coverage requirements.

How Much Do Diabetic Shoes Cost

Diabetic shoes can be costly because theyre a specialty shoe. Shoes will need to be customer-fitted for your feet.

Most diabetic shoes can range in cost from $50-$200 per pair.

Thankfully, Medicare does cover these shoes in most cases. But if you dont have insurance, you could be paying these high costs yourself.

How To Learn More

  • For more information on all of the options available under Medicare, visit: or call 1-800-MEDICARE . Also look for the Medicare and You handbook which Medicare mails to beneficiaries in the fall and is available by calling 1-800-MEDICARE .
  • To read more about Medicare coverage of diabetes services and supplies, go to .
  • For information from Medicare on how individuals might be able to get help paying Medicare costs visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE .
  • Free health insurance counseling and personalized assistance for Medicare beneficiaries is available in every state through the State Health Insurance Assistance Program . Call 1-800-MEDICARE or visit to find the telephone number of the SHIP office closest to you.

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What Health Plans Does Medicare Offer

Medicare has four parts:

  • Part A, or hospital insurance, covers hospital stays, skilled nursing homes, hospice care, and some home health care. Part A has no premium for those who have paid enough Medicare taxes. Part A has a deductible, which is an amount you pay for your care each year before the plan begins to pay.
  • Part B, or medical insurance, covers doctor visits, outpatient care, some home health care, medical equipment including insulin pumps, and some preventive services. You pay a monthly premium based on your income. After you pay the deductible each year, Part B pays 80 percent for most covered services, and you pay 20 percent.
  • Part B covers the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program for members with prediabetes. The MDPP provides healthy eating and physical activity training sessions and support over 12 months, which research shows can sharply lower diabetes risk.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans are private insurance plans that combine Medicare Part A and B benefits with extras such as medicine coverage. The Federal Government sets the basic rules for Medicare Advantage plans. However, youll find many options for extra services, along with different premiums and copayments. Covered services can change from year to year. Ask about
  • whether you need a referral to see a specialist
  • whether you must use doctors, clinics, or suppliers that belong to one plan, also called in network providers
  • Diabetic Supplies: Therapeutic Shoes And Inserts

    Medical Equipment for Diabetes: Does Medicare Pay ...

    Medicare Part B coverage includes therapeutic shoes or inserts for diabetics who have certain conditions ask the doctor who treats your diabetes if you need them. To make sure these supplies are covered by Medicare, please note:

    • A qualified doctor must prescribe the shoes or inserts.
    • A qualified doctor must provide and fit you for the shoes or inserts.
    • Medicare Part B covers one pair of custom-molded shoes or one pair of depth-inlay shoes per calendar year.
    • Medicare also covers two additional pairs of inserts each calendar year for custom-molded shoes and three pairs of inserts each calendar year for depth-inlay shoes.
    • In certain cases, shoe modifications may be substituted for inserts.
    • The supplier must have an order on file signed and dated by the treating doctor if you switch to a different supplier, you may need to have your prescription transferred or get a new prescription from your doctor. Make sure your supplier is enrolled in Medicare.

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    How Do I Get Free Diabetic Supplies

    Its no secret that diabetic supplies can get pricey. Buying glucose monitors, test strips, and insulin can add up fast. Thankfully Medicare has you covered if you know how to get the right supplies.

    To receive free diabetic supplies youll need to work closely with your doctor to get appropriate supplies. Your doctor will write you a prescription for all the supplies, equipment, and medication you need.

    Your doctor will help you find the right blood sugar monitor for you and explain how often you should test your blood sugar levels. Theyll also determine how many lancets or test strips youll need in a month. You wont get coverage for any additional supplies that your doctor doesnt prescribe.

    Youll need to get a new prescription for diabetes supplies every year. This is a great time to evaluate your treatment and make sure its right for you.

    What Does Medicare Pay For Diabetes Supplies And Services

    In general, Medicare pays 80% and you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for diabetes supplies and services covered by Part B after the yearly deductible is met. Your percentage share of the cost is called coinsurance.

    You may pay a coinsurance amount or a copayment for items covered by Part D. What you pay depends on the terms of your specific Part D plan.

    Some services, such as medical nutrition therapy and A1C tests, may be provided at no additional cost to you.

    Medicare Advantage plans cover diabetes supplies and services, too, and often additional services such as vision, dental and hearing care. The costs and items covered will depend on the specific plan you have.

    When it comes to managing diabetes, be sure to review how your Medicare coverage may cover what you need. Also, your annual Medicare Wellness Visit is a great time to talk to your doctor and make sure youre up to date with preventive care services that support your diabetes care.

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    Best For Pediatric Population: Insulet


    • Free trial period: you can try the device and return it within 30 days for no cost if you do not like it

    • E-script option for physicians makes it easy and convenient

    • Most of the cost is covered through a pharmacy, which can reduce the price

    • A separate PDM device is used to communicate with the wireless pod. Some people do not like having to carry this around.

    Omnipod is a tubeless, wearable, insulin-filled pod that is very popular in the pediatric population of children with type 1 diabetes because it is wireless and can be controlled easily by parents using a hand-held device called a PDM . Working with Omnipod is simple and convenient because physicians can prescribe supplies and pods electronically. And, people living with diabetes love that they are not locked into a four-year warranty with the Omnipod. You can try it and return it at no cost if you dont like it.

    If you or your child use the Omnipod, it is often easier having your insulin pump supplies delivered to your home directly from the manufacturer, Insulet. To find out if you or your loved one are eligible for the Omnipod insulin pump management system, start by filling out a form on the company’s website. An Omnipod specialist will reach out to your insurance provider and give you a call back within three business days. According to the website, the Omnipod DASH Insulin Management System may be covered by your private pharmacy plan, Medicaid, or Medicare Part D.

    What Exactly Is Glucofort

    Medicare Coverage – Medicare Part D: Does Medicare Part D Cover Diabetic Supplies

    Glucofort is founded by Andrew Freeman, 50, whose story that caused a revolution within the diabetes neighborhood. He is practicing psychologist who, when informed of his type 2 diabetes medical diagnosis, could not think what he heard, specifically understanding how cautious he had actually been with his health.

    He decided to utilize his experience & connections to establish a viable service that is safe yet efficient. After many hours of research, Andrew claims to have actually found the diabetes-reversing trick lost in eastern Asia.

    Glucoforts blood sugar support, permitted by what Freeman uncovered, works by increasing insulin production while reducing its resistance into your cells. It also supports healthy glucose metabolic process. The formula in this natural supplement only permits needed glucose to be kept in the body and burns the rest by transforming it into energy.

    In addition, Glucofort supports cardiovascular health and helps in reducing the opportunities of heart-related illness on top of being utilized to assist treat type-2 diabetes. Plus, no significant way of life changes are needed! No more stressing about stringent dieting strategies or rigorous workouts to make the most of the advantages.

    You can also anticipate it to help in weight-loss because of the components balancing blood sugar levels, which is the initial step to manage weight.

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    How We Chose The Best Diabetic Supply Companies

    Choosing the best diabetic supply company depends mostly on what type of insurance you have. Because there are so many insurance policies out there, we decided the most effective way to scout the best diabetic supply companies was to go directly to the source the people who use them. We interviewed people living with diabetes, as well as clinicians who work in the field: Certified diabetes care and education specialists, nurses, doctors, and dietitians. We asked them who is the most reliable, courteous, trustworthy, on-the-cutting edge of technology, and knowledgeable.

    We also learned that before deciding on a specific company, that it’s important to find out who your insurance has contracts with, which supplies you need, and how you can get them all conveniently to your home with little fuss. People living with diabetes who use insulin pumps told us that it is often easier to get their pump supplies delivered directly from the pump supplier. They also told us that if you need more general supplies, such as test strips, a glucose meter, lancets, and others, then a larger company such as Byramhealth or Edgepark may be right for you. Shop costs and discuss with your medical team which option is right for you or your loved one.

    Best For Specialized Insulin Pump & Technology: Tandem


    • Advanced technology to help maintain glucose control

    • Only available for people 6 years and older

    Tandem Diabetes Care is the maker of the t:slim X2 insulin pump, which is approved for people with diabetes 6 years of age and older. Many people with diabetes prefer Tandem for maintaining tight blood sugar control due to its advanced technology. This insulin pump can be used with Basal-IQ and Control-IQ technology systems, which when paired with a compatible continuous glucose monitor can automatically suspend, increase, and decrease insulin delivery based on glucose monitor readings and predicted glucose values.

    The technology is meant to help assist you with preventing glucose excursions . It is not meant to replace diabetes self-management such as blood sugar testing, paying attention to symptoms of low blood sugar, and carbohydrate counting. However, it is an added tool that can provide assistance to your daily diabetes routine. If you are using this insulin pump to manage your diabetes, you may choose to have your supplies delivered directly from the company.

    Discuss with your physician if this is the right pump for you or your loved one. You may choose to request a pump online and have Tandem check your insurance for you. This process can be started online or you can reach out via phone, fax, or email.

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    Does Medicare Cover Diabetes Supplies

    Diabetes affects approximately 20 million Americans, but the senior population accounts for 20% of those diagnosed. Early detection and treatment can delay or prevent serious side effects, such as blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and leg or foot amputations. Treatment for diabetes can vary depending on the needs of each individual patient, but many people living with diabetes rely on medical supplies to test blood sugar levels, recognize symptoms, and treat the disease. If you are eligible for Medicare, you may get help paying for the diabetes supplies that can help you manage diabetes.

    What Diabetes Supplies Will You Need?

    If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you and your physician will create a treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs. You may need the following supplies to help manage the disease:

    • Glucose testing monitors and test strips
    • Insulin
    • Blood sugar control solutions
    • Therapeutic shoes or inserts

    How Medicare Can Help

    If you are eligible for Medicare, you may get help paying for some of your diabetes supplies. When you qualify for Medicare due to age or disability, you will likely be automatically enrolled in Part A . Most people choose to enroll in Part B during their Initial Enrollment Period to avoid paying late enrollment penalties when they sign up later. Since Part A and Part B do NOT include any prescription drug coverage, many people choose to enroll in Part D prescription drug coverage as well.

    What Medicare Part D Can Do

    Diabetes Services Covered By Medicare

    Does Health Insurance Cover Diabetes Supplies ...

    Medicare covers a wide selection of services aimed at preventing and managing diabetes. Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover everything that Part B covers, but may offer more services.

    These begin with your Welcome to Medicare preventive visit covered by Medicare Part B. The visit is a one-time review of your health that also provides education and services for all Medicare coverage.

    You must schedule the visit in your first 12 months after enrolling in Medicare.

    Its a good opportunity to talk with your doctor about the conditions you have and what services you need now that you have Medicare coverage.

    Beyond that, Medicare also covers yearly wellness visits. These review and update your health prevention plans since your last visit. It will review your medical and family history, a list of your current doctors and prescription drugs and look at your risk factors.

    Medicare also covers other services to prevent and treat diabetes.

    Diabetes Services Medicare Covers

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    Diabetes Supplies And Services Covered By Medicare Part B

    • Blood glucose testing supplies and equipment
    • Insulin pumps and insulin used with a pump
    • Diabetes self-management training
    • Medical nutrition therapy, including diet and lifestyle counseling
    • Hemoglobin A1C tests to monitor blood glucose control
    • Foot exams and treatment for diabetes-related nerve damage
    • Therapeutic shoes or inserts

    Best For Medicare And Medicaid Insurance: Edgepark


    • Accepts over 1,200 healthcare plans

    • May have higher costs if billed under the medical part of your insurance

    • Mixed reviews on customer support

    Ranked as one of the country’s best customer service providers in the online medical supplies category by Newsweek, Edgepark was also highly recommended by clinical professionals, including Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists and people living with diabetes because of their quality customer service and on-time deliveries. Edgepark carries a plethora of supplies, including diabetes blood glucose testing supplies, insulin pump supplies, continuous glucose monitor supplies, sharps containers, compression stockings, pen needles, and more.

    Edgepark accepts over 1,200 healthcare plans, including Medicare and Select Medicare Advantage, State Medicaid, and Managed Medicaid Plans. The amount of money you pay will depend on your insurance coverage. Orders are typically filled every three months, which can save you money. We were told that a representative will call you and confirm your supply needs and youll be sent supplies to satisfy your needs for three months. Shipping is free, and delivery takes 1-2 days. Should you have any issues with your shipments, customer service is available.

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    Financial Help For Diabetes Care

    On this page:

    Diabetes management is expensive. According to the American Diabetes Association , the average cost of health care for a person with diabetes is $16,752 a yearmore than twice the cost of health care for a person without diabetes.1

    Many people who have diabetes need help paying for their care. You can find help through private or government health insurance, local programs, patient support groups, and medicine-assistance programs. You can also find ways to save money on diabetes medicines and supplies.

    What Do Medicare Part B And Medicare Advantage Plans Cover

    Insurance Medicare Diabetes

    Medicare Part B covers diabetic test supplies, screenings, and education for beneficiaries with diabetes, or for those who are at risk for diabetes.

    Medicare Advantage, also called Medicare Part C, is optional private insurance. Medicare Advantage plans cover the same diabetic supplies and screenings that Medicare Part B covers. Medicare Advantage plans are required to provide at least the same amount of coverage as Original Medicare , except for hospice care.

    Medicare Part B covers diabetic supplies such as:

    • Blood sugar monitors
    • Blood sugar test strips
    • Lancets and lancet devices
    • 100 test strips and lancets each month if you have diabetes and take insulin, although this can vary up to 300 strips and lancets each month
    • 100 test strips and lancets every three months if you have diabetes but do not take insulin
    • Additional test strips if your doctor says they are medically necessary, meaning they are required in your treatment
    • Glucose control solutions that check the accuracy of your equipment
    • Flu and pneumococcal shots
    • Therapeutic shoes or sole inserts, if you meet all of these conditions:
    • You have diabetes and youre being treated under a comprehensive diabetes care plan.
    • You need therapeutic shoes or inserts because of your diabetes.
    • In one or both feet, you have any of these: poor circulation, past foot ulcers, calluses that could lead to foot ulcers, deformity, nerve damage and potential callus problems because of diabetes, or partial or complete amputation.

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